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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


It would have been difficult to ever charge Julia Gillard over the slush fund affair but media’s comments are a mix of relief and “we told you so”... and wildly inaccurate. “Julia Gillard has been cleared of any wrongdoing!”  Not so! And not so fast, fellas. 

For a start this is Jeremy Stoljar’s submission to Commissioner Heydon, who may have a different interpretation of Gillard’s involvement. 

That may be unlikely, but “cleared of wrongdoing” and “this is the end of the matter” is an excited media overreach.

I have never thought for a moment that Gillard would be charged. My interest in the AWU slush fund affair was solely based on Gillard’s unsuitability as Australia’s first female Prime Minister. Once she was gone, so too was my interest.

There is no doubt Stoljar was somewhat over-awed by Gillard’s attendance at the Commission and had given her the kid glove treatment failing to even confront her on two of the most serious charges. 

One was that she lied to the WA Commissioner for Corporate Affairs when she was asked by Wilson to reapply for the slush fund to be registered as an Association. (She has already admitted that she knew it was indeed a slush fund). 

Under the Corporate Affairs Act, a re-application to the Commission can only be made by via a court appearance and those court records were neither subpoenaed nor even alluded to by Stoljar despite Wilson having volunteered that he recalled a court appearance, where Gillard was present, in his evidence.

There was no missing letter setting out the case for an Association. There was in fact a personal submission made to the court by Gillard.

Sloppy work by the RC? Or was Gillard never in their crosshairs?

Two, signing a Power of Attorney and having witnessed the recipient’s (Ralph Blewitt’s) signature while not in his presence. Illegal, yes, but more a Law Council disciplinary matter than a Public Prosecutor’s.

Another matter of assisting to shift an AWU funeral fund to a Northbridge account controlled by Wilson, moneys from which were duly spent on two holiday homes.

No attempt has been made by the Commission to track funds derived from the sale of those houses nor the sale of the Kerr Street, Fitzroy property, nor Gillard’s Abbottsford property, all sites of renovations which facilitated the money-laundering of the defrauded funds.

Stoljar has decided that Gillard was in receipt of at least part of the defrauded funds but refrained from submitting that Gillard did, or did not have, knowledge of those funds or their source. 

A curious submission to say the least, given that Gillard was a partner in a law firm, and was likely to be aware of, if not the source of, those funds, yet no question was asked of her.

Gillard’s appearance at the Commission was a non event. It seemed Stoljar had already resigned himself to the belief that Gillard could not be charged because the only person who will be charged, Bruce Wilson, had already declared that Gillard knew nothink about anythink!

The only person who could tip a bucket on Gillard in criminal proceedings is Ralph Blewitt, who claims Gillard was cognisant of, and integral to, the fraud but Blewitt is unlikely to be facing court due to a qualified indemnity in return for his evidence.

What media has also forgotten is the little matter of the Victorian Major Fraud Squad’s 12 detectives who have been investigating the matter for 18 months but could not act until the Commission concluded its findings.

Stoljar has been content to claim Gillard acted questionably and unprofessionally in a number of ways and, had she acted more professionally, Wilson's and Blewitt’s fraudulent activities could not have occurred.

Not even Stoljar was prepared to say Gillard knew nothing about the source of the funds because any reasonable person would adjudge that she would have had to have known.  

But it is not likely that Gillard will be charged, failing Wilson ratting on his ex girlfriend. 

But media’s sighs of relief that it's over will be short-lived when the Major Fraud Squad takes a keen interest in Wilson’s cross examination under pressure in criminal proceedings and how his evidence relates to Gillard’s involvement.

It is unlikely that Wilson will plead guilty to avoid the prosecution exposing the fraud, as the HSU's Michael Williamson did, Wilson has the arrogance to believe he will be believed.

Media claims, "This is the end of the matter". Far from it, Gillard is not home free yet, but it's still unlikely she will ever be charged.

The real wrongdoing was her elevation to PM when her dubious background was known to all and the Press Gallery seniors' agreement to turn a blind eye.

Was our Prime Minister a crook? Yes, of course she was. Will she ever be charged? No, not likely.

Her damaged professional ability as a lawyer is emblematic of her professional ability in Office


Julia's defence.......

Perhaps there has been covert agreement between Labor and the Libs that for various reasons, a former Australian PM, should not be jailed. I would disagree with such a move, but I could understand why it might be made.

It is of no consequence whether Gillard is innocent or guilty, she will never be tried on anything. The average Joe Blow in the street has a memory like a goldfish and will judge Abbott's Government or Shorten's Opposition on what THEY are doing TODAY, not on what happened YESTERDAY or in another life! It is evident in the latest Roy Morgan Polls what the people think: The 2 Party Preferred shