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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


She sure is a strange bird, but only one of a large mob of pink galahs who sit in trees or fly around all day squawking and doing nothing until... well until the farmer sows his seed... then it’s a free-for-all.

Many birds present you with a blank look to disarm you; to get you to lower your guard, but with Tanya the blank look is a fair dinkum one. 

She wants Tony Abbott to send teams of medicos to Ebola-stricken countries where we have no hope of getting them out. Australia is over 30 hours away and I’ve never done it in under 32!

But she also suggests Abbott should do more to get other partner countries to take our Ebola patients. Well, good luck with that one Tony. The UK already has partial travel bans imposed and the US is still about 15 hours away and that doesn’t include on-the-ground time.

But the US has 4,000 troops there already and is unlikely to want to accept suspected Ebola patients on our behalf when they are likely to get a rash of their own. 

So Tanya dear, a Lear Jet for each person showing Ebola symptoms in a massive operation involving dozens of people, many airports, many refuelling stops and many time zones simply to get one suspected case back home? 

Perhaps Tanya would agree that we wait until 20 people are showing signs of infection and take them all in one go. Uh oh, better not ask her that, she might agree!

Okay, British Airways and Air France have ceased flying to affected countries and that leaves Germany. But Germany on a good day is at least 8 hours away and asking them to agree to take Aussies with Ebola symptoms could be stretching a foreign friendship.

Almost all other third world countries without any facilities for handling Ebola patients have imposed total travel bans. So, we’re just about stuffed! And we are already concerned about the hundreds of Aussies already in the area who may need evacuation.

Goodness me, there’s one pink galah who should stop squawking, stay in her tree and hope the other pink galahs bring her back some of next year’s stolen crop.


You don't have to be a trained health professional to help fight the ebola outbreak. tanya you can volunteer and go as soon as you like. Could I ask you to take all of your fellow Emily listers with you.

Tanya Plibersek is a sanctimonious piece of shit, end of story.

She is an absolute disgrace! The disgusting crap she had plastered on her office wall said it all! She had the hide to criticise TA with her handbag hitsquad mates! True leftard hypocrite! The fact her hubby is a convicted drug dealer should exclude her position in parliament! What a joke! The choice of a drug dealer or rapist as leader! Way to go Labor!

She and Turtle Head should be the FIRST to volunteer if it is so important to them .

send this alligator and her pink mates first all mouth and no ears and may as well include the watermelon patch ,please do not equate with Galahs they have a purpose IN the scheme of things make great pets ,would like to have a Plibersek at home living with you ???? bet not ,though like a Galah they also bring a smile to ones face with the stupid comments and blank looks and antics NAh PREFER THE galah, will donate the first $10 to her fare

Ms Plibersek (Mrs Coutts-Trotter) is the arch-typical leftist "Bollinger Socialist", an over-educated underachiever who are all over the Labor party like a rash, parachuted into a cosy parliament seat not on any outstanding ability but on some back-room grubby factional deal. She sprouts "solidarity forever" while living high on the hog at first-class restaurants, flying at the pointy-end of aircraft and exclusive membership of executive clubs on the back of the high union fees charged to low-paid workers.From her to Shorten and the rest of the Labor front bench they are all parasites.

Tell that dumb skank to go do a recy her self to see if its safe for our people first maybe a month would do the trick gawd some people are fucken thick.

What a stupid, dumb bimbo! And she's touted as a future leader of the ALP!!!! She'd be as bad as Gillard.

I think she is way more red than the pink you describe her to be Larry.

To be successful in politics you need to be able to keep your conscience under control.

What a beautiful summation.

It is praise-worthy for a health worker volunteering to go to the areas which have Ebola however, they should also keep in mind that when they return to Australia, they might be bringing Ebola with them. They have NO right to put Australia in danger. Also, all and sundry coming to Australia from Ebola areas MUST be placed in quarantine for the necessary number of days before entering Australia. No ifs, No buts. With reference to Tania Plibersek's suggestion - she should stop playing politics, grow a brain, and cease being a female version of a wanker.

Thanks for the background jc. As expected the Left never cease being offended. I rest my case.

I do not understand why Any aide worker, doctor or nurses who VOLUNTEER to go to South Africa are not placed in quarantine in field hospitals in that country in Africa for 30 DAYS before being aloud to get on a flight to anywhere in the world thus containing Ebola to South Africa and save individual countries spending millions on quarantine if their country This way you would reduce the risk of spreading the virus dramatically.

You are so right, she is dumb to the point of being an embarrassment, yet the woman is also dangerous because so many of the press love her !

Isn't it PLUBBERSUCK? A Federal Member who would not be allowed into the USA if their laws are followed!

The woman lied her little boobs off when Labor was in power. Like Wong and the rest of the so-called female labor Politicians, LIARS everyone of them and I do not listen to them, and as a female, I am so ashamed that my sex has become the most unreliable, holier than thou lot.

It was written in 2008. From his Wikipedia, there was a complaint lodged with the Irish Press Council.
"In July 2008, Myers wrote an article arguing that providing aid to Africa only results in increasing its population, and its problems.This produced strong reactions, with the Immigrant Council of Ireland making an official complaint to the Garda Síochána (police)alleging incitement to hatred".

"Another complainant took a complaint to the Press Council on the grounds that it breached four principles of the Council's Code of Practice: 1) Accuracy, 3) Fairness and Honesty, 4) Respect for Rights, and 8) Incitement to Hatred.

The Press Council found that breached some guidelines. He seems to have written very little since. Here is the link:

But for Bull Shitten's heartbeat (does he have one?) there stands the alternate Prime Minister in all her Glory at she would know how to continue the war on drugs her hubby could give her some inside tips!

A big titted socialist thief.