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Monday, 18th February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


For the first time in Australia's history we are now witnessing a sitting Prime Minister seeking re-election while under investigation by a major fraud squad. The Left of the Press still shows no interest.

The Victorian Fraud Squad is not investigating Blewitt, Wilson, Bill the Greek, Bill Shorten or anyone else except... The Honorable Ms Julia Eileen Gillard.

Sacked for attempting to expose Gillard, radio jock Michael Smith filed a complaint against her, and only her.

Smith, an ex cop, knows his business and is certain to have had his paperwork in order.

A mountain of evidence involves central character Gillard and a comprehensive prima facie case will shortly be dumped on the desk of the Public Prosecutor.

Fraud squads do not react to innuendo, rumour or smear, only evidence and the diligence and confidence it has exhibited so far suggest charges are imminent.

Media Lefties who are still clinging to the line, "this story is going nowhere", might like to consider the following:

Ralph Blewitt has returned twice from Asia to give further evidence.

Bob Kernohan has spent considerable time at St Kilda Road headquarters.

Former partner in Slater & Gordon, Nick Styant-Browne has refuted Peter Gordon's account surrounding Gillard's dismissal, stating it was "stunningly incomplete". He also has been interviewed.

Bruce Wilson's bodyguard, Vassilis Telikostoglou (or Bill the Greek bullshit artist as Gillard refers to him) has returned from Greece.

A dozen detectives have spent time in NSW and five days in QLD interrogating Gillard's paralegal assistant at the time, Olive Brosnahan.

Tim Daly, ex WA AWU Secretary says he has boxes of evidence under lock and key. He said he, "...knew this matter would one day rear its ugly head". Mr Daly has given evidence.

Ian Cambridge and the ALP's Rob McClelland, authors of the comprehensive and explosive "Cambridge Affidavit", are damning of Julia Gillard.

Cambridge, a FWA Commissioner, originally said he was unable to comment, later saying he would stand by his affidavit.

He has now agreed to cooperate fully with detectives and is encouraging others to do the same.

Cambridge has already been interviewed.

Sacked Attorney General, McClelland is also expected to cooperate.

Federal Court Judge Bernard Murphy (a Gillard appointment) will also be interviewed.

The extent and veracity of existing evidence invariably promotes further evidence in what is now an unstoppable, expanding snowball of damning evidence against Gillard.

The cooperation of the AWU's culpable Paul Howes, Bill Ludwig and Bill Shorten is not so assured.

Craig Thomson of the HSU has been charged with 154 offences including fraud. He continues to sit in Parliament and Gillard continues to accept his tainted vote.

But can a Prime Minister facing numerous fraud charges stay seated?

Can she claim she has done nothing wrong while competing on the hustings for re-election? Extremely unlikely.

That would be unprecedented but Gillard would do that if she was allowed to.

Fortunately she can expect a tap on the shoulder very shortly.

She will be the last person to be asked for an interview and she will likely refuse to cooperate in yet a further example of poor judgment.

A refusal to be interviewed would invite a possible embarrassing trip to a Police Station and a strip search followed by a court appearance and an application for bail. Just ask another sitting MP, Craig Thomson.

We have witnessed daily an array of diversionary tactics but Gillard cannot escape the inevitable.

The Press meanwhile is besotted with NSW's Obeid and Macdonald.

Rudd also attracts their relentless interest as he circles like a confused shark. He smells blood in the water but is unsure if he wants a fight, a feed or a f**k.

Meanwhile, this far bigger story is gathering a head of steam and about to blow Parliament House off its foundations while the Left of the Press yawns in stoic denial.

The Press insists, nonchalantly, that the Victorian Fraud Squad is boringly investigating a range of people. That is incorrect.

Evidence has been taken from a range of people but there is only one person of interest, there is only one person a complaint has been levelled against, there is only one person under investigation, and that's Julia Eileen Gillard.

The Fraud Squad has implied they are thrilled with their progress and hopes to have its case wrapped up in weeks.

Their case will revolve primarily around four criminal actions "allegedly" committed by Gillard. There are many others but these four are the easiest to prove.

1: Gillard as a solicitor had acted to facilitate fraud on her employer's own client, the AWU.

Gillard will say she was taking instructions from the AWU (Blewitt and Wilson). This claim will not hold water and naivete can be no excuse this time. As a solicitor she was the guiding and advisory entity. There were a number of due diligence steps she should, and could, have taken as a solicitor but omitted to because, by taking those steps she would have alerted her employer and its client to the fraud.

Likely outcome? Guilty as charged.

Crimes Act 1958 - SECT 86 (2)
A person who dishonestly, with a view to gain for himself or herself or another or with intent to cause loss to another, by any deception procures the execution of a valuable security is guilty of an indictable offence.
Level 5 imprisonment (10 years maximum)

2: A false document.

