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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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...and 60 Mins story no exclusive

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


[The following is a report from 15 months ago.] An alarming report in the Mail On-line has accused Lord Justice George Fulford, (pictured) adviser to the Queen, of being a key backer of the outrageous “Paedophile Information Exchange” group known as PIE.

British police suspect the group of abusing children, “on an industrial scale”.

Lord Fulford is a foundation member of the PIE group that advocates the age of consent be lowered to four.

The more one delves into the rings of paedophilia the quicker one ends up at Parliament, the judiciary or in television studios... and the UK is no to different here.

There are now many groups brashly advocating child sex be legalised and accepted as the norm, providing the child "agrees".

The movements are not confined to gay lobbies but there is certainly a predominance of homosexual activists within these groups pushing for legalised child sex.

The Mail also reveals that Lord Fulford, a former Appeals Court Judge and Privy Counsellor had:

• Planned demonstrations outside courts where defendants (described by prosecutors as “sick” and a “force for evil” ) were on trial.

• Written an article claiming PIE, now under investigation in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal, was merely a way for paedophiles to “make friends and offer each other mutual support”.

• Attended meetings to discuss tactics with PIE Chairman Tom O’Carroll, who has since been jailed for possessing thousands of pictures of naked children.

• Lord Fulford was also praised by the PIE paedophile group for coming to its defence.

Just what is it with the legal and entertainment professions we depend on for justice and a laugh? Both professions are riddled with paedophiles. Those who we thought never could be, are now found to be, and in ever greater numbers.

Predictably, the far Left "The Guardian" came to Lord Fulford's defence and offered his apology in a statement: "My involvement in civil liberty campaigns in the late 1970s was concerned with the way in which minorities were treated in the judicial process". Hmmm.

Lord Fulford strory here:

Premier Newman should immediately reconsider his appointment of Chief Justice Paul “Daphnis” De Jersey to Governor of Queensland. There is ample evidence to suggest this person is highly unsuited to that role for similar reasons.

[The has been highly critical of paedophile rings within the closed ranks of the QLD judiciary and Parliament. They have remained protected for decades while children in the State's "care" continue suffer at the ruthless hands of the judicially privileged. Disenfranchised Chief Justice, Tim Carmody is not one of those privileged people.]


What about the Pedo group in Adelaide many years ago (Dunstan's mates,) IE: Judges, MP's Councillors etc....[Probably still going?]

this is an eye opener.

Short version of the David Icke vidoecast on paedophilia Jan this year
The David Icke Videocast: Leon Brittan – Another Strand In A Giant Web

It's about time that these evil, disgusting creatures were exposed. Now will someone in the mainstream media please expose Michelle Obama.

It has to make one wonder how many pedo's there are going on the numbers prosecuted so could this be a natural interaction of life even though the population is told how abhorrent it is by the media, the powers in control make it out to be the opposite like Fulford is reported to have said..

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Hand convicted pedophiles back to the community to be dealt with, as appropriate.

There was a politically based peaedophile ring in Adelaide in the 70's and it faded into the shadows when one particular politician exited the scene. It was never proven that he was the ring leader, or if it was, it was kept from public knowledge. Paedophiles are disgusting, revolting, mentally warped creatures who are a blight on all humanity.

Bring back hanging

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