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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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... but not this stool

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Although he had little lapses in confidence Phil Hughes was capable of tearing a world class attack to pieces and it was exhilarating to watch him in full flight. But somehow you knew he was gone before he hit the ground at the Gee... and the players knew it too. 

Sean Abbott, who sent down that 145km rocket of a ball will need to survive flashbacks of that delivery for the rest of his life, and he may never bowl again.

The name 'Abbott' was sitting there... surely no-one would be sick enough to make that link. Never, that just couldn’t happen, but it did happen and it came from a predictable source.

Ben Pobjie of ‘New Matilda’, tweeted, “Sean Abbott hits Phil Hughes in the head, continuing the tradition of Abbotts fucking up Australia”.

Now, I have never heard of this goose who aspires to comedy in the seedy ‘Little’ streets of Melbourne, but it was no surprise to see he also frequents the filthy toilet bowls of the ABC and ‘The Age’ in his quest to be heard.

Blimey, no wonder Melbourne’s CFMEU is a chance in tomorrow’s State election.


Shower the bastard with full toss Cricket Balls (Wherever the useless prick goes.) He has forfeited the right to live, in the opinion of many. The smartarse Liebor/Green Lefty, Gay piece of crap.

This cove is about as poetic as a small brown stain in a public convenience.

Do you have a link to that please mark?

Ben Pobjie
Ben Pobjie is a writer, comedian and poet with no journalistic qualifications whatsoever. He has a weekly column at Australian news commentary site, and his writing has appeared in Crikey, The Age and The Punch, among others.
In between regularly harassing Australia's editors with his vaguely satirical ramblings, he blogs at, podcasts at, and has published two books: Handy Latin Phrases and The Adventures of Guanacoman. A regular on ABC radio, Triple R and 2SER, he has been described as "puerile and bigoted" by Miranda Devine, and is currently engaged in a campaign to become Australia's first Poet Laureate.

BUGGAR you Jack! You have ruined my day, I shall be spending the remainder of the week end compiling my list. I shall not include your first choice on my list although I do envy you the pleasure. Would you do me a favour and ensure he fullyunderstands what is happening to him and what the end result will be. This may involve a fairly drawn out process but I think for him to understand the full implications of your intention and why over a long drawn our period would greatly enhance his understanding of proper decency prior to his expiring?

Well worth posting twice Track could not agree more.

One of the first thing the Libs should do, is close down the ABC/SBS completely and start again, if they want to get anywhere in this Country. T.Abbot should wake up about these two TV stations quick smart, or face the consequences, like Victorians.

One of the first things the Libs should do, is close down the ABC/SBS completely and start again, if they want to get anywhere in this Country.

I am stunned at the Victorian Election result, what is happening in this Country of ours? are those people in Victoria missing a few grey cells?

This countries obsession with Sport

Thanks LB.

Has this guy done the right thing yet ?

Committed suicide ....

It's part of the cult of the ugly! Where the good guy is now the bad guy vice versa. Is it my imagination or is Bull Shittens head getting bigger?? He is starting to look like Brain out of Pinky and the Brain!!

The Age and Geelong Advertiser both supporting Napthine and Co today ... amazing !

WSS. I am a cricket thank you, so sad, so unlucky.

that is logical, from observation vics have always depended on the efforts of the few.

It must then follow that if Victorians keep voting for Communist and Socialist parties that they themselves are also Communists or Socialists. Otherwise, why do it time and time again?

Although most of their voters don't realise it the Greens are real communists, Allah's Local Pardy are just run of the mill socialist crooks.

Robulus you bastard - I just pissed myself.