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Tuesday, 13th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


When you look into his dark, blank, emotionless eyes you see a man engaged only within the restricted parameters of a blind ideology. An ideology he can’t see beyond, that is embraced only by the far left of Labor, the Greens, many Liberals and the UN. 

Hurting citizens to achieve destructive and unnecessary renewable energy targets is a price he expects us, and not himself, to pay.

That global warming charletan Al Gore (right), gushing over Jay Weatherill said, “South Australia is one of best examples of any State in the entire world”. If that is really what Gore thinks then SA is doomed. Gore is driven by money, both are driven by the same dangerous ideology. 

                          Julia's Tim gets cheeky with Penny while Jay looks on

Jay Weatherill at one time shared that same ideology, and the same bed, with Penny Wong. But even Penny eventually saw the light, and it changed to shine on womanhood and, due to Jay, cast a shadow over manhood forever.

Sixteen years of improperly elected SA Labor Governments has finally taken its toll and the toxic damage has leaked to other States. Labor has no right to be in government as it has not achieved a popular vote. 

Weatherill, in true Gillard/Slipper style, snaffled a pair of unlikely political dopes of doubtful stature and ability in order to achieve the slimmest of majorities to form a minority government.

The vertically-challenged and over-promoted Geoff Brock (centre) has trouble rubbing                                        shoulders with Adelaide's hoi polloi.

The two were the diminutive Independent, Mr Brock, who had unexpectedly served less than two terms in the seat of Frome, and the experienced Dr Such, who had a colourful history with the Liberal Party. Weatherill bribed Brock with a Cabinet position to secure his support.

Geoff Brock with Bob Such (right) who died soon after, leaving Weatherill a majority of              one with which to wield the worst damage South Australians have ever seen.

This Brock bloke wouldn’t get a job as an apprentice Afghanistan army dunny cleaner. But so what if it kept Weatherill in power.

Brock said the uncertain circumstances around Dr Such’s health, brought him to the decision to back Weatherill. Yeah, yeah, bullshit, Brock.

The truth was that the Libs had secured 53 per cent of the popular vote which is normally enough to slide any party into a comfortable majority government [the Liberals have achieved as high as 57 per cent of the vote and still lost to Labor’s gerrymander].

But with makeshift Labor Governments in SA, NT, Vic and QLD, legislation is pouring from a spewing cauldron of global warming renewable energy targets dictated by the UN’s communistic redistribution of income policy. 

                                    Jay and Penny greet another loser

Australia was a wealthy UN redistribution target… no longer is it wealthy but the target lives on, not only to no avail, but SA’s energy costs, now the world’s highest, cannot affect the globe’s temperature by even half of one percent. Madness!

Can industrial giants run on Weatherill’s windmills and solar panels? Can he store that small amount of energy in batteries? Can the aviation industry’s airliners fly on windmills and solar panels when ordinary businesses and households can’t?

Trump has successfully scuttled the phoney Paris accord yet hare-brained fools like those leading Labor States are allowed to escape abortion? Why is Shorten seen as a Prime Minister when he is determined to make the problem worse. He is also determined to open our borders to more illegal marine immigration. Why?

Well, for a start, illegal immigrants always vote Labor. Why?

Because 80 per cent of illegal immigrants rely on welfare.

… and Labor can be relied on to increase welfare. 


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Jay Weatherill must be a dud root.

Great article Larry - Victoria will become a basket case under Socialist Andrews soon - Labor only destroy -

Penny widget Wong a piece of work if ever there was one !!! hope to God she has dual citizenship so we can kick the bitch out ...................

What does it cost these European Nations to belong to the EU? Surely the capital could go into border checks. The gas loaded van had Spanish plates on it.

Seems Australia is rapidly becoming the laughing stock of the world. The only things that appear to matter are money and power. To be won at any expense. What a world full of dumbassed idiots that are allowed to destroy countries and lives with little or no ramification. And the masses wonder why they are called sheep.

Autralian newspaper "Labor loses a Lion" Who is going to miss any politition out to destroy the lives of Australians specially a Labor Pollie ?

'The Vicious Snake Poem' captures the Coons mindset completely......... take the evil doer in and it will kill you/ bleed you dry, just as they are doing today. Solution is simple, find the Vicious Snake, kill it, and that is what other nations would have done for the Coons yet the lazy parasitic ingrates will bleed us for forever.

Demand a refund

I'm sure Wong has a cock! Sure she isn't a Shim?

Thanks Stoney, I still haven't got to it yet but I will, I get the full length version as I pay 5.00 a month which is SFA..

South Australia " Up Ship Creek & and no paddle " with Victoria right astern.

One of your best articles ever Lazza!

In 1788 only Britain was in the colonising game. France had lost its colonies in the Seven Years War, Spain and Portugal were finished. Come to the late 19th Century and Germany and France were into colonies. Russia never went for overseas colonisation unless you count Alaska. The Dutch were traders and Australia of no interest. The Japanese did not emerge as a colonial power until the 1890's and Australia was too distant to interest them. As to how the Aborigines would have fared, if we take Canada as an example the French had better relations with the Indians than the British.

All of the major countries were into colonisation, Spain, Portugal, Holland, France,etc, they would have made short work of any troublesome abos.

That's pretty well negated your remark stringy.

Anyone entering a financial establishment wearing a burka or such head covering should expect to have their head blown off their shoulders by either the owner, manager or employee that feels threatened by the presence of these rock apes specially when entering in pairs.

There was no "Australia" either, stringy, so I guess it's straw man all round. There was, however, a Japan, a Holland, a Russia (you would have loved that), a France, a Portugal...........

There was no Indonesia and no prospect of them colonising Australia. A straw man argument.

Don't worry, Disraeli will step up his Breitbart link count here on PP.