Gillard produced a false document, namely an "Association" designed to facilitate fraud on her employer's client, the AWU.
It was named as a vehicle for "workplace reform". Recently Gillard claimed it was a "slush fund" holding funds used for election of unionists, but the document with her own handwriting notates it as, "The Australian Workers Union Workplace Reform Association".
It was clearly meant to be neither. It was to be used for, and was duly used for, defrauding Gillard's employer's major client, the AWU. No file was opened, no charges for work done were made so as not to alert her employers or their major client. Gillard was sacked when the charade was discovered. But it was too late, by then over $1million dollars had passed through 13 different bank accounts and had disappeared. Gillard will claim there is no proof other than Blewitt's testimony. Not true. There were two other people present at the Slater & Gordon office when she drew up that false document, Senior Partner Bernard Murphy and Bruce Wilson. Senior Equity Partner Jonathan Rothfield (who underwrote the mortgage on the Kerr Street property) was also briefly present.
When the extent of the fraud became evident, Slater & Gordon, Gillard, Wilson and the AWU itself went to ground. The other rats immediately scattered and soon there was no involved person left working for Slater & Gordon. Peter Gordon left, Bernard Murphy shot through to Maurice Blackburn to continue ripping off insurance claimants. Rothfield disappeared while the uninvolved, diminutive Adam Bandt went quietly about his business. Gillard wasn't seen for the next six months and never tried to renew her Practising Certificate. When the matter was raised in the Victorian Parliament a massive cover-up ensued as it was clearly a damning indictment on everyone involved. It had remained covered up until Julia Gillard, as PM, and in another display of exquisite judgment insisted two journalists be sacked for daring to expose it.

Likely outcome? Guilty as charged.

Crimes Act 1958 - SECT 83A (5B)
Falsification of documents
A person must not, with the intention that another person may commit an offence against subsection (1), make, or have in his or her custody, or under his or her control, a machine or implement, or paper or other material, which is, and which he or she knows to be, specially designed or adapted for the making of a document which, if made by that other person, would be false.
Penalty: Level 5 imprisonment (10 years maximum).

3: Misleading the WA Corporate Affairs Commissioner.

When an initial attempt to mislead the WA Commissioner failed, Gillard wrote to him offering the bona fides of Slater & Gordon as a guarantee that the proposed "Association" was legitimate. That letter has disappeared from the Commission's files. If that letter can be located by the Fraud Squad it represents the most serious of the allegations. A copy of the letter was in Gillard's private file. Bernard Murphy took the file when he left. It was given to Nicola Roxon at Maurice Blackburn. It clearly showed an intention to gain an advantage by deception. If the letter is not located, it is likely that someone in the Commission will testify as to its existence and its intent to decieve. The proposed Association document was also deficient of the legal requirement of at least five members, there were only two. Regardless, the Commissioner understandably accepted the assurances of Gillard's letter on a Slater & Gordon letterhead.

Likely outcome? Guilty as charged.

Crimes Act 1958 - SECT 83A (1)
A person must not make a false document with the intention that he or she, or another person, shall use it to induce another person to accept it as genuine, and by reason of so accepting it to do or not to do some act to that other person's, or to another person's prejudice.
Penalty: Level 5 imprisonment (10 years maximum).
Falsification of documents

4: Witnessing a person's (Blewitt's) signature on a legal document, namely a Power of Attorney, while not in the presence of, and without the knowledge of, that person.

This should be an open and shut case as dates and times and Blewitt's absence or presence can easily be ascertained. Gillard was present at the auction of, and did the conveyancing for, a Fitzroy house for her boyfriend Bruce Wilson. Wilson used the false Power of Attorney for Blewitt to purchase the house with fraudulently extorted funds without Blewitt's knowledge. It was hurriedly sold without Blewitt's knowledge

Likely outcome? Guilty as charged.

Crimes Act 1958 - SECT 83A (4)
Falsification of documents
A person must not use a copy of a document which is, and which he or she knows to be, a false document, with the intention of inducing another person to accept it as a copy of a genuine document and by reason of so accepting it to do or not to do some act to that other person's, or to another person's prejudice.
Penalty: Level 5 imprisonment (10 years maximum)

There are many other instances of illegalities including inducing WA AWU union members to allow funds to be moved to another account that Gillard could reasonably have been expected to know was not an AWU account.
Bruce Wilson, with a new partner and baby, may not be keen to spend a long period in jail. His prior agreement forged with Gillard that they both doggedly declare their innocence may well fall apart once he is confronted with the Fraud Squad's evidence.
Up until now there has been no complaint filed against Bruce Wilson, only Gillard.

He is likely to reassess his situation once he sees the futility of denying it and is offered part immunity.

Bruce Wilson is not a man known for his moral fibre.

Blewitt was not given immunity but was assured that any evidence he gave would not be used against him in court.

Now that sort of assurance would be a very attractive proposition to Bruce Wilson.

Blewitt could still be charged on peripheral or unrelated matters.

