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Sunday, 20th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Of all Gillard’s electioneering “initiatives”, the NDIS will be her most disastrous. The disabled and their carers will be devastated when they discover it’s just another Gillard fraud. It has little hope of implementation and no hope of working.

This is the blatant, vote-catching scam that makes me the most angry, and I’ll tell you why.

One thing is certain, 34,000 illegal immigrants will take a keen interest in the scheme. Sewn lips, isolation and mental anguish seem a reasonable basis for a legitimate claim, via legal aid.

Julia Gillard has cruelly gladdened the hearts of the needy, but it’s Tony Abbott who will wrestle with the reality.

As is usual with this type of scheme, the smart operators manipulate it while the truly needy miss out.

It is the carers who need support and their roles are more easily quantified and regulated than the disabled.

While you’re there sew up Julia’s lips because every time she opens her mouth someone is terribly disappointed.


But what about Kevin??

"Green Slip" aka Compulsory third party (CTP) insurance

CTP insurance is required for every registered vehicle in Australia. It protects you from claims if you have an accident that injures another person. It does not cover you for damage to other property or damage to your own vehicle – nor does it cover you if it is you who is injured in an at-fault accident.

In most states and territories there is only one approved provider of CTP insurance, however NSW and QLD offer vehicle owners a choice of insurer. Premiums are dependant upon the type of vehicle and who will be driving it.

What good is a "National Disability Insurance Scheme" scam if it is that ambiguous they can't even define what a Disability is or under what circumstance a person can claim it.

May I say that I find it quite in poor taste to seemingly use a recently deceased person for brownie points ? or whatever?
Chrissy would NOT approve imo re being used for political score points .It offends me.
They are NOt here to defend their views.That is all.

The Greeks were first to rort the system .......... remember repetive strain injury to the wrist ??? Now every other layabout has faked some type injury to go on a Disability pension .......... pays much more than the Dole or New Start and they don't have to even look for a job.

Anyone else here in Small business ? The last two weeks have been shithouse, customers are drying up. Anyone else finding this ?

I reckon everyone is shitting themselves about the budget and just generally depressed with the fact that we have a communist harpie in power with a retard in charge of the finances, with 4 months to go until the election, being plenty of time to wreck the joint further.

There is another organisation for this to be based upon - DVA. We are all treated as criminals trying to rort the Govt, abandoning the life we love with decent income to fight for several years for often less than a third of our former incomes to live the "easy" life of a disabled veteran. Dodgy health professionals provide bogus diagnosis to ensure they are top of the list for the next sucker DVA sends out for medical review. It's almost not worth it except as we get older, we become more medically frail and desperately need the extra medical care, and DVA desperately want to deny us that, at any cost. You want a national outrage Larry? Look into the number of service-persons and retired Vets that have taken their lives in the last few years, often due to giving up on their fight with DVA. The NDIS will be another nightmare for all Aussies. They have shown just how good they are at that sort of activity in DVA.

If Gillard had her way she would get the hungry to eat the homeless to solve a couple of other of her problems, much like the increase of the working poor that her policies have caused.

Its outside her electorate but only just. Geelong is not as feral as the area she represents ...... the saying goes that ferals attract other ferals so she is in the right seat.

She thinks she is going to win the election as she lives in noddyland as can be seen by her recent rantings and increased levels of bullshit.
She has had the extra money from the scrapped Howard policy since January and will continue to do so until at least July 2014. The pilot scheme of her ill thought out NDIS is going to be 5,000 at Geelong to see if it works.

This dispicable woman would sell her own mother to satisfy her own ego.

Hi jomac- I lived in the North West of Aust for many years, and Ross River Virus was as common as beer, malaria occasional. However, when living in Vanuatu for a period, that was a different matter re malaria. As you say, mozzies carry a wonderful smorgasbord of disease flavours, and they do breed and live on board boats happily feasting on the residents, and going through the cycle of dying/breeding etc, given a little puddle. You are bang on re the Hep B C and Tuberc..

