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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


There are somewhere between 360,000 and 500,000 practising Muslims in Australia. Some clerics claim a much higher figure but we can never know the exact figure because census questions of “faith” are optional and in line with our 18C restriction. The US-based Pew Research Centre has forecast an increase of 80% in the number of Australia’s Muslims by 2030.

So, if we take today’s most conservative figure of 360,000, and if we conservatively assume that our Muslim population is only one-quarter that of Britain’s, then of those questioned in a recent survey, 1.5 per cent say they would find London-type bombings fully justified. Therefore 5,400 Australian Muslims approve of these atrocities.

Another 6 per cent (21,600) said they feel sympathy with the feelings and motives of those who, one day, will commit similar atrocities here. Similarly, some 8 per cent (28,800) of Australia’s Muslims believe they are justified in bringing our Western society to an end.

So, even on the most conservative of figures available, a minimum of 5,400 of Australia’s Muslims believe suicide bombings in Australia would be fully justified. How many more didn’t answer honestly?

Perhaps Tony Abbott’s new best friend, Japan’s Prime Minister Abe, could proffer a few tips on Islamic immigration. Japan has managed to keep their Muslim population down to less than one hundredth of one per cent. And those are mostly employees of foreign companies who are not permitted to promote Islam and are expected to conduct prayers at home.

Islamic immigration is encouraged by Australia’s Left so, unlike in Japan, our Left has more respect for Islamic culture than for our own culture, given that the two are entirely incompatible.

It’s not as if Islam has a secret agenda, its vile objectives are heralded from 370 mosque pulpits every Friday.

The complacent naiveté surrounding the Islamic threat in Australia is astounding.

Barack Obama is alone responsible for the wars erupting in the Middle East right now! He has purposefully alienated Israel and has genuflected to his friends the Saudi Sheiks, the very same Saudi Sheiks who finance Al Queda and support ISIS.

Obama’s actions have emboldened terror groups who now believe that Israel is on its own. And it is, but now he wants to be seen as a peace broker? Too late Mr President.

But the real threat to the West from Islam is the technology now available to terror groups. It will be impossible to keep new and more sophisticated explosives out of airplanes without full body searches and cat scans of every potential passenger and their luggage, rendering air travel in the West all but impossible.

Right now you, or any terrorist, can purchase a cheap drone with an inbuilt GPS that can deliver a pizza or an explosive to any front door on the planet.

We have very little time left to confront this threat and in the meantime we certainly don’t want to add to the 5,400 Australian Muslims already here who think that bombing their hosts is a good idea.


Doesn't matter Logic, they pay a lump sum to cover all their product line.

From SMH: "It was bad enough that the alleged rape took place in the sanctity of a mosque and that the accused [Afghan] man was a mullah who invoked the familiar defense that it had been consensual sex.

But the victim was only 10 years old. And there was more: The authorities said her family members openly planned to carry out an honor killing in the case - against the young girl. The mullah offered to marry his victim instead.

This past week, the awful matter became even worse. On Tuesday, local policemen removed the girl from the shelter that had given her refuge and returned her to her family, despite complaints from women's activists that she was likely to be killed."

As Bin Laden once said "You covert life, we covert death". We have to stand up and give them what they want or we will be the ones on our knees. Look back and see what the Japs did to our service men and woman, those atrocities will pale compared to what awaits our future.

The west is in decline. The east will rise and overthrow us.

By ReggieO – REF: “The Eleventh Day”

Mohamed bin Laden had 22 Wives, he sired 25 kids. Osama was No. 18.
His mother was only 18y/o at the time and Mohamid was 49y/o. and he went on to sire 7 more That year alone from his other 21 wives.
Osama had only 4 Wives who bore him 20 kids.

You do the maths…..

Personally, I have 1 Wife and 2 kids and 4 Grandchildren.
Mohamed had 22 Wives and 25 kids and ?????? Grandchildren.
(????? = 11,000 My best guess)
Population 2750:1 in favor of the muslums in just 2 generations.

We are STUFFED Mate!

