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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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... along with our cartoonists

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Australia’s unique cartoon reputation is dying along with a dying Press that once proudly displayed them. Only The Australian’s Bill Leak is prepared to take on the PC police in maintaining the Aussie cartoonists' obligation to “stick it up ‘em” and God do they need it stuck up ‘em right now.

Don’t dare call Muslims terrorists or sheilas objectionable or homosexuals pillow biters or, in this case, Aborigines irresponsible, which they bloody well are! The Green Left is slowly having its way with pigeon-holing everyone into an inoffensive light,except Conservatives of course.

Criticise Triggs or Gillard and you’re a misogynist. Criticise Islam and you’re a racist. Criticise Muslims and you’re a bigot. Suggest a sheila has nice tits and you’re sexist, despite the fact that she is wearing a perky bra to show she has nice tits. Suggest she has crook tits and you’re a criminal. Criticise Aborigines and you’re a neowhite Nazi. WTF? 

We are living neck-deep in unrealistic PC bullshit that forbids any satirical interpretation of any current event if someone is likely to be offended. No wonder the dishonest media is on its last legs with Fairfax already in its coffin. 

And if it weren’t for it being in the taxpayer’s pocket the ABC would have already been cremated and its ashes thrown on a sewage farm. 

You know that there has been a win for the Green Left when a Liberal Minister joins the ABC to lambaste a cartoon. Not a photo, a drawing for Christ’s sake! To criticise the cartoon or the cartoonist is fine... I get it all the time, but to suggest The Australian should pull a racist Bill Leak into line is outrageously un-Australian. 

This PC bullshit started with guess who? Yep, Whitlam’s grubby little drug dealing Minister for Colourful Ties, Al Grassby. It was he who introduced legislation to make it unlawful to call the English Poms, Italians Wogs, Americans Yanks and even Queenslanders Banana Benders... Cockroaches and Cane Toads were yet to be born.

Two cloned clowns like Shorten and Turnbull are a cartoonist’s picnic but Gillard, Triggs, homosexuals and Aborigines are no go areas. Why is that? I hear they want equality!

But there are always exceptions to the Green Left's PC rules, and one is called Pauline Hanson. Of course it’s a year-round open season on her or any female who wants a discussion on immigration. So it’s not a lack of respect thing after all, is it? It’s believe what we believe or we have all these awful names ready to call you, like bigot, racist, Nazi, homophobe, xenophobe and sexist, oh, and we have plenty more if you refuse to immediately conform.

Australians have an international reputation as racists simply because the Green Left keeps saying we are. The truth is we are the least racist of any people. But there are racist elements in Australia and the worst of them is the Aboriginal race itself. 

We would never think to call them the equivalent of what they call us.

It doesn't matter about the current crop of cartoonists but it matters about the thousands of kids who would aspire to lightly amusing readers in a sea of future doom. 

We need our normality back, call a spade a shovel and let’s get on with solving our manifold problems with a bit of light-hearted relief... if it offends then bloody well get over it. 

Je suis Bill


Whatever happened to Eric Joliffe and his "Witchetty's Tribe" cartoons? Did they fall foul of the PC brigade back in the Sixties?

The Test

In the thirties and the forties freedom faced a mighty test
Now another tide of fascism is rising on the West;
Will we fight as did our fathers, will we brace and do our bit,
Will we struggle for our freedom or surrender and submit?

Will we tolerate the violence and the hatred so obscene
Of the Islamists and Left in their alliances of green?
Will we follow or denounce our intellectual elite
As they spit upon our culture while they work for its defeat?

Will we listen to our media who tell us what to think
As they white-wash every filthy lie and perfume every stink?
Yes, the day is fast approaching when we’ll have to make a stand
If we want to keep our freedom in our ancient southern land.


Your totalitarian slip is showing R56. You misunderstand the nature of FREE SPEECH. Making a post doesn't mean you own the thread. This is Larry's site not yours you overbearing lefty. You've thrown yet another hissy fit because someone posts the truth in response to your fantasies. You've a habit of making a fool of yourself.

All these PC wankers are just a bunch of nigger loving homos.

Q : I've followed Larry for years...I'm newly registered..Is it possible to download this great PC article on to paper hard copy ?...Thanks..bye David.

I doubt you'll hear from Dante BK.... he's never wrong!

You are seriously unhinged Bruce. Paranoid beyond belief as a lot of posters have been saying

Stop telling lies R56. I told no one how to vote.

Grace I merely stated fact. I'm a centre right conservative. R56 is an apologist for the left wing LNP Under Maladroit Turncoat and has a long history of misstating the facts.

Absolutely - Triggs, Gillard, Shy the ABC the Greens and the socialists - are a slow malignant cancer on us. (nothing intended Larry). The muslims are the racists - they are bigots, corrupt, liars and hate preachers - the Aborigines haven't helped themselves for over 40,000 years, but they want all the land back that Aussies developed. And the have overpaid stuffed bureaucrats pushing the black agenda, including the constitution. We are STUFFED if we don't keep up our resistance.

Smarty/Goldy is out of rehab again.

YESS! Political Correctness is an insidious form of censorship.

YES! PC is insidious censorship.

Stoney, you are wrong about Hanson stealing $millions. For one thing they never had "millions". With a membership fee of $5 it would take 200,000 members to make up just $1 M.And the electoral funding was equal to the amount the QEC took off Pauline about $500k. I hope you don't mind the clarification.

The ideology masquerading as a religion been quiet last few days.. from their ALPBC.. made up for it here ........... A suicide bomber in Pakistan has killed at least 70 people and injured dozens more in an attack on mourners gathered at a hospital in Quetta.

The bomber struck as more than 100 mourners, mostly lawyers and journalists, crowded into the emergency department to accompany the body of a prominent lawyer who had been killed in the city earlier in the day.

Wasting your time Lights and putting a target on yourself. There is nothing Larry can do with this infection, it is a particularly venomous strain that has no antidote. The infection looks set to explode again. The site will never be the same, it is in its death rattle spiral. Long live Donald Trump.....our only hope.

I'd certainly agree to that Drac

Larry, looks like the Donna troll is back...may I ask pls that you give her a quick exit again?

Keep on truckin.