The boats are a great worry, and what agricultural diseases they may house - on shoes, buckets, paddles etc. During Howards era, the boats were hauled out and taken to the tip in Broome, and burnt. I am wondering what this politically correct govt is now doing with the boats? Are they destroying them? Or are they being nice, and sending them back to Indo so they can be used again and again.

why do we have totally untrained office clerks vetting and diagnosing people claiming for DSP?
They will ignore a doctors diag, and then make their determination, often wrong. These clerks are practicing medicine without due training and no license to do so

Labor desperately want this to go through before the election so that, to ensure re-election in the future by a new generation of voters too young to remember how disastrous Gillard was first hand, they can re-write history, much as they have done with Gough Whitlam, and sell her as a visionary leader.

If this goes through, as it seems it will - UNFUNDED - they'll be able to paint Julia Gillard to future generations of voters as the visionary Joan of Arc who introduced the 'wonnerful' NDIS. (Question: since she introduced it, will be be called the 'NaSHional DisabiliDy Insurance Scheme'? Why can't the woman pronounce her bloody 't's? I am so sick of hearing about people with 'disabilidies'.)

I worry about the huge bureaucracy it will create, and also just where the line will be drawn that decides who has a disabiliDy and who does not (and therefore who gets on the gravy train and who'll be left off). I don't apologise for the 'gravy train' comment, for that is exactly what the NDIS is likely to become if it is introduced too early without hard and uncompromising rules in place about who is covered and who is not.

Even under the current arrangements, designating someone as having a disability is a wonderfully convenient way of lowering embarrassing unemployment figures for governments of all persuasions. This has all the makings of yet another case of 'the road to hell is paved with good intentions'. I can see the NDIS becoming a monster 'Welfare State within the State', with thousands of Sir Humphrys with tens if not hundreds of thousands of staff creating gigantic empires for themselves and we'll be lucky of 10 cents in the dollar actually reaches the disabled.

In short, yet another Rolls Royce we simply can't afford.

don,t hold you breath i have the same problem reporting to centre link also the immigrantion dept regarding the greatses sham of a alien marrying a aussie woman here on a student visa and working full time to get the paper saying he,s an aussie what a corrupt piece,s of shit we have thrashing our country.

Sandra Elmington. I think the next step is to get out onto the streets. My husband just walked out of the kitchen with his breakfast to get away from me and my rage. I am consumed by this government like no other before. I just want this all gone. I watched Jenny Macklin last night on Lateline. Tony asked her the same question 6 times about details. They don't have any details! So she couldn't answer. I repeat Labor is playing politics blackmail style.

Delfino - on malaria... it is very concerning. If a mosquito bites a person with malaria and draws up their blood - as they do - that mosquito is then infected and can then infect the next person it bites or sucks upon. It is very dangerous. Places where mosquitos flourish are not just tropical havens... for instance Perth (yes dry old Perth) recently had a huge mozzie problem, and various diseases were spreading like this.

Howard had a workable and fair policy on this. Gillard scrapped it on the 01/01/2013 citing it was too expensive to run and was too open to being rorted.

If I was disabled I would be shocked at the way Labor is using disability as a form of blackmail. Bill Shorten just gave the most vindictive accusing interview I have ever heard.

Mr LP.. I just noticed inside that train picture(as we may).
Well it`s just that .. scale wise .. the entrance to the social seating section is not EVEN wide enoygh access wise for the gent in the wheelchair.He should not be denied access to the other seated people, for social sake and comfort sake they SHOULD have thought of that in the realm of things but ESP public transport (imo).. and the train design looks relatively current mod derr N.
Yes/No ?
Fancy that eh?
That`d be a klunK.

Having wasted billions on idiotic schemes it is somewhat ironic that they now tax us for something that in the hands of a competent government might have shown some benefits.

why don't you report this person to Centrelink? It is no use complaining here, do something.