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Monday, 17th December 2018

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... but now it's time to let him go

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Cardinal Pell is not a child molester. He is simply a sad character who has lacked female affection and his sex life has been confined to masturbation. His sin is that he knew of paedophilia within his church and chose to protect the church rather than the children.

The Vatican charged him with limiting its financial and reputational damage. The current Pope Francis was aware of the deal and honoured the previous Pope’s standing promise of a promotion to the Vatican as its "accountant". It was agreed his life would not be worth living in Australia after the paedophile dust had settled.

Everyone knew paedophilia was rampant in all institutions but back in the sixties it was an unspoken fact that no-one was prepared to face. Even good parents refused to discuss it.

When I was a kid there was a standing invitation to learn to play snooker from two priests who resided in the Catholic church at the end of Emo road in East Malvern. Via a side door and down two flights of stairs to a dark room with a lit billiards table. Half empty boxes of chocolates were on tables and there were stools for us to reach the table.

After being instructed from behind on how to hold the cue the agenda became obvious and we quickly left and never returned. Many other children remained. Paedophilia was a best kept secret even among kids. Parents simply refused to believe it existed so why would kids seek to expose it?

It is, or once was, an accepted part of almost all cultures from the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Aboriginal cultures world-wide, to Pacific Islanders and Indians of South and North America.

This never ending Royal Commission into child abuse has uncovered what was already widely known... but Julia Gillard’s terms of reference neatly sidestepped the Muslim community and shone a spotlight  on the hated Abbott’s Catholic Church.

Pell’s sin was that he encouraged paedophelia by staying silent and shifting offending priests to alternative parishes.  No-one has ever suggested more than that. Pell has been at pains to explain that child sexual abuse is not confined solely to Catholic institutions but his pleas remain ignored.

Pell’s failure to act when he was aware of the abuse is a sin in anyone’s language but it has contemporaneous mitigation ... EVERYONE had failed to act!

But this Commission needs a fall guy... and it’s Pell.

Gillard has done well.

Pell has agreed to all three requests to appear before the Commission. He didn’t have to because I doubt the Holy See has a reciprocal extradition treaty with Australia.

If failing to report paedophilia was a crime then every Muslim in Australia should be behind bars. 

Somehow I feel sorry for Pell. But damned if I’m sure why.


looks like the juliar-media campaign to get the catholic church has failed.

I wonder how many of your followers lived near Emo Parade. My family lived behind the Waverley road delicatessen up towards Burke Road. My younger Brother Stan is about the same age as you but we all went to Lloyd Street Central.


I don't excuse Pells poor judgement all those decades ago but it concerns me that nobody sees that there is invariably another agenda going on behind all current newsy type fall guy investigations . The catholic church is probably the only standing blockage in the way of a free and easy gay lesbian trans gender agenda . So set the attack dogs and let those who get their illinformed insights from the nightly tv news rise up in noisy crescendo .

“Cardinal George Pell has to resign. Before the week is out, and on the back of his evidence to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, the cardinal must go, and Pope Francis must be involved.”

c'mon Larry
time to do a life and times
of one

Paul bongo with the tight arse
er'' so i am told

Gerard Henderson’s Weekly Column

Cardinal George Pell’s enemies sneer as police leak smears
1 March 2016 by Gerard Henderson

Welcome to what passes for justice and due process in contemporary Australia.

Last Saturday, the Herald Sun in Melbourne led with the screaming page one headline: “Police probe Pell: top secret investigation into sex abuse claims against cardinal”.

The story broke on at 7.45pm the previous day. Cardinal George Pell, the third most senior member of the Holy See, resides in Rome and was advised of the newspaper’s “scoop” in the northern hemisphere evening. He put out a hurried statement denying the allegations.

So what was the evidence for journalist Lucie Morris-Marr’s “exclusive” report? It consisted of “legal sources”, “sources”, “sources close to the police probe”, “one source close to the investigation”, “sources” and “a legal source close to the alleged victim”. And that’s it.

There was also a reference to what the sources “have speculated” about Pell. Really. In other words, not one checkable source was cited.

Sure, Morris-Marr did write that “the Herald Sun is not suggesting the cardinal is guilty, only that there have been allegations made, which are being taken seriously enough by police to justify a year-long investigation”.

Moreover, the newspaper did acknowledge that Victoria Police’s Sano Taskforce has not interviewed Pell about the allegations.

The Herald Sun exclusive was published just before the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse resumed its investigations into the Catholic diocese of Ballarat and archdiocese of Melbourne on Monday. Pell will appear as a witness, by a video link from Rome, with respect to both matters.

