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Thursday, 23rd November 2017

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Part Time Power

Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


Solar power only works while the sun shines – it is part-time power. Wind power only works when suitable winds blows – also part-time power. Batteries only work when charged – part-time power again. Hydro fails in droughts – more part-time power.

And using full-time power like gas to fill the inevitable supply gaps from part-time power forces backup gas to operate like part-time power.

Moreover, on sunny windy days, wind and solar generators spew out electricity at little extra cost. These erratic surges of part-time power drive electricity prices so low that even low-cost full-time producers like coal cannot operate profitably at those times. They are throttled back and forced to operate as yet another part-time power plant.

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24/7 electricity users such as hospitals, trains, factories, refineries, fuel and water pumps, cash registers, infrastructure and mines cannot operate on part-time electricity.

Moreover, every part-time power producer (using sun, wind, batteries, hydro, gas or coal) consumes money full-time for operations, standby, maintenance and replacement. Each also has to fund its own specialised generators, transmission lines, access roads and workforce. Electricity becomes both unreliable and expensive, and consumers suffer.

Using taxes, subsidies, dictates and mandates to replace a full-time power producer like coal with up to five part-time power producers only makes sense in the part-time minds that inhabit Greentopia.

Canberra cannot improve any of this with more laws and regulations – they must REPEAL all the legislation, regulations, subsidies and taxes that created the mess in the first place. State governments too should repeal their silly energy laws, and stop shutting and destroying power stations. 

More laws and regulations can only make things worse. 



ASIO ramping up fake news about the Mehajer family while Salim lies dying in an intensive care bed from injuries inflicted by a scared government .I have placed a DOT infront of my name as a mark of respect for a great Australian.Get well soon .Salim.

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So Xenophon is likely to be the next premier of S.A if you can believe the polls down there 41% of the vote, ha,ha South Australian's can say goodbye to their pokies if he gets in.

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It seems the Czechs still enjoy free speech:

Another Turnbull fiasco.............Bolt on 2GB.
French say they cannot build the Submarines with propulsion system as promised.

Victoria now needs to import electricity with Hazelwood gone. Today's figures from the Australian Energy Market Operator show Victoria short of electricity and with the country's highest power prices. It's relying on the wind blowing well in South Australia. And we're not yet into summer. That's what things look like when you've just drive a huge coal-fired power station out of business.

Yep, China says that they want to run the world and we were stupid enough to help them by opening the door via CHAFTA. You know what's going to happen if we don't do what they want or ever decide to force sales of our prime agricultural resources back to us or upset the Chinese that have now moved here in a major way? Yep, invasion! However, don't worry, Hysterical loves it, so it must be good, right? NO, wrong again Hysterical.

resident Xi Jinping said, according to The Guardian, “it was time for his nation to transform itself into ‘a mighty force’ that could lead the entire world on political, economic, military and environmental issues”.

Can't help but love Tim Blair.....

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O T; A Russian “troll factory” paid tens of thousands of dollars to unwitting American ­activists to sow discord in the US, according to a news agency. ONE IS FORCED TO WONDER WHO PAYS THE “unwitting” SUBVERSIVE TROLLS WHO POST ON THIS SITE??

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Exposing the role that Islamic jihad theology and ideology play in the modern global conflicts
Australia: Muslim cleric says Muslims can beat wives “in a way that doesn’t turn the skin red or dark”

Islamic apologists in the West routinely claim that Islam doesn’t condone wife-beating. Yet here is a Muslim cleric who didn’t get the memo

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Accused Logan child snatcher charged
Australian Associated Press11:18AM October 19, 2017

A teenager accused of trying to snatch a sleeping six-year-old girl from her Logan home will face a Queensland court on a string of charges including assault with intent to commit rape.

The 19-year-old was arrested late on Wednesday night, ending a manhunt that started after he allegedly broke into the girl's home and tried to abduct her around 5am on Monday.

The man will face Beenleigh Magistrates Court on Thursday on several charges, including those related to another alleged home invasion on Tuesday night.

Police allege he scaled a fence and broke into the six-year-old's family home at Loganlea by reaching through a dog door to unlock the back door.

It's alleged he then crept past her sleeping parents and another relative to her upstairs bedroom, and almost left the home with the sleeping child in his arms.

When she screamed, police allege the man struck her in the face before fleeing.

Detectives from the Logan District Child Investigation and Protection Unit raided a house at Loganlea on Wednesday night where they arrested a man and took him into custody.

They allege he was also responsible for breaking and entering at a Spruce Street home late on Tuesday, and stealing several items, including a credit card which he subsequently used.

The teenager has been charged with one count each of assault with intent to commit rape, enter dwelling with intent, stealing, armed robbery, burglary, two counts of assault occasioning bodily harm and three counts of fraud.

He has also been charged with armed robbery and assault occasioning bodily harm in relation to an alleged hold-up of a Morningside bottle shop in July last year.

OT - James O’Keefe Busts New York Times Editor Explaining How Paper Sets Anti-Trump Narrative

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