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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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... how the Greens are corrupted by corrupt unions

Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at


Dyson Heydon’s refusal to be bullied or intimidated by union thugs and his intention to stick with the Royal Commission gig triggered the usual finger-wagging tweets from the extreme Greens.

Sarah Hanson-Young ‏@sarahinthesen8

What an absurd situation. The guy accused of bias got to judge whether his own judgment is biased. And surprise! He said no."

Adam Bandt ‏@AdamBandt

It's too late. Trade Union Royal Comm is tarnished & Commissioner deciding himself he's not biased won't change that."

Scott Ludlam ‏@SenatorLudlam 2h2 hours ago

am i biased? i don't think so. nope. not biased. no bias here. as you were. so. those unions, hey?"

Biased? So who’s biased?

In 2013 -14 the Greens received over $550,000 from unions including the notoriously corrupt CFMEU riddled with crims. The Australian Electoral Commission’s records disclose that five unions paid the Greens a total of $567,766.

The Greens remain opposed to the Trade Union Royal Commission, hooking up with Labor in the Senate to oppose legislation that holds trade unions accountable via governance standards. They’ve also opposed the building industry cop, the Australian Building and Construction Commission – disbanded by PM Gillard.

The militant and corrupt CFMEU contributed $145,000 to the Greens’ ACT, South Australian and Victorian branches. Little wonder the Greens are fighting and tweeting in their own defence.

If you want to accuse someone else of being influenced, best be sure your own nest isn’t soiled.

The Greens are far more exposed, tainted, biased and compromised than Dyson Heydon could ever be.


What a dog this bitch is-

I can help Scott Ludlam in his search for bias. All you have to do Scott old mate, is take a sharp turn to the left and you’ll find the ABC, Fairfax Media, Nine TV news, Seven TV news, the Guardian etc and guess what – FOUND IT! If he needs help with biased judicial appointments then look no further than the numerous Labor appointees to the High court and Fair Work Australia to name but a few. Yes, Scott old mate. Bias is not hard to find if you look in the right… er, I mean “left” direction.

Does anyone here realise that 'konj' in serbian and other slavic lingos means horse?

Heydon's is now a LNP liability any which way Abbott wants to dice and splice the spin. His position is unsustainable, his findings will lack any credibility and will be treated with contempt, his professional reputation is damaged beyond repute.
Further more can Team Fuckwit , get anything right? They can't even see through a political witch hunt, oops, sorry, Royal Commission without stuffing it up completely.

With a C licence you can own semi-automatic .22's. The shotgun in question would be nice to own and fire. I will buy one. Very useful in certain types of hunting.

12 o'clock. Three unionLabor stooges head off to the pub. Why were they even there?

New Acland gets green light

Tuesday, 1 September 2015
Lou Caruana
THE New Hope Group said it has welcomed a decision by the Queensland Government to grant an Environmental Authority for the continuation of its Acland coal mine in the Darling Downs which will help to ensure the future of 435 jobs.

Wirtgen surface miner being trialled at New Hope's Acland coal mine in Queensland.

The environmental authority and mining lease will now go to the Queensland Land Court, from which an outcome is required by mid-2016 to guarantee continuity of employment for those people currently working at the mine.

The current mine footprint runs out of coal in 2017-18. The project is also awaiting approval under federal environment law.

Acland’s $896 million stage 3 expansion will see developments of parts of the Manning Vale and Willeroo sites, upgrades to existing coal handling and preparation plant and supporting infrastructure, the relocation of the Jondaryan rail load-out facility and the creation of a rail spur.

“This represents a significant step forward in an ongoing approvals process which will continue until a mining lease is formally granted,” New Hope said in a statement.

“New Hope has been working through this process with successive Queensland State Governments since 2007.

“New Acland has played a key role in the Darling Downs region as an employer and economic contributor since it began operations in 2002. The revised New Acland Project plan will extend the life of the current operation to about 2029.”

Queensland Resources Council CEO Michael Roche said Acland mine workers are “people who live on the Downs, contribute to the local community, and send their children to local schools”.

“If this mine were to close – as some are campaigning to achieve – it would be a savage blow to the economic prosperity of that community,” he said.