The former statement of Bill the Greek's builder mate, Con Spyrides, was that Gillard had no knowledge of the source of funds used to renovate her house in Abbottsford.

When asked to make a statement to that effect he refused on legal advice. That refusal speaks volumes as to the truth.

Mr Spyrides knows he would be breaking the law if he were to make that statement under oath.

Regardless there is plenty of evidence to show that funds laundered through fashion house, Town Mode, and casinos were used to renovate Gillard's house, with her full knowledge.

I'm no detective but if I had the massive resources of a professional fraud squad and had interviewed all persons of interest and corroborating parties including past employees of Slater & Gordon, I would certainly feel confident I had sufficient evidence against Gillard to put her away for a lengthy period.

Whether that happens or not is problematic. But Gillard is certainly under investigation right now and should resign.

If she is charged she will be forced to resign. She is not a Craig Thomson who can rely on the ‘innocent until proven guilty' principal.

She will not be permitted by her own party to sully the Office more than she already has.

The ICAC's exposure of rampant fraud within the NSW ALP (those who catapulted Gillard into Office) will not help Gillard.

The ALP's endemic criminality is percolating through all State ALP branches, Governments and major unions.

Gillard is blind to the sense of the determination of fresh fraud squads under a new Victorian Commissioner. There is a determination to redress the bad taste of past police criminality under Labor Governments.

Gillard and her many supporters in the media seem oblivious to the seriousness of what is happening.

But, now there is nothing left for we sexist nutjob bloggers to do except to sit back and watch the long arm of the law take its inevitable course.

Justice will have to be seen to be done.

ALP and union corruption will both be cleansed by the fires of the pyres of the guilty.

We will need a comprehensive, competent and clean Opposition to the overbearing numbers of an Abbot Government.

The end


Deathly silence - after 2 years - likely outcome ?

It's not over till the fat lady sings

Larry. Today's HS has a story of a BILL GILLARD QC ex Supreme Court Judge now Parole Board Chairman linked to allegation of corrupt links to a crime boss. An unusual name. Do you know if he is a bro of you know who?

as an honorary professor of a university, that she gave a gazillion dollars to, before sneaking out,
as an EX prime minister.
when does she stop devaluing the Institutions of our great Country.
I say with the greatest gravity, hopefully, when she dies.
In America, they call them pop tarts.

Please take the time to read the transcripts from a Royal Commission of Enquiry, not my ramblings, but some stuff espoused by our EX prime minster.

Murphy sounds as if he is abandoning her - whether it is out of self preservation or conscience I don't know...but he has nonetheless.

you are a piece of shit gillard

Larry - you need to redo the header. "Deposed ex-PM is a crook". Any newcomer scanning the thread titles may think you are referring to Mr Rabbit.

Well, I guess this has all died a natural even, Larry after 1 year has not added a Part XI

Looks like it may be about to BURST!
Like a Boil.......or ....Will she VANISH Overseas????

Stop the World.....I want to GET OFF!

God I hate this bitch! To see this thing on TV in the US making it's usual droning noises and supporting Indonesia in ref to the phone tapping of SBY in 2009! Hello, she was the deputy PM at that time! Showing what a hypocritical lying two faced bitch she is! Does she seriously expect us all to believe that she knew nothing about all if this? Give me a break!

Has this whole issue been whitewashed and swept under the table? What is the latest status of this investigation? Are the boffins in the Victorian Fraud Squad hoping we will dry up and blow away? Perhaps we should direct an investigation, preferably a Royal Commission, into the Victorian Fraud Squad! Maybe they are too busy chasing big hairy bikies to handle this case!

Larry, the focus seems to have dropped off about this issue. I'd hate to think she who shall not be mentioned will escape scrutiny,purely becaeshe is off the scene. I see sho opened up recently with your favourite female reporter and is claiming misogyny for her demise! I am hoping this all gets to court!
From The Ostrayn 3 September 2013

Interesting timing this news from Yhe Oz.

We are watching U gal and Willy .

Larry - we need OUR PM IS A CROOK -XI to highlight this week's recycled narcissist's involvement in the Queensland shenanigans. (And, maybe the GG deserves a special mention too).


It all matters not anymore-Gillard is gone & not contesting Lalor & the election is anyone's guess.Now Vic.Police will get on with charging Gillard & bringing her to account.It's going to be a fabulous next 12 months....a Coalition Guvment,Gillard to be charged,Thompson & Williamson to go to gaol & Labor consigned to Opposition for a number of elections.See honey,I told you there was a God!

The Heights
Why does it take so long (years) to bring about justice in this country. It's the biggest scandal of all times, yet it remains hidden from the public. Can justice be brought between now and Sept 14th. If it takes so long to gather evidence that remains a secret (largely) for years, will it ever be really exposed! The average person doesn't get this much rein - is this how a socialist government works - you keep covering up the facts & the corruption continues. The election can't come quick enough. Freedom of the press is a democratic right.

Where is Danny Sankey?