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Sunday, 24th March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


If Australia thinks it can outspend China in the South Pacific now that the obese Island Jifs (chiefs) have discovered the rising sea-level ruse, then it’s kidding itself. But the three la femme musketeers of Gillard, Bishop and now Payne have given it their best shot. With stolen funds of course… stolen from our future generation.

Let’s get this straight… sea levels have not, and will not, in the next many millennia rise or fall beyond the normal miniscule centimetre cycles. After seven years of helicopter search and rescue operations in the area I can assure you the only sea level rises anywhere have been tsunamis caused by undersea volcanic movement. And you can’t spend your way out of avoiding those.

Hundreds of populated islands, barely inches above high tide, have been there for thousands, probably hundreds of thousands, of years. But that won’t stop the ever-opportunistic island Jifs from taking advantage of the current climate change scam encouraged by the fraudulent UN’s IPCC and Left leaning politicians and media.

It’s confounding that an air head like Turnbull’s “little” token female, Marise Payne, has flummed the Stick Insect’s old job. It’s embarrassing. It seems you must first prove to be a portfolio failure to qualify for the plum DFAT post.

UN envoys have assured Island Jifs that they need to express “fear” of “expected” rising sea levels to cash in on this global warming bonanza.

Fear of Australian droughts and floods doesn’t seem to raise one hair on one neck. It certainly doesn’t seem to get Treasury all upset to the extent it would put its grubby hands even deeper into our pockets.

The UN, since it was the League of Nations, has been as useful as an ashtray on a motor bike. But for some reason we need to pay loyalty and royalties to an Islam dominated orgy of greed and corruption as a “responsible” member of the World’s nationhood.

Trump is leading the way out of this Left insanity and the even more Left media is refusing to allow the World to be cleansed of this madness by denying democracy and ignoring the electoral process.

I said to my doctor last week, “surely you don’t go along with this global warming bullshit, do you?” He slipped his glasses down his nose and said, “Well, 97 per cent of scientists can’t be wrong”.

I didn’t bother telling him that the well-publicised 97 per cent was of IPCC “scientists” only (most of whom are neither scientists, nor climatologists, but charlatan warmists on huge UN salaries with massive perks). 

Thirty thousand real scientists and climatologists say it’s a hoax.

Oh well, we are getting there as we watch the EU and UN slowly collapse under the weight of lies and corruption.

ScoMo should get on the Trump wagon, because he resists media collusion.  



Morrison made errors - kept Payne, Pyne and Birmingham - and now he wont remove us from the CON of the Paris Agreement - so are we going to support the $100B scam? He won't last long - why does he think Turnbull got his walking shoes???

I don’t know - what are we talking about again?

Agree DK. Wholeheartedly.

..and the problem with that is?

"but problems must be dealt with as they come"......sure, but the solutions are never binding OR final....and they should be!!. We've been blindsided by all political parties for too long!!

I missed something - I thought he left because of me!

New post up


Serena Williams gets out-diversitied at US Open Final

Adopt a snowflake.



what the fuck does that mean??

SERENA WILLIAMS HAS COMPLAINED ABOUT DUTTON SUPPORTERS AND LIBERAL PARTY BULLYING :"THEY ARE LIARS AND THIEVES, ... I DON'T CHEAT TO WIN, I WOULD RATHER LOSE THE ELECTION", ..."There's a lot of men out here who have said a lot of things to me because I am a woman, and that's not right".

I was reading some background on the League of Nations. Look what I came up with.
Wikipedia: re: League of Nations:

“The Fabians were the first to argue for a "Council" of states, necessarily the Great Powers, who would adjudicate world affairs, and for the creation of a permanent secretariat to enhance international co-operation across a range of activities”. (Global Warming comes to mind)

I don’t need to tell you about the Fabians, do I?

Yet another marker and manifestation of the malaise of our troubled zeitgeist, is the not mere acceptance but increasing aggression with which the wacky notion of gender dysphoria and fluidity is being promoted. Like the man in the movie said, it's a madhouse.

I'm watching a doco right now, on the openly subversive SBS, on this very subject. It's called ‘Gender Revolution: A journey with Katie Couric’. If you're concerned with what ails our society, and wish to analyse, comment upon and help rectify things, you need to be stoic and endure watching some such disagreeable stuff.

When I was young, Couric claims, the “revolution” was about roles; now it's about gender “identity” itself. She acknowledges that “for some people it can be a bit confusing, for others too much to handle”. Unsurprisingly, when signing up, the social media gorgon Facebook permits you to designate your identity as not only male or female but “custom”. Presumably you can be whatever you want: the Easter Bunny, Daffy Duck, a Mac truck — and change it again the next day, should you feel like it. We may even have a few such weirdos on PP (not that Larry encourages it — unlike Faceplant). The only identity NOT permitted on Facadebook nowadays, is being a conservative ….

Now to be fair, in a small percentage of cases, through no fault of their own, some people are born intersex or hermaphrodite. However the notion no one needs be anchored to their biologically given gender, that you can literally screw around with it, and that we're all lucky to be living in a society that actively encourages such experimentation and even joking around with it has many obvious, problematic implications, not only for the individual but society overall.

Unsurprisingly, its another stratagem our implacable real world enemies, particularly the Islamics and the Chicomms, hypocritically and actively seek to promote and push upon us — while they themselves permit little or no tolerance of such nonsense. It's another cynical means by which they're seeking to confuse, subvert, weaken and destroy the West.

If you want to help, never vote for the gangrenous Greens. And realise that Labor are just the Greens in drag.


Donald Trump, to me is a hero that is bucking the trend. I’m concerned whether that man with his agenda can survive in a world with its growing subterfuge and intrigue.
Could Donald Trump be our last hope?
I recall Lord Monckton imploring us to protect Tony Abbott against Malcolm Turnbull, a year before that nefarious event occurred.
Despite his warning, the die was already cast. Listen carefully of the seriousness of his warning.

Could Donald Trump befall the same fate as Tony Abbott? Are we seeing the inevitable demise of the West? Has the West passed its used-by date?

Despite the blatant self-evident warnings, the West still progresses to its inevitable doom. It must be the nature of humanity.

We’ve been lucky to see the best the West has to offer, it was, and still is, to some extent, a paradise in which we create through our self-conceited conduct, our own hell within this paradise.

Our society has lived within this “paradise” for so long that we are now dogmatically taking it for granted. It is a situation repeated so often, that history now dictates its inevitable demise.
The protestations from a number of individuals such as you, me or even someone as significant as Alan Jones, Andrew Bolt, and Donald Trump are in general, landing on deaf ears.

I hope this ultimate demise, i.e., an oppressive tyrannical takeover leading into a “Dark Age”, is delayed until I’m not around.

Years later, well into the future, our oppressed descendants may speak of the freedoms and prosperity of a bygone “Golden Age of the West” as a faint memory or even refer to it as mythology of a utopia that was too good to have ever existed.

Brilliant Mark Dice is fantastic.

Some one posted on the report of the windfarms balance sheet at Leonard Hill/Daylesford and who really benefits. I was distracted before I could mark the time and would appreciate it if you could repost you comments. Kind regards ,Rose

Morrison up 9 points on Shorten as preferred Prime Minister but no change yet on 2 party preferred. The Libs have the man but not the policies YET.