This will be the cardinal’s third appearance before the royal commission. He already has appeared once in person and once by video link, and also appeared in person at the Victorian parliamentary inquiry (the royal commission has access to all this material).

It seems clear that a section of Victoria Police leaked this material to the Herald Sunin an attempt to discredit Pell on the eve of his latest appearance at the royal commission. This has not been denied by Victoria Police.

In view of this, it is unprofessional that the journalist did not mention that the royal commission is also investigating the manner in which Victoria Police handled instances of clerical child abuse in the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.

In other words, Victoria Police has a vested interest in the findings of the royal commission.

There is no evidence that Pell committed sexual assaults against children or that he covered up such crimes.

Yet the Herald Sun’s report, which was covered by other media outlets, has tarnished the cardinal’s reputation for all time irrespective of the findings of the royal commission and Victoria Police (assuming that the police chose to formally investigate the anonymous allegations).

The resultant Pell-hatred can be judged by what passed for comment in sections of the media.

Sky News presenter Derryn Hinch has acknowledged his “prejudice against George Pell”. Even so, the Hinch Live program last Sunday broke new ground. It was one of those so-called media discussions (frequently found on the ABC) where everyone agrees with everyone else and no other view is allowed to be heard.

Mignon Stewart agreed with Hinch who agreed with Martine Harte who agreed with Hinch that Pell had done wrong.

Needless to say, no evidence was cited to support these ­assertions.

The highlight of the discussion occurred when Harte declared, “you can’t argue with the fact that Taskforce Sano, Victoria Police detectives, apparently have a dossier of allegations” against Pell. How about that? Hinch Live has developed the phenomenon of the “apparent” fact.

It was not much better when lawyer Frank Brennan appeared on ABC Radio’s 702Mornings with Jon Faine last Monday. Anyone familiar with Brennan’s career knows that he is not a member of the George Pell fan club. Even so, he was introduced as someone coming “into bat on behalf of, well, due process and Cardinal Pell”.

Faine, a long-time Pell critic, happens to be a trained lawyer. Yet he took objection to Brennan’s comment that it was improper that “some disaffected members within the Victoria Police force, either directly or through intermediaries” were providing to the media “sensational” and “uninvestigated” ­allegations.

This did not trouble the ABC’s lawyer-journalist one little bit.

Faine declared “there is a court of public opinion quite separate from the court of the royal commission”. He went on to endorse the “old saying” that “sunlight is the best disinfectant”.

In other words, don’t worry about evidence; just let undocumented rumour prevail in “the court of public opinion”.

Faine went on to advise listeners that members of the royal commission “are not like jurors; they’re professional judges”. This is hopelessly wrong. Six members sit on the royal commission, only two are judges and one is a retired police commissioner.

Faine should know better.

On Tuesday, there was more of the same on ABC Radio 702. Vivian Waller, who is appearing for 10 victims before the royal commission, was interviewed by fill-inMornings presenter James O’Loughlin. She alleged that, in Ballarat, Pell had been involved in moving a pedophile priest from parish to parish and that when archbishop of Melbourne, between 1996 and 2001, “there were many offending priests operating in that diocese”. There is no evidence for either assertion.

Allegations against prominent individuals, dead or alive, are not confined to Australia. Ted Heath (1916-2005) was accused of sexually assaulting boys. Members of Wiltshire Police even stood outside the former British prime minister’s house and called for evidence concerning his alleged crimes. None was forthcoming.

Scotland Yard recently apologised to the widow of prominent British politician Leon Brittan (1939-2015) for not advising before his death that Brittan had been cleared of an alleged rape of “Jane” in 1967.

Last year the BBC Panorama program revealed that “David”, who alleged sex crimes by high-profile men in Westminster, just made up some of the names of the alleged offenders.

Pedophilia is a grievous crime, so grievous that those accused are entitled to a fair hearing based on tested evidence. The court of public opinion, as advocated by Faine and practised by the likes of ­Morris-Marr, Hinch, Harte and Waller, is not compatible with justice or due process.

" the agenda became obvious and we quickly left and never returned". We had similar with "Jaffa men" who would offer lollies, which we'd take, kick them in the shins and run. Why more, most, all, did not do similar to LP & his peers is difficult for me to understand. It in no way mitigates the perpetrators' crimes, and I know people are different, but .....