Egyptian Show Hots Slam Hamas and tell it like it is with Hamas’s leaders on Egyptian TV from July 9-12 2014 of how cowardly, disgraceful and what a murderous terrorist organisation Hamas is, just read on you lefties greenies (SHYoung, Milne) and the labor party that are always justifying and crying injustice to and about these terrorist movements and how Israel is too heavy handed.
Talk Show Host – Al-Nahar TV (Egypt) July 9 2014
We want to stand by (the Palestinians) but we don’t want to pay a price for this. Our hospitals will receive their (wounded), and the Rafah crossing is expected to be opened for humanitarian needs. The position of our foreign ministry is very clear in favour of convincing the UN Security Council in order to discuss the Israeli aggression against our people in Gaza. Our people there are one thing, and the Hamas movement is another. But our people in Gaza must come to the realisation that such idiotic decisions-making pertaining to religion and politics forces the Gaza Strip and its people, as well as the entire Arab Nation in its entirety to pay a very steep price in fragmentation, in humiliation in martyrs, unfortunately, in blood shed in vain, with no prospects for victory. We pray for Allah to bestow upon the Hamas leaders a bit of common sense, so that they will get a grasp of the map of the region, and of the degree to which the Arab Nation is fragmented. Unfortunately, it was they and their ilk in the Arab countries who caused this fragmentation.
Talk Show Host – Sada Al-Balad TV (Egypt) July 12 2014
Khaled Mash’al is waging Jihad from Qatar, along with his brother, Al-Qaradhawi. Guess the number of Israeli casualties. Give me your best guess. Who wants to say 200? Who wants to say 400? Who says 5? The grand total of Israeli casualties in the past few days is 4; 3 yesterday at a gas station, and another 1 I don’t know where. That’s it. So what’s next? What is the solution? Khaled Mash’al commented a couple of days ago about the Egyptian army…You can see how Khaled is waging Jihad in Qatar. This is Brother Khaled Mash’al’s version of Jihad (picture shown of Mash’al eating and watching TV while his terrorists are being killed and kill others). Khaled, the Jihad is in Gaza…Or of course, he is watching their TV channel (picture shown of Mash’al sitting in his comfortable TV room watching all the events on TV). This is the Jihad of Khaled Mash’al and his comrades, the honourable and great mujahideen. As they wage this sort of Jihad, they abandon the people to get killed. If you were a real man, you would be back in Gaza first thing tomorrow morning. You should take the first flight tomorrow morning. We will let you in. come to Egypt, and we will open the Rafah crossing for you. We will let you in, safe and sound, to the other side of the Rafah crossing. Tour Palestinian brothers will welcome you, and we will go hide underground with your brother, what’s his name…Ismail Haniya. When his weight still enabled him to run, Ismail used to play soccer (picture showing fat overweight Haniya kicking a soccer ball). You can see how he plays with the ball, Allah be praised…This is his Jihad Allah be praised… (picture showing Mash’al with one of his blonde wifes having a good time) This is the greatest Jihad performed by Ismail Haniya and his brothers in Hamas. Why do you, in the Al-Qassam Brigades, (hide) among civilians? Why do you use people’s homes? You should keep your hideouts away from people’s homes. You know full well that when you launch a missile from a home, a missile will land on that home within one minute. You are bringing another nakba upon your people.
Talk Show Host – Mohamed Mustafa Sherdy – Al-Mihwar TV (Egypt) July 14 2014
None of them apologised for the thousand tunnels they had dug, and through which they smuggle all Egypt’s wealth (into Gaza). None of them said a word, because they are all on the take. All of them! They are all being paid off for their statements. They are all on the take. They all fly luxurious planes, and keep Swiss bank accounts.
Talk Show Host – Mazar Shahin – Al-Tahir TV (Egypt) – July 12 2w014
Just like we died in the past in defence of the Palestinian cause, we are ready to die today in defence of the Palestinian cause – but we are not ready to die in defence of Hamas. Not a single drop of blood will be shed…Sorry, drop of blood is too precious…We are not prepared to sacrifice even a single hair from the eyebrow of an Egyptian soldier or civilian, for the sake of Hamas and all the people who wage Jihad, while indulging themselves in all kinds of dishes at the swimming pool. We are afflicted with a bunch of people who pretend to be Muslims, but do not understand anything, or else, they think people are stupid. They goal people into fighting, terrorism, and violence, under the pretext of “Jihad”, while they themselves sit at a hotel, a swimming pool, or a nudist beach, eating a variety of dishes, marrying four wives, and driving the latest models luxury cars. What is this?! What kind of men are you? You know where the border between Israel and Palestine is. If there is a real man amongst you, I am willing to drive him in my own car and at my own expense to the Gaza border. I will drop him there and say; “Go. My God be with you. Gaza is there. Jihad awaits you. Go in and show us you’re a real man.” You are a bunch of liars. We don’t belive you anymore. People are revolted by you. Get lost. You make us nauseous. The whole world goes to hell because of you.

Thank you LP for alerting us who hopefully already know .u What can we do, speak up and be in court for being racist? We need to learn about this descipal of the devil, look at the Q society, or Islam ( nb utube and Vimeo have removed all non pro MuhamMADist content. Who's afraid?

Do You Pass the Israel Test?

send all of the camel rapists and paedophiles, back to a muslim country and close all their borders

Because we don't want to suffer 31 chapters of bullshit.

THE MOSLEM WAY: THE woman he is accused of mowing down and then failing to help is dead, but that did not stop Ahmad Saraya from smiling ear-to-ear when he walked free from prison on bail.

Pat Condell: [No] Peace in the Middle East [Mirrored]

How many chapters are there?

DJT 15 hours ago
"...the Jo Blows of this world whinged..."
"But Jo whinges about far less..."
"Please assist tradesman Joe Blow who needs to see a psychiatrist"
Comments made on posts which I had nothing to do with and I had not responded but the "Know All Berserker" just can't help himself!
And on and on it goes! Why don't you, (and your little team of gnomes), just move on and don't mention my name unless you have something nice to say?

Out comes the trolls to dance to the tune of the Troll Master. If the cap fits DJT, wear it down on the farm son. No-one is targeting you, it's you creeping around making snide comments on posters. The word "paranoia" comes to mind. Write up something clever and submit it to your Editor at the Courier Mail Paul!

Same thing applies on this site Dynamite when the Gnomes start saying disgusting things about CP & PUPS. Things that they wouldn't have the guts to put in writing with their name attached! Reminds me of these scumbags in the ME wearing balaclavas while they fight or throw stones!

Blowjob is a total prat .

Great news Labor are hanging on to a ETS aka carbon tax, that means they will not be elected again. Ha ha ha ha .

If the Palestinians stopped firing the war would be over, however if the Israelis stopped firing they would all be dead.

How shocking you are a racist, you are not allowed to have an mind of your own! No re-education for you, the leftie educators may get contaminated by your clear thinking.