“The draft environmental authority sets down 68 pages of 137 strict conditions around matters such as water, air quality and noise and nearly an additional 1000 commitments to uphold.

“We fully expect all of the green activists’ bag of tricks will be deployed against the continuation of the New Acland Mine and the hundreds of jobs for locals it can deliver.”

The Lock the Gate Alliance President Drew Hutton came out against the approval stating that: “while it is still under a political donations’ cloud is a terrible decision that will have far-reaching repercussions”.

“This is a very sad day for the people of Oakey and Acland – government after government has treated them with disregard and contempt,” he said.

“It’s incredibly disappointing that a government that promised to issue in a new era of accountability and transparency in Queensland has yet again chosen to rush through an outcome to suit the interests of big mining and shafted local communities and the environment.

“This mine will drain precious groundwater, destroy some of the best agricultural land in the country, and put at risk the health of local communities.”

A Broome-based luxury cruise company says one of Canberra’s top bureaucrats told it to sack its Australian workers and register its ship overseas to save costs.

North Star Cruises, which offers Kimberley voyages, has told a parliamentary inquiry a senior official from the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development advised the company it should move offshore to stay competitive.

North Star representative Bill Milby wrote to a Senate inquiry saying he had approached departmental officials at an event in May, warning new laws could destroy Australian jobs.

The official, whose name has been suppressed in government documents, is alleged to have told Mr Milby to take the company’s ship off the Australian register and to hire a cheaper foreign crew. The company’s ship True North is registered in Fremantle. Most of the boat’s crew live in Broome or Perth. Mr Milby said when he went to Canberra to discuss the issue further, he was again told by two senior bureaucrats to register the ship in a foreign country.

He said it was a shock to hear Australian public servants giving such advice to an Australian company. “Many of our customers come from overseas for an Australian experience...what kind of experience would it be to come aboard and be greeted by foreigners?”

The Abbott Government is pushing to deregulate shipping laws to allow foreign-flagged ships to avoid paying Australian wages if they are in Australian waters for short periods.

Local operators warn the changes could kill many smaller Australian shipping businesses.

Shadow minister for infrastructure Anthony Albanese said it was disgraceful the Australian Government was advising businesses to sack Australian workers. The department said none of its officials provided advice to the company.

I would like to pass on some advice to the citizens of Europe. Now is the time to purchase a copy of the Koran at a reasonable price before there is a growing demand. It will be a necessary item to have on hand before your new Overlords take control of your lives. It would also be a good idea to study the contents well as you may be called upon to prove your allegiance. Oh and practice so you will be able to say Allah Akbar with genuine emotion.

The Australian meat processing industry is not subsidized by the government. AQIS meat inspection services are charged at full cost recovery. Subsidies would cause us difficulties with international trade agreements. There will be incentives to employ the long term unemployed and the disabled. I don't know if there are incentives to employ refugees. In practice meat processing works with mid-east and African migrants, backpackers and Korean 457 visa holders because Australians won't work in the industry.

Certainly adept at throat slitting.

The above is a link to a photo that shows Dyson with two computers in front of him.

Dyson Heydon's 67 page ruling is a lesson in how to make amateurs look stupid. He has forensically rebutted every allegation drawing on legalise and precedents leaving no aspect unanswered. Labor/Unions would be most unwise to pursue this issue any further. DH leaves no doubt he is the man for the job. The PDF is available on the TURC website.

Dingo Turnbull still letting HIS ABC run riot as CFMEU and labor propoganda tool.

Labor let them in.We pay the price.

Shifted back a bit.
Did Dyson Heydon make the right decision to continue as royal commissioner?


Australia is still being infested with pommy trade union scum

I wait with bated breath for some journalist from "our" ABC to ask Bill Shorten what he (Bill Shorten) believes Australia's border with Indonesia at Christmas Island would be looking like today if Labor's "we can't stop the boats" policy was still in place.

A secondary question should be put to Sarah Hanson-Young. Given the numbers of "refugees" now overwhelming Europe, at what number would see call "enough, that's all Australia can handle."? One million? Ten million? 23 Million so we each get our own personal "refugee"?

Of one thing I am certain is.....the terror within is armed to the teeth with guns and all kinds of killing instruments used in their attacks....including those for beheading the infidel......innocent Australian citizens.

konj = donald .