“This never ending Royal Commission into child abuse has uncovered what was already widely known... BUT JULIA GILLARD’S TERMS OF REFERENCE NEATLY SIDESTEPPED THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY and shone a spotlight on the hated Abbott’s Catholic Church.”
Larry acknowledges the reality of the tacit paedophilic culture of Islam.
This reminds me of the imbalanced treatment meted out by 2GB to Michael Smith who basically spoke the truth regarding this matter.
Michael Smith was sacked from 2GB by stating the truth about Mohammed the Prophet, as being a paedophile due to his "marriage" with a 6 year old girl which was consummated when she was 9.

Keep up the good fight, Michael Smith … and of course Kirralee Smith, Harry Richardson, Bernard Gaynor, Larry and Paul.

Just come back from watching the Oscar winning film 'Spotlight' where the Catholic clergy molested many children,same story of what was happening in Australia @ the same time, I couldn't help but weep @ what effect it has had on the survivors, it is said that @ one stage Pell resided with that 'creep' Ridsdale, the 1/3 person who also resided there was none other the Left loving journo Paul Bongiorno. strange no mention of that.

PELL: "There is a saying in the church … that those who know don't say, and those who say don't know."

OT - apologies to those who have already seen this, but I was asked to re-post for those who missed it. Go here for a copy of the 'Safe Schools - All of Us' unit guide, together with a handy summary of its contents. Please also share with as many as you possibly can so that parents can be properly informed of the LGBTI communistic agenda their children are being exposed to:

Actually, Knight, it's probably because priests hear confessions thy they get twisted up. Imagine young girls coming into the confessional and telling all about their indiscretions. Poor priest. He would need a cold spoon on the job.

A US study that looked into the emotional problems among children with same-sex parents, used a sample population of over 207,000 children, including 512 with same-sex parents.

They found that the primary benefit of marriage for children may not be that it tends to present them with improved parents (more stable, financially affluent, etc, although it does this), but that it presents them with their own parents.

Intact opposite-sex marriage ensures children of the persistent presence of their joint biological parents; same-sex marriage ensures the opposite

the cardinal in Boston, was it Law. He got a cushy job in the Vatican....?
Bastards All.

If there is A "god" and he's that bloody Good. Then why does he want us to tell him something he should allready know.
Sounds like a "religious sect" knowing what is goingon, but will onlt tell when they are confronted, " Completely with the Truth" that it would eeven be thought to be admittted.
Now, was it my fault.????
You bloody betcha.!!!!!
Knowing fullwell, and not doing anything to ensure its cessation, is a CRIME.
All the bowing, forelock tugging 'n apologies do nothing.
Bastards should be strung up.

I think I can honestly say that if I had found out someone had fiddled with my kids, they wouldn't be on the electoral role today.

....good old George might be headed for early retirement thanks to a heart attack...the catholic church often have that outcome with trouble makers and non performers....

Ruby..rubbish to the ignorant maybe..I suggest you do some research..because that is what happened...

 “……George Pell, ” is being called on to give evidence about his time in the Ballarat and Melbourne diocese… During his time there, several paedophile priests were operating, including at St Alipius school in Ballarat where children were subject to abuse from Gerald Ridsdale, Australia’s most prolific paedophile who described himself as “out of control” at a hearing last year.”
Seems to me this merry bunch of men have been out of control for over 1,000 years…..”
Read on -
Paedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale: 'I was out of control abusing altar boys'
Notorious abuser admitted that he went ‘haywire’ in the Victorian town of Mortlake and that his behaviour had been ‘no secret’, royal commission told
Australia’s most notorious paedophile priest Gerald Francis Ridsdale admitted he was out of control and “went haywire” in the Victorian town of Mortlake where he was believed to have abused every boy in school.
A series of letters and documents published by the royal commission into sexual abuse website reveal details of Ridsdale’s abuse and the response from the Catholic church, including Ballarat bishop Ronald Mulkearns.
Gerald Ridsdale: jailed paedophile priest’s life and offending
The royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse has heard evidence in Ballarat about the prolific offending by Ridsdale, now 81

Ridsdale has been convicted for abusing more than 50 children over three decades, dating back to his ordination in 1961.
After parents complained to then Ballarat Bishop James O’Collins about Ridsdale in 1961, O’Collins told him: “If this thing happens again then you’re off to the Missions” and sent him to Mildura.
At a hearing in Ballarat on Friday, the royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse was also told Bishop Mulkearns knew in 1975 that Ridsdale had abused boys but did not act until 1988.
A selection of documents obtained by the royal commission reveal more:
Read more -