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Saturday, 17th November 2018

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... so how come one of them can stay?

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


There may be a torrent of anti-Trump drivel emanating from the Left media in the US and here but there’s more to their, and our, intelligence Agencies that all remain locked into former Left governments’ retarded ideology. The trouble for Trump, and whoever follows the hapless Turnbull here, will be those statutory appointments like the HRC’s Triggs, ASIO’s heads, the ABC’s and hundreds of others attached to Government departments.

Okay, I understand there needs to be some administrative continuity when there’s a change of government, but Obama’s CIA and associated intelligence Agencies need to be part of the swamp-draining process because the Stockholm syndrome is alive and well in Washington and throughout the bowels of the Pentagon and every other Department... and it has been infected by 16 other Intelligence Agencies that, like our seven, don’t talk to each other.

Sleep with a criminal for long enough and you will become just another criminal, ask Pattie Hearst and Julia Gillard.

We have been swapping governments at the rate of one per year and many government departmental offices still have photos of Gough Whitlam in the foyer with sticks of burning incense with  fruit and little yellow and orange flowers. 

We all know that our Public Service is highly politicised, highly unionised, highly paid and mostly dysfunctional but that’s the way it must naturally evolve under the present system.

                                                              ASIO's David Irvine

                                                            Now, Duncan Lewis

Now we have our major Security Agency parroting Turnbull’s insistence on not upsetting the Muslim community so they will “dob in” their jihadist kids. Bloody hell, what stupidity! They will never understand nor care about the Islamic threat. 

I used to play golf with these ASIO boffins and they are violently anti anything conservative. They were open with me because I was known as a Leftie in Canberra. These blokes couldn’t manage a free brothel.

The US has exactly the same problem with tenured Lefties and now Trump is feeling the destructive effect while media like CNN dance for joy.

The US Director of National Intelligence, James R. Clapper, (above) has been responsible for collecting data on more Americans than Russia and China combined. When confronted on the matter during a Senate Select Committee hearing in 2013 he flatly denied it, but later admitted it saying,  "But not wittingly. There are cases where we could have inadvertently perhaps collected things, but not wittingly." Bullshit!

It’s no accident that the IRS under Obama was able to target only Republicans with relentless audits.

On June 6th, 2013, whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed to the world that James Clapper’s NSA was engaged in a secret program to collect tens of millions of Americans' phone call records. Further revelations unveiled programs collecting Americans' web browsing histories, chat logs, email usage and even their physical locations.

No, he has not been indicted for perjury because, you see, Clapper and Obama detest Snowden who is now in the arms of the hated Russians and under permanent protection. He is the source of the recent hackings. There is no doubt the Russians intended to, and have, used Snowden’s material to try to interfere in the US election via the conduit of Julian Assange’s Wikileaks. Thus the Democrats’ hysterical outrage.

Trump cannot work with Clapper, nor should he be compelled to work with CIA director, John Brennan (above). There is no denying the CIA furnished ISIS with weapons in Syria. Obama ordered it, saying, “...but I only want the moderate Muslims armed”, WTF?

These US Intelligence heads are Obama appointments and they have already attempted to undermine the President elect. (You think Obama didn’t anticipate this?) It is intolerable that any Intelligence chief should be having a public spat with the President elect, encouraged by a progressive media that still refuses to accept Hillary Clinton's loss.

After eight years in Office (an eternity in Australian politics) Obama’s closed door briefings and golf games have welded the Intelligence chiefs to the Obama ideology and the chiefs subsequently only appoint more spooks of like mind, until an entire Agency becomes hell bent on political revenge and a war with Russia... and a determination to unseat any Republican that crosses its path. 

Obama has said he will remain active within the beltway, and for good reason. The 2018 mid-term elections can swing the marginal Senate over to the Democrats and make the Trump Administration ungovernable without the executive orders that are easily overturned when the Democrats again win the White House. The Left never dies.

Strange how the worm turns. The Left, during and after WW2, was enamoured with the Communist ethic, there was no Australian Communist of note, including JuliaGillard, who had not made the Communist pilgrimage and returned with tidings of joy.  

Forget the Constitutional amendments that would allow for the sacking of these Agency troglodytes upon the inauguration of a new President, Prime Minister and/or their Cabinets.

Besides, sacking the Agency chief still leaves thousands of discontented, infected peons to run riot and be responsible for even greater chicanery.

To circumvent the Constitution, appointments could be made conditional on term limits. Or an act of Parliament that could end a tenure at any time for both sides. 

If an Agency chief wants his tenure extended under a new Administration he would need to ensure his Agency maintained an apolitical policy, advised honestly only on what the Government asked for and accepted appointees from the Administration who would monitor any attempts by anyone to quietly politicise the Agency.

Over time this would have a trickle-down effect to the bourgeoisie who also like to keep their jobs.  


'ere, oo r u callling an ol' fart then????

Quite right, Trumby. Every old fart has the right to be completely irrational, but some abuse the privilege . . .

Every body has the right to their rant here on what's on their minds on any subject matter .

I reckon it would be a fitting departure of Barry to be publicly sacked in the last minute of his Presidency by President Trump . Out with the old in with the new .

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Cernussus...give it a are getting repetitive and boring! I don' t bother reading your rants any more, I just skip over them like , I guess, many others do!

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How can any of us know who anyone else here really is ,and does it matter if Larry is a crook or not . We all get accused of something by everyone else who don't know everything about us but want to tell everyone their version of our exploits in life not letting our truth get in their way of their version of events that are mostly false .

So answer me honestly . . . how may of you out there in PP land have in "tappity, tappity, tappity" world "physically" done anything to support your position (s) that you post here ? Or are you all just paper tigers ? - are you all expecting someone else to act for you ? Gutless wonders . . . . and that is why Australia will eventually fall to foreign influence. You bunch of tapplity, tappity wannabies.

After being here at PP for a LONG time . . . I have realised that this site's posters - generally speaking - are just "paper tigers".

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Well keep it up . . . do you really think there will be change from your "tappity, tappity approach" ?

Aussie Twitter army going in hard on 31k claimed by Wyatt Roy, golden boy of Turnball, for a five day trip back in Feb 2016. Let's hope that gains momentum.

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Ig dear, I don't think I was unkind: I just find the whole thing perplexing. Perhaps Cernunnos is a cancer patient too? I have read recently that new medical research is supporting the view that radiation/chemo - regardless of the type of cancer - are being found in the long term, to have a deleterious effect on patients' brain functions. An interesting and most concerning development in our medical knowledge.

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