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Wednesday, 19th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


If you’re planning on robbing a jewellery store and pistol whipping the owner, it’s best that your father is a Sydney QC and a friend of the presiding judge or you may well face a jail sentence. 

Felim Agius, aged 20 and son of John Agius, counsel for the CFMEU in the current Royal Commission into unions, was allowed to walk free last week after his mother, a former DPP officer, told the court how her son had suffered years of bullying at Sydney’s St Aloysius College and did not deserve the appropriate 4-year jail term.

Hmmm, that’s strange because when my son complained of being bullied at Scots College I drove to Sydney and brought him home, and as far as I know he never felt the urge to rob jewellery stores.

Felim Agius was placed on a two-year good behaviour bond by Judge Greg Woods who appears to be a serial softie when faced with the errant behaviour of silks’ sons.

John Bussitil, the son of barrister Joe Bussitil, was clocked travelling at 149km per hour in a 60km zone but the kindly judge Woods, when faced with the accused’s Barrister dad, dismissed the charge and awarded him costs.

No wonder the cops are not keen to prefer charges when piles of paper work gets them nowhere in an incestuous judiciary crammed with incompetent judges who believe penalties have no role in our legal system, especially when the accused is the son of your “learned friend”.

How do you get to be a judge? It’s simple really. First you have to have failed at your role as a solicitor after leaving uni. All judges were previously solicitors and law firms rarely sack solicitors unless it’s to do with, a’hem, outright fraud of over $1 million, because dismissal will mean the solicitor will never work again and the law firm will suffer a bad name. 

So, if you prove useless or a small-time crook, your law firm will place you on the magistrates list just to get rid of you.

Attorneys General, State and Federal, will accept nominations from, “qualified persons” for the magistracy and voila! The appropriate Attorney General will simply sign off on the nominations. 

So if you're a proven failure as a solicitor and want an appointment to the bench so you can sit in judgment on those with sufficient money to pay your former colleagues $4,000 a day, then it's best you remember to be nice to the very same people who recommended you.

Riots in Western Sydney following last night’s ARL final resulted in not a single arrest. Could that be because of a “cultural” difference out West or was it just not worth the paper work when judges like Greg Woods are still presiding?

Maybe the name of Federal Court Judge Bernard Murphy also rings a bell?


I think its time there was a major overhaul of the judiciary . Call it people power and start an internet petition citing all the crooked legal deals that go on in Australia . Bring back justice and honesty . Anyway I don't think that the judge being a friend of daddys is acceptable .

We could have a R.C. into corruption in the legal profession, but there wouldn't be anyone to preside, they would all be witnesses or legal reps.

An Anglo boy named Felim would expect to be bullied.

Kangaroo Court has been right on to these corrupt Judges for a long time - how can we get them off the Bench? Friend of mine had a family law court judge removed after a disastrous decision - next time she appeared in court the magistrate, a friend of the first magistrate removed was even worse in his decision - so all the crooks are in the legal system? God help us.

"How do you get to be a judge?"
HOLY SHIT! Does that mean Gillard is about to become a judge?
Piss off... Piss right off! That shit isn't funny.

"Council for the CFMEU"???
It's already proven that he defends the indefensible; the corrupt; the dishonest; the dishonourable; and disgusting trash.
His son would have been a breeze in comparison.

Where do you get a barrister at only $4000 a day? I paid $5000 a day ten years ago and got stuff all for my money.

Crimes in NSW carry maximum prison sentences. It will never happen, but it would make a lot of sense for the crimes to all carry minimum prison sentences without release of any kind, say twenty five percent of the maximum. That would cut off the bleeding heart magistrates and judges at Eagle Pass.

Yup, one interpretation of the law for 'them' another for the rest of us. Thank Christ all is coming slowly to a head. History repeats over and over.

About the only NSW judge I have any time for is M Finnane who sentenced the head of the gang of Leb rapists to 40 years, and put former judge Einfeld behind bars, too.

Such cases are always given to an "accommodating" judge, and there seems to be no shortage of those. Of course, the DPP's office should appeal the leniency of the sentence ... but it won't. If this were the USA, the aggrieved parties would now sue in a civil court.

Excellent news tonight. TURC has been given another year extension to find more corruption. All the emails to appropriate agencies have worked.

If you can't beat em join em. I recommend making a list of all these "buddy/buddy" findings and publish a handbook for "Joe Average" to use as precedents-in-law when pleading a case.

Lets look at the bigger picture here! Did we have a major conflict of interest with a top criminal barrister married to someone in the Department of Public Prosecutions. Can you imagine this barrister getting the likes of CFMEU "negotiator" Mick Gatto off a murder charge while his wife was in the DPP ?..... Not saying it ever happened !

Yes, NSW Judiciary are totally corrupt, and it is such a big problem, with a long history, ... the weak ones in control (who should know better), and the evil ones in control (who know no better) are both reluctant to do anything about it, ...

Need to go back to the Court of King John circa 1200 AD, where there was a list of offences and a list of punishments, with minimal discretionary powers, ... this would be fairer to defendants and the public alike, ... and the Judges wouldn't have to think or decide, ... a much better and safer option for these judicial Dicks.

another judge lets Keating off after driving through a red light...another judge lets of Carnita Matthews after she told blatant lies and abused a policeman alleging he had tried to tear off her niqab and there are plenty of other similar incidents It's fast becoming an acceptable practice with our judges. How do we stop this rot ???

another judge lets Keating off after driving through a red light...another judge lets of Carnita Matthews after she told blatant lies and abused a policeman alleging he had tried to tear off her niqab and there are plenty of other similar incidents It's fast becoming an acceptable practice with our judges. How do we stop this rot ???

Let's face it people. You son gets into trouble. You try to fix it any way you can. Keeps the missus happy? Well, first strike maybe you get a blasting from your Dad. Second strike? You're on your own. Get with the programme you little clones of your fathers who think they are above the law. There is one Gratis. After that, wear the shit you made all by yourselves!

Tony Fitzgerald did the same thing for his armed robber son in QLD.

I'm sick of people who believe that they are better. Better than what? I know people who are on the bones of their arses who would not stoop to the level of these parasites.