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Thursday, 21st February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Craig Thomson has paid in spades for his hookers, the question is when should he stop paying. He is a pariah to both sides of politics. Labor no longer needs him and he is the symbolic first of many corrupt unionists about to meet their maker.

Thomson will lose his house, his wife and, as all men do, his kids. He will never find meaningful employment. He will be required to repay HSU members and he will file for bankruptcy. 

He cannot walk down the street or go for a drink without being spat on. His kids will suffer taunting at school and his wife is shopping for a burqa.

He is awaiting sentencing for his crimes and it will take a tough judge to give him more than a suspended sentence considering the humiliation he has already suffered and the devastation he faces in future.

To now drag him before the Senate, as a civilian, on a charge of misleading Parliament is a penalty too far when other Parliamentarians make an art form of misleading the nation.

Let’s face it, the bloke is a delusional grub and no better or worse than Peter Slipper who, The Post has always claimed, will walk. 

But Thomson is already maggoty dead meat that should be allowed to decompose in its own juices... and that’s surely enough!

It’s un-Australian to want more.


Like a lair of lying leftie Labour losers whose lust for loot left the luddites languishing........ at Her Majesty's Pleasure.

So the low er than a snakes guts c... gets 12 months - 9 suspended!!!!. Does that mean that if I go and steal a guide dogs donation box, or take the money from a salvos collector, or steal from a creedit union, I will only get a slap on the wrist as well. I bet I wouldn't.. The courts system has yet again confirmed to us normal plebs, that it is a corrupt system we live in!!!! Every unionist in Australia and the world should scream loud and clear, every member of the Labor Party should do the same. Oh look, the silence is deafening.

Who's wife would you sooner be, Peter Slippers or Craig Thomsons.

Not until you see a mosquito land on your testicles , do you realise that violence is not the answer. Don't hang Craig.

contrary to the headline of this piece, the pros were paid no where near enough by this creep.

This is how the filthy grub operates.

I just wonder if the labor party will re-pay the money to the HSU?
Roll on the Royal Commission.

Larry let's get things correct?
Thomson did nothing wrong? He was backed up by gillarse, krudd, shortarse and albensleasy, to name a few, and can these serial liars be wrong?
Obviously he will be given a suspended sentence?

This idiot is a sociopath

Hey Larry - after all your countless articles, you still seem to think that rubbish like Thomson thinks and feels the same way you do. They don't!! Remorse, embarrassment and contrition are not part of their DNA - that's why they are rubbish. If Thomson walked free, he would find a way to do it all again. A long lock-up might deflect him for a while, but he will do it again. Once a crim...

Peter beatie passed a law to allow pollies to legally lie in parliment'

This dirty little grub thought it was all fun and games, after all, it’s the labor way, lie cheat steal. Well he took his chance and rolled the dice and lost everything, as he should. The lesson is, the line not to cross is the first line called theft, then honesty and then integrity, integrity, there’s word labor knows nothing about. Well the world will treat him like the dog s*#t he is, he’ll be wiped off the shoes of the people he’s dirtied and the world will move on while he rots in the sewers he likes so much.

For his punishment he should be made root Conroy for free.

Thomson, knowing full well what he had done, pointed a contemptible finger at Tony Abbott, declaring, "You have unleashed the lynch mob". To the press gallery, "and you have fanned it. And for that, you all, ultimately are responsible." I'm Australian and I want every single one of them, including you know who, behind bars.

Anyone have the email of CONROY, MILNE, SHY, WONG, and other labor twits ?

He's recalcitrant and unrepentant. He's a thief and a liar.His children will be so badly affected but he obviously didn't give that any thought other than that he was invincible and would get away with it. He's also university educated with a Law degree so knew what he was doing. I hope he gets the full five years plus the six months extra that Parliament can give him.

in victory....malice

Craig Thomson must be hurting. He must certainly be in a hell of a state of mind right now. But imagine if he were to come out and make a public statement, admitting his sins, apologising to those he has hurt, showing remorse for all his lies and deceit, and saying sorry to the rest of us… wow, now that would make him quite a man. But he won't. He does not believe he did anything wrong, and so he will forever remain in a cloud of delusion, even after doing time for his crime!

I'd like to see him go to jail and parliament should definitely hold him to account.