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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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…the opposite sex

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Why does she trust men who do her harm? Men who actually set out to do her harm, and she never sees them coming until it’s too late. And she is about to be further molested by a bloke called Mark Latham.

                                                          Whether it's... 

                                                  Shirtfronting Little Johnny,

                                                     Inviting Tony out the back,

                                                        or confronting Julia

... this thug in not happy unless he is busting a taxi driver's arm over a cab fare or getting arrested.

If this loud-mouthed, scum bag is allowed anywhere near One Nation it will be the end of that Party. But Pauline is apparently beguiled by accidental Labor leaders.

Look, most of my friends have always been Labor Party blokes… I never agreed with their politics but I did respect that they never betrayed their convictions. At the ANU we’d argue all night as pissed as parrots and sometimes a few fists would fly and miss… but it was all okay after a sleep.

And in those days it was never about shutting the other bloke down, it was about arguing it out over 20 or more beers.

Today’s Trotskyites have lost their arguments far too often and have resorted to disallowing contrary opinion. It is a Communist ethic that Stalin employed to have Trotsky murdered with an axe in order to finally end his perceived form of Communism.

Strange, but there is more bitterness and violence expressed within the one ideology, the one religion, the one sport, even within the one Christian movement. Conservatives and socialists are so convinced of their rightness they are prepared to knife their same Party members.

Protestant and Catholic, Sunni and Shia, “moderate” and conservative, Collingwood and Richmond, husband and wife, Latham and Richardson. They all aspire to play the same respective game but like when there is a murder in a marriage the prime suspect is always the partner.  

Each movement is so close to the other, with essentially the same hopes and ambitions, that each becomes the only threat… where one side believes only violence will prevent the ascendancy of the opposing “partner”.

If only they taught English Expression instead of gender studies in schools, violence would never be necessary.

Sorry, where was I? Oh yes, Mark Latham’s ambition to take over One Nation as a remedy to the lack of relevance he has suffered since he was accidentally elected and dumped as Labor leader and then dumped by radio, TV, even Fairfax and David Leyonhjelm's Liberal Democrats. 

As with fellow rat, Graham Richardson, both have re-honed their political convictions and stemmed their innate ALP violence in an attempt to become palatable to a media audience. 

Both have a desperate need to be recognised when they enter a restaurant.

Both aspire to journalism but are essentially illiterate and both have sold out their original ideology for personal gratification in their old age.

And One Nation is an irresistible target for a grub like Latham as were many others before him like David Oldfield she claims to have spent the night with on their first meeting. Surely Pauline should have suspected Tony Abbott's adviser was up to something other than sex.

All I can say is, “Pauline, you have worked hard and suffered much at the hands of your political opponents. For Christ’s sake do not let this ex-ALP thug, Latham, anywhere near your Party or your bedroom…

there aren’t enough antibiotics on earth”.       


Latham is a knuckler in true Labour Party style that's a fact. But illiterate, I don't think so. When I see an attack dog like Latham laying it on the line with with any of those out there who think they don't belong to "the mob" it quickens my pulse. The night He and Richo went at it on Sky I became almost orgasmic. Kerry Packer was another person who got my attention when he took a hammmer to stupidity, and he came from the other side of the street. It remains however, that no matter what we say do or think out here in voter land we will be Royally screwed by both sides the minute they are put in charge. All they want to do is sell OZ to overseas interests and give what's left to the Abo's.

"She had her chance and she blew it". What chance as that?

Credlin is as dumb as dogshit. She had her chance and she blew it. All she had to do was read PP. Every day, Abbott should do this, Abbott should do that. She was a thorn in Abbott's side, has no claim to fame and is just another media commentator which is easy compared to performing in a major role.

Nice news. Remember little Alfie? The baby British authorities wouldn't allow travel to an Italian hospital who said they could treat him? Well his parents have a new son called Thomas:

Let's hear it for Au Pair girls with a nice pair. Preferably blonds or redheads....or brunettes. Stuff the Visas. Come in by boat or plane. No problems there.

Having given much consideration to the matter, I am now lobbing parliament to convene a Royal Commission into babysitters (Au Pair girls) being allowed into the country. At last count over one, and possibly as many as two have been allowed to enter Australia without proper documentation. A petition will be organised shortly.

Notice how the Australian News Lying Media Sync the Advertisements during the News to ensure you don't miss the message from which ever you try to flick to as to ensure you get the same message from whichever you are forced to watch....or is that just me.........

I hated Mark Latham in his old days, but now he seems to speak some conservative sense and I have changed my mind about him...

Balance on a Monday evening, that'd stuff em!

just need a Q and A program to line up against queers and arseholes

and outsiders is way ahead of onesiders

Why on earth would Peta Credlin want to enter Parliament, and have to put up with all the crap?
She’s having way too much fun, and influence, exactly where she is at the moment.

There's those about saying Ferguson is the ABC gold standard after the Bannon 4 corners interview. PC would run rings around her. No wonder the ABC are packing shit with these guys going free to air. Great stuff.

new post up

Venezuela’s Road to Disaster Is Littered With Chinese Cash
Politicized loans left the socialist South American country trapped under a mountain of Chinese debt — but now others want to sign up for Beijing's "generosity."

Why do conservative Australian's allow themselves to be called names like "Fascist", Nazi", "Far Right" when it is not true?

Exposing the role that Islamic jihad theology and ideology play in the modern global conflicts
“The History of Jihad is not just a history book, it is a veritable key to understanding present-day conflicts”

Over at the Mackenzie Institute, my Jihad Watch colleague Christine Douglass-Williams reviews my new book The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS, which you can order here. Demand has been unexpectedly high, but the book is now in its third printing, and if you order now, your order should be filled soon.

she is way ahead of most reporters and now the abc will be running scared

Has any PP's ever sat and pondered why Australia is in the bloody mess we currently find ourselves in? How can this once "lucky country", absolutely blessed with so many natural resources (the envy of the world) be in such dire straits financially and culturally? The last 40 years have seen us decline to almost third world status. We are flat out making bloody thongs here since most of our manufacturing industries have gone to China along with our natural resources. How could we have been blessed with so much and find ourselves broke. How have we allowed this catastrophe to happen? Here is a hint: How and When did the Government Commit Treason?
Note: This document is published under the Crimes Act Section 24f & 15f