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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


An open vote in the House of Commons is likely to pave the way for the Brits to join Russia in bombing ISIS. Labour’s Socialist Left Leader Jeremy Corbyn was forced into allowing his Party a free vote which looks like going against him in a 12 hour marathon debate. PM Cameron could begin bombing in Syria within hours of the vote.

There is no debate concerning ground troops and there seems to be no chance of defeating ISIS without them. Russia’s Putin and former Australian PM Abbott were the only two leaders promoting ground troops in defiance of Obama’s lack of resolve.

Obama is placing a handful of Special Ops forces in mortal danger if he intends to take on ISIS on their home turf without the backing of at least 10,000 ground troops. He claims he cannot see an exit strategy if he uses ground troops.

The President is now inexplicably defending Turkey against Russia in spite of Turkey’s shootdown of a Russian jet over Syrian territory. The has been for the past year exposing instances of Turkey supporting ISIS with safe houses, free passage and the purchase of illicit oil at discounted prices.

Putin knows exactly what is going on but Obama is still skittish about killing any adherent to Islam while the whole of the Middle East continues its melt-down and leaking its violence on to the streets and theatres of the West.

The most tragic of Obama’s inactions are the grieving families of America’s 4,000 fallen soldiers and the families of Australia’s 41 lost young boys who now feel their loved ones’ lives were an utter waste.

The world is now looking to Putin to get fair dinkum and wipe this vermin from the face of the earth. Obama is only interested in replacing Syria’s Bashar Assad... but with whom? With the trigger-happy cowboy rebels he is supporting? Good God, we have another year of this fool to go.

If Obama wants a legacy of ending wars he should get 10,000 troops in northern Syria tomorrow. Only then will others follow but even the poms know bombing from a distance is a folly. Even Corbyn knows it’s only symbolic.

The disaster unfolding in California right now will be no more than another opportunity for Obama to blame the availability of guns rather than ideological Islam.


I hate the waste of our troops lives in these Islamic countries but we do need boots on the ground to kill off ISIS once and for all - but also need no left wing hands tide behind their backs ROE. I must say I do admire the guts of Putin - he is the only real man with cojones amongst this world leaders - last one with cojones was Margaret Thatcher when she went against all advice in Falklands and won.

Thanks for that snorkeler. I'll try theirs, I just made myself a drink to have ... it's so sweet though. Less honey next time.

I found that the honey/cinnamon brew is slightly more palatable when allowed to cool to a tepid temperature. Also some brands of Cinnamon are better than others. Some form a horrible texture not unlike snot . I get mine from Aldi. It's reasonably consistent .

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I was having honey and cinnamon till i couldn't stand the sight or smell of it. I only had one a day, but after a few weeks I gave up.Are you still doing it to a good result?

No, you keep getting it wrong, 100%. I take honey and cinnamon for my arthritis. apricot Kernal oil is reputed to be a good cancer preventative, but at my age and my history of exposure to carciogenics, if I haven't contracted cancer by now, I'm probably not likely to, and at any rate, it's probably a bit late in life for kernel oil to do the trick. Google the Hunza People of Northern Pakistan for more info on kernel oil.

Islam is NOT a religion, it is a violent brainwashing cult that should be erased from the entire world. Vladimir Putin is the only true and real leader in the world

An old saying.... a country gets the leader it deserves..... so we got Rudd/Gillard/Rudd/Abbott/Turnbull and they got Assad....

Sorry I didn't mean to upset you or ruin you theory , and that's a very illogical response for someone who prides themselves on logic .

I guess its time for the USA public to stand up, shout out and displace Obama. The most disgusting president the use has had>>>>> and the "free world"

Mr Pickering. I agree with you again.On field ground forces were and are needed. Putin and Abbott had a similar view. Obama needs to get a reality check. Turkey and ISIS are their worst bad guys at this point in time. Time for Putin to become a real world leader and the USA leftists socialist can run into their burrows and wring their hands in shame.

Can't argue with that Jack. The persecuted minorities seek refuge in Assad controlled areas.

Jerry Corbyn is a dyed in the wool Communist from way back, another Red Witch type, it's in his DNA. Changed the Labour Party voting system which allowed thousands of FW's to vote him in. Corbyn's Dream Team? Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao. He wants to create a New Soviet Union in Britain. A close friend to Terrorists. "You all have MY support, he said". HF!!

OTIK. Had a brochure thrust into my hand at a shopping centre. Turned out to be a Christmas price list for food from the Shingle Inn coffee/snack bar, found all over Australia now. Started in Brisbane in 1936. Any way I perused the list and fell about laughing, First item I spotted was Fruit Mince Pies at $ 14.90 for a packet of FOUR! Golly, I thought I just bought some at ALDI and got 10 packets for $1.49 each, so I got 60 Mince Pies for 14.90, not a miserable FOUR!! Shingle have a "Christmas Cake", (with Icing) for a mere 145 Dollars, Aldi price $12.99!! So if you have money to burn, or get all your "free" money from Centrelink, Shingle is where to go to give away your Shekels. So head for ALDI for all your Christmas goodies and buy a new car with what you save.

WASTE OF TIME!!!!!!! No 'boots' on the ground .... then it's a waste of time bombing and bombing and bombing. No military victory has ever been achieved without soldiers on the ground doing the 'dirty work' of killing the enemy, taking control of seized territory, and raising the flag of victory. Obama said it ... he won't put soldiers on the ground in Syria because some might get killed. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!

From SMH: "Turnbull commonly told colleagues that Abbott's capacity for self-delusion, his lack of comprehension for the feelings of those around him, showed that he was "basically a psychopath".

Turnbull had been described by an earlier Liberal leader, Brendan Nelson, as suffering "narcissistic personality disorder". Now it seemed the narcissist was calling the psychopath crazy."


Andre Bolt has the results of a North Sydney poll - Liberal support has dropped 14% or more. Ouch. Serve you right WWW. Morning mail and Piers Akerman have good article of the no-hoper self appointed WWW. He's motivated by nothing but opportunism.

SB, A woman called the local police station as her home was being broken into.

The police dispatcher responded: Be calm madam. Two policewomen are on their way to your location.

Caller: This is not a f.....g joke!