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Sunday, 20th January 2019

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...with, "Vaccinations should be parents' choice"

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Most complaints I receive that ask for airing concern effects on kids after vaccinations and now there is a sharp fall in the number of parents prepared to have their kids jabbed, Pauline Hanson has quite reasonably suggested parents should do their own research before deciding on vaccinations. 

Turnbull quite unreasonably said, between jabs at Putin. “If parents choose not to vaccinate their children, they are putting their children’s health at risk and every other person’s children’s health at risk too.” Bullshit!

Of course the Turnbull fans in the Left media of The Guardian and promoted Pauline’s comments as “ignorant” and “dangerous”. They also promoted the AMA’s and Bill Shorten’s somewhat Orwellian assessment as far more sane “advice”: 

“Vaccinate your kids or there will be no child welfare payments”, is a carryover of a Gillard authoritarian policy that should be ringing alarm bells, but it doesn’t seem to.

I know bugger all about vaccinations except that I had one child experience long-term behavioural problems immediately after vaccination injections... but that could be an anomaly, so let’s first look at the AMA’s assessment. 

This turgid body has the same role in protecting the incomes of GPs as do law societies in protecting solicitors’ reputations and incomes, and therefore little trust should be put in either.

Shorten? Well, his comments could be expected as he was part of the Labor Cabinet that imposed the sinister socialist provisions for non-compliance in the first place.

Turnbull? Well, he is more Labor than Conservative anyway, so adhering to the worst of Labor Party policy shouldn’t be a surprise.

Hanson? “It’s blackmail”, she said. And she is certainly right about that! Has it reached the stage where governments can force parents to carry out a procedure on their children, where there is wide public concern, under the threat of discontinuing welfare payments?

On the surface of it, the word “outrageous” comes to mind. But that’s the way the far Left is travelling... for now. It wants control of your kids' health and sex education where homosexuality is exalted as a happy alternative and kids can choose which toilet they want. 

Labor sees education as a long-term investment in their socialist Nirvana, and as such we have the Gillard leftover of a massive Gonski waste.

Turnbull said of Pauline Hanson’s comments: “Non vaccination puts all other children at risk”. Hmmm, how can that be if “all other” children have been vaccinated... if vaccinations work then the only child at risk would be the unvaccinated one. 

But there are some compelling arguments against vaccination that have parents genuinely concerned. I don’t know enough about it to offer a comment. But plenty of angry parents do!

As one parent told me, "I have not had any of my children jabbed and they are all normal teenagers. Parents I know who have had their kids done have ended up with all sorts of problems, including autism, and other problems needing extensive and expensive medical care."

Left governments like Turnbull’s believe all of these academics. You know, those intellectually disadvantaged egg-heads who endow each other with professorships and try to convince us we can cool an “overheating Earth” with windmills and solar panels.

Flannery and Garnaut are but two examples. If someone prefaces their name with “professor” be very wary of what they are about to say.

And if you think the medical profession has clean hands... try justifying the dangerous over-prescription of antibiotics that has produced incurable superbugs in return for overseas holidays from chemical companies...

                        ...or try recalling the morning sickness pill called Thalidomide!

It's also concerning that 85% of those who contracted rubella (measles) in California had already received these vaccinations.

Pauline Hanson is right, parents should decide, not governments, 

... nor the Chemical company lobbyists for vaccination serums. 


It wasn't unreasonable for Pauline Hanson to suggest some type of pre testing before Vaccines . That isn't a 1st and is done If you are at risk, you will be tuberculin tested and offered BCG vaccination ... skin test, or Mantoux test, will be carried out before BCG vaccination . >>> Many skin testing "scratches" for allergies are carried out since the year dot.>>>> Again they jump on Hanson for what is not totally wrong.>>> I am a retired Registered Nurse to Director of Nursing level and well remember the many maimed and loss of life as a result of the Flu vaccines of the mid 19 >>>>seventies.>>>> DON"T lose sight of the known fact that Medical error is high on the cause of death lists...... GO say it Pauline , you are closer to the facts than the Academia.

“Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”
- Albert Einstein



Australian Prime Minister and Wife Tied to Pharma, Pushing Mandatory Vaccination
“..........While the Prime Minister leads government, andpushes for mandatory vaccination to the benefit of pharmaceutical companies, his wife Lucy is chairman of the pharma corporation Prima Biomed.
CVac, the “cancer vaccine” is a main product of this corporation, still not seeing success. As we have exposed in past articles, figures in academia and government hype cancer causing viruses over avoiding carcinogens and general good health to profit from vaccination.
Her company has workedclosely with some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical corporations, Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline.
The Prime Minister even has financial ties in tobacco, which may lead to a rabbit hole if you want to research it, considering that in Australia tobacco is very strictly regulated with only pictures of mouth or lung cancer allowed on the few brands of cigarette permitted to be sold in the country.
According to Crazz Files:
“Malcolm Turnbull has shares in pharmaceutical companies and cigarette maker British American Tobacco.
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who has been controversially targeted by Labor over his extensive offshore investments, has updated his pecuniary interests to include a European investment fund that holds shares in pharmaceutical companies and cigarette maker British American Tobacco.”
His wife is experienced with both financial and government power, holding the office of Lord Mayor of Sydney, and being on Sydney City Council in the 2000’s. She was born into deep government power, well summarized by Wikipedia:
“Turnbull is the daughter of Tom Hughes, a former Attorney-General of Australia.[1]Her great-grandfather was Sir Thomas Hughes, the first Lord Mayor of Sydney.”
Her finances can’t be very separate from his agenda as Prime Minister. In his own words, he said: “Lucy and I work very much as a team.”........”

