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Friday, 25th May 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Despite Bob Hawke’s advice that she should not covet the ALP leadership because she has a three-year-old child, Tanya Plibersek clearly sees herself as a phoenix rising from the ashes of Julia Gillard and, like Julia, step one is the role of deputy.

Plibersek, a vocal Emily lister, last week on Q&A exposed herself as an aspirant (at least to me) as she uncharacteristically faltered when prodded by moderator Tony Jones over the question of ALP leadership.

Her husband Michael Coutts-Trotter’s trafficking thing will be no more of an impediment to her than Bruce Wilson’s fraud was to Gillard.

At least Coutts-Trotter has done his time. Anyway, criminality in Labor ranks is seen in terms of Brownie points.

If we can endure a dickhead like Timmy as First Bloke surely an ex-con would be okay?

We can safely forget Shorten and Albo. Neither will ever be Prime Minister. Their cloth has been cut for Opposition.

But in six years’ time the ALP will again be casting their net for something palatable to throw at the electorate.

Plibersek believes she is a serious contender.

In 2010 her sworn allegiance to Rudd Mk1 was switched to the assassin Gillard in a nanosecond. Then, in 2013, her sworn allegiance to Gillard was transferred back to Rudd Mk2 even quicker.

Again there were no pangs of principle as she watched six of her Ministerial colleagues depart the Parliament in disgust.

So who exactly is this Plibersek bird?

Well, she is certainly bright Red... but with a huge dollop of dark Green.

Like the unabashed Green Party Communist, Lee Rhiannon, she demands the destruction of Israel (but has apologised for her outbursts of honesty) and like a true Labor chameleon helped launch the new Sydney Jewish Holocaust Museum.

More importantly she has remained unaligned to any faction in order for her Prime Ministerial ambition to remain untainted.

She is a rabid feminist, marches in the Gay Mardi Gras, has a passion for gay marriage rights and has little respect for the male of her species.

With a fine blend of delusion, sweetness and rage, she can intersperse vicious invective with a becoming smile and gives Labor, “nine out of ten for performance”.

Plibersek has learnt the essence of Labor politics well... treachery. And it should hold her in good stead when her time arrives.

“Shit happens”, said a doleful Gillard. Was she referring to one of her lost sisterhood?


I didn't know that;
Tony JONES was a member of PARLIAMENT???
I thought he was just a Biased ABC Journo???

But I'm obviously Wrong:
I saw him on TV this morning WARNING Indonesia about Abbotts NEW Boat People Policy and;
Prime Minister Tony Abbott isn't even due to visit our Indonesian Neighbours for another Week?????

Plibersuck has gone off the boil, the screaming Banshee must have blown her head gasket again.

Ms Plibersek appears to be quite a nasty person. The Gillard handbag mafia have done more damage to the feminism and they make me ashamed of them.

The technological wherewithal may exist to refoaalt the Costa Concordia, however the wreckage of twisted hulk that was the ALP is old and antiquated not fit for a modern world! Packed with the baggage and crap from a bygone erra. The ALP is tantamount to the RMS Titanic, it was running way to fast for its capabilities, was being ordered around from hapless management proceeding through treacherous waters with wanton selfish disregard. The inexperienced labor crew only concerned for themselves and not their precious pax's Labor broke its spine, if it had one, going down to Davey jones locker never ever to return. Not even with Emilies lister Woman's Liber, Plibber Blibber Suck, barkng out mad orders, in a disheveled unorganised mad woman's excremental with rear eft the mayhem of Labor.

Beltch and Bleat Bilbersuck, rant and scream Plibersuck.

Hand bag hit squad. Old man has too much baggage and what was in that baggage.

THAT Dame SCARES the SHIT out of Me :(((

Abbott announces his Ministry:
Fiona Nash and Michaelia Cash are elevated to assistant Ministers to answer Abbott’s embarrassing shortage of women in top jobs. New talent is rewarded: Josh Frydenberg and Paul Fletcher get promoted. The biggest winner is the impressive Mathias Cormann, made Finance Minister.
Grandiose ministerial titles have been pared back to simpler titles.
Prime Minister - Tony Abbott
Deputy Prime Minister - Warren Truss
Foreign Minister - Julie Bishop
Employment, Minister - Eric Abtez
Attorney-General, Arts - George Brandis
Treasurer - Joe Hockey
Agriculture - Barnaby Joyce
Education - Christopher Pyne
Indigenous Affairs - Nigel Scullion
Industry - Ian Macfarlane
Social Services - Kevin Andrews
Communications - Malcolm Turnbull
Health, Sport - Peter Dutton
Small Business - Bruce Billson
Trade and Investment - Andrew Robb
Defence - David Johnston
Environment - Greg Hunt
Immigration and Border Protection - Scott Morrison
Finance - Mathias Cormann

Well she certainly should not have children because she has kids and abuses everyone else and shrugs it off like it wont effect her,but it will.Her own kids will be abused on the premise she is doing the right thing for them,that is ifr she has them vaccinated with all the poisons she says is safe for everyone kids, like all pollies she LIES.

And what a nasty piece of work she is.

Mate my observation of the woman is that she has a severe intellectual impediment.

They are all corrupt check this one out about Joe Hockey

You do not need to be totally draconian but there are many ways to save when running a business in tough times. I've been there in business and it is amazing what can be saved when you have a long hard look at the business practices of a company.
Whatsmore, Jenny's comment about stationery etc is actually a great place to start.
It is amazing how much waste there is in that one small part of abusiness.

Yes all of that and more, look after the cents and the dollars saved will look after themselves!

Sunday Mail, Brisbane, has a page write up on how brilliant Plibersek is, and how she has future leadership prospects.

I wouldn't have thought that a second rater like Plibersek wouldn't have snared a GPS boy of any repudiation.

Plibersek is a sanctimonious piece of shit, end of story.................

Plibersuck is not a dark horse, she's a Pie ball horse, multicoloured and has a Grammy fetlock?

Plibersuck may not be the heroin needed to save the Labor Party. However looking close to home her husband may in fact be in a position to fulfil their needs for a heroin saviour? Who could of thunk it?

Sheltered Workshop and Affirmative Action results in incompetent uneventful hapless hopeless leadership! Great to see Labor in such a mess! Couldn't have happened to a more deserving party. They will be in political oblivion for decades, No Doubt!