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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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... Trump or no Trump

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The serious defunding of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) by Trump set the tone for ignoring false global warming claims and getting the hell out of the UN sponsored Paris Accord.

No-one would disagree that a clean air environment should be a priority but the UN is using that priority for a massive, communistic, redistribution of income policy. That will happen unless Trump follows through on his election promise to rid America of a crazy and destructive UN environmental policy.If Trump and Abbott can see what is happening, why can’t Turnbull?

Well Turnbull lives in a progressive world of Lefties who reside in leafy suburbs and allow the cost of keeping coal in the ground to be borne by broke bogans like you and me.

Unfortunately I think Trump may relent to an army of advisers on both sides of the House who believe in this warming nonsense. He will walk from the Paris Accord but will pay a toll of demands from warmists who pay homage to a lying Al Gore and possibly quell, for a short time only, the Left’s relentless attacks.

Trump and Turnbull should can massive environmental funding and RET bullshit, along with doomed windmill and solar panel subsidies, simply because India and China have no intention to adhere to the Accord. They even said so, but for the IPCC to admit that fact would bury their beloved Accord in a sewage pit where it belongs. 

The UN’s IPCC has cooked the numbers and declared that almost all are on board. Not true! But when was the IPCC ever honest?

Both China and India are building coal-fired power stations at the rate of one a week... they need to because, unlike Australia and Europe, they have their citizens’ best interests at heart. 

Running water and electricity is needed by a billion people and both nations have agreed not to slow down the building of coal-fired power stations until 2030. And that slowdown will be minimal, if at all.

Shouldn’t that indicate to the elites that they are being had by the UN? Well, not really because the EU and Australia are besotted by diplomatic bonhomie... protocols that demand communal obedience to the UN God. 

The Stick Insect needs to show her face in circles that matter to her and we poor suckers are sent the bill.

Trump will pay a price for walking away from the Paris Accord but nowhere near the price we will pay for staying with it.


The left wing puppet-masters and their marionettes say we can change the weather if we all give poor countries billions to "fix" the weather (China gave nothing, Obama gave 1 billion and agreed to 3 billion) but we have to accept Muslims blowing up our children. By the way, no guns used in these terrorist attacks, but no call to ban bombs, knives or cars from the left this time...

Lady Macbeth Stick-Insect and current shag "Horse Pantsoff" are concerned President Trumps decision to slip out of the UN Paris Accord may effect their world-wide pumping trips, and attendances at movie premiers, fashion shows and bullshit climate-change talk-fests with other parasitic politicians.
Brilliant essay by Clive James in this morning's Oz - well worth a read

Just heard a hard hitting interview conducted with George Brandis on 2GB. He well and truly broke ranks with slimy Turdbish & recommended Australia also pull out of the job destroying Paris accord & railed against political correctness & vile Getup, good on him. I didn't realise he is one of the few surviving genuine Conservatives to survive Turdbull's Marxist purge of the once Conservative Liberal Party. BLODY BRILLIANT!

One of the best pronouncements I have ever heard from a politician:- "I was elected to represent the people of Pittsburg, not the people of Paris". BRILLIANT!!! Why can't Turnbull and the other parasites in Canberra take a leaf out of Trump's book? These bastards were elected to represent the interests of the people of Australia; not the bloody ragheads masquerading as refugees from Islamaland. Traitors all and at the head of the bunch are Turnbull and Bishop.

This observer has been around long enough to remember The Reds under the bed, Chineses swamping the world, the imminent Ice Age of the 70's, back to the horse and cart in the 70's and 80's because the oil wells were dry, hole in the ozone, Y2K, Global Warming, Sea levels rising by 2 metres swamping major cities by 2008, no rain after 2003 and on it goes .......Ladies and Gentlemen, Climate Change is Frogshit for Phuckwits ..... Do try ever so hard not to be a Phuckwit.

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If you want to see just how corrupt this whole climate blah-blah-blah is, go to google, and look for the UN map of world pollution. This climate hoax is nothiung but a massive re-distribution of wealth, of course most gors to the corrupt leftists. Watching FOX yesterday, Tucker Calson started to interview some inbred Democrat twat, who in answer to the first question said something like -- "this is a very bad day for humanity. Pulling out of Paris will have catastrophis consequences, just ask GE, and some other large companies making billions of dollars out of the whole scheme" no mention on how bad it will be for the average person, just how bnad it will be for big companies

If you can see it, Smell it, or taste it, it’s not C02. Co2 is an insert gas, it doesn’t ‘urt anybody.

Lord Monkton, appearing on Infowars, has announced that new research conducted by his team has clearly and irrefutably proven that even if the earth's carbon levels double over the next 100 years, the absolute maximum that the earth would warm would be 1.5% Celsius. NB - It is the leftist morons who have predicted that the carbon levels will double. Lord Monkton does not believe that the earth is warming at all, but the projections that have been determined by his research are based on the globalists ridiculous claim that carbon will double by 2100, and that the earth will warm by up to 13 degrees C. He has PROVEN that the projections are wrong.

Quiet flows the Don

Next election is going to be a bloodbath for he LNP! Hooray!
Now ge on with it ALA!

I don't think I have ever been so delighted at the turn of political events as today. I can go to my Maker with the news that the global warming/cooling hoax has been exposed for the fraud and theft that it has always been. HOORAY FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP


We all need heroes. He's mine.

Bill Shorten has called on Malcolm Turnbull to stare down Coalition MPs who want to follow the US President out of Paris deal.

Where is our weak piece of shit that calls itself PM ? Gone into hiding ? What a fuckwit that bloke is. (and surrounded by morons in his liberal shite party).

The commies & the loony left are hysterical. GO TRUMP!

The stick inject seems to enjoy the high life paid for by others.

Just got home. Watching their ALPBC apoplectic. What a bunch of LEFTy fxxkwits. The start of the dismantling of the worlds greatest con job. Their ALPBC got every fxxkin lying pissant nobodies telling us HOW BAD IT IS..

A TRUE Leader..Doing what is best for His Country and not what will skate him through the next election....Bring on the Don...This is Just the Medicine the world needs to recover from Years of Political Neglect. President TRUMP, Well done so far, Keep up the Brilliant Work.