Now if Hitler had injected mercury and human DNA into the Jews, just imagine.

Merck Sued In Philly Over Shingles Vaccine Injuries

Missouri Bills to Ban Mercury and Foreign DNA in Vaccines
In January 2017, State Representative Lynn Morris introduced HB 331 in the Missouri House of Representatives prohibiting vaccines containing mercury or other metals used for preservation or any other purpose from being administered to a child or adult in a public health clinic in Missouri. If passed, the legislation would take effect on Aug. 28, 2018._edn1
A second bill, HB 332, introduced by Rep. Morris, seeks to restrict the use of certain vaccines containing foreign human DNA. It requires that chicken pox and shingles vaccines administered to patients in public health clinics must not contain foreign human DNA contaminates._edn2 The two bills are in response to public concerns regarding vaccine safety.............”

IE...just ignore them...they know no better.

Larry/Paul....when are you going to do something about the morons that post insulting comments on your site? They can't write a decent sentence ...they can only insult people with swear words and false accusations.You are going to lose decent posters if you allow it to continue.Probably Get Up or greens hoping to shut you down, using gutter tactics.

Have to disagree with you Larry, on vaccinations. Has done a lot of good, victorious over many disease, that I am glad, not to have caught.

Heard on the news that those mental giants in the feminist ward of that enlightened government in Victoria are looking to change the little image of the stick man on traffic lights to female ones.Apparently they have the OK from the company manufacturing them and they will be replaced as needed. The Labor Gov.must have Victoria running so smoothly that they've got spare capacity for this drivel. I'm sure the figure they've got replacing the little man is a Blob in a Burka,thus addressing another urgent cause of the feminist left ie the Half-billion Muzlim women being treated 3 rd class human beings.Strange they didn't have room in their press release to mention the Muzlim women.but I'm sure that was on the forefront of their minds....after the little stick man.

Up until 3 years ago I used to get a flu shot every year.Then I got a flu shot that nearly killed me.I had a reaction to that particular dose.I can honestly say I've never been sicker in my life.Death would have been a welcome relief.

TB rampant through Russia after TB vaccinations forced through after perestroika. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation banned from India - vaccination testing left 10,000 women unable to have children. Vaccinations altered to affect Immune System in Haiti. Not alarmist - all freely available on Internet to view. Who makes these vaccines and how are they altered and why? Yes have a grandson with autism and I wanted to know why. Just trust the government - not!

Perhaps Larry you should read up on polio and its devastating effects... also whooping cough and other ailments, before the advent of innoculations. Do some children get a severe reaction? Yes. Yet parents should also compare the risk of this, to the risk of getting the actual disease. As more people stop vaccinating, then it becomes riskier and riskier. In other words, there is some risk in vaccination, but there is a higher risk in non vaccination. As for autism, especially Aspergers, it was here long before vaccinations, and has been shown to run in families. As one of the traits of autism is stubborness, naturally the parents refuse to look at themselves as also being on the autistic spectrum, and instead look around for someone else to blame. Cue the attack on immunisation.

We keep our fingers crossed Pauline will rise above the other parties, who, we all know are an absolute disgrace. Hope she wins in W.A. soon - as for Turnbull - well, the quicker he is removed the better for the LNP and its "original" voters who won't touch the Party until he is gone.

Hepatitis A
SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals
1-800-633-8900 ext. 5231
produced using formalin, aluminum hydroxide, phenoxyethanol (antifreeze),
polysorbate 20, residual MRC5 proteins (from medium)
medium: human diploid cells (originating from human aborted fetal tissue)
Rubella and Mumps Virus Vaccine Live
Merck & Co, Inc.
produced using neomycin, sorbitol, hydrolized gelatin
medium: human diploid cells (originating from human aborted fetal tissue)
What Is Coming Through That Needle?
The Problem of Pathogenic Vaccine Contamination
Benjamin McRearden
“..........There is an even stronger statement dating back to 1990. A scientist in the field writes, “The present concern is for safety of vaccines made using transformed or neoplastic mammalian cells that may contain endogenous contaminating viruses or integrated gene sequences from oncogenic viruses. There is also concern for use of plasmid vectors employing promoter elements from oncogenic viruses. The principal concern for safety lies with retention of residual DNA in the vaccine, especially since induction of cancer is a single-cell phenomenon, and a single functional unit of foreign DNA integrated into the host cell genome might serve to induce cell transformation as a single event or part of a series of multifactorial events. Current proposed standards for vaccines would permit contamination with up to 100 pg [picograms] of heterologous DNA per dose. This is equivalent to about 10(8) ‘functional lengths’ of DNA. Total safety would seem to require complete absence of DNA from the product.”(31)
Please note that 10(8) means 10 to the power of 8, or 100,000,000 “functional lengths” of DNA are allowed per dose of vaccine. Is there something wrong with this picture? How long will the general public be subjected to these vaccine products that according to this information, are nowhere near safe?................"

The World Protests on Behalf of Vaccine-Injured Children*

Larry, you are not the only parent who has had problems with vaccinations. My daughter suffered a terrible seizure a few hours after being vaccinated. It was so bad, we thought that we were going to lose her. She did recover, but she has struggled with learning difficulties for all of her life, as well as spiking occasional high temperatures. Vaccinations are not one size fits all, and to force them onto welfare dependant parents is deplorable. There is a clear legal case of real discrimination here, unlike the usual 18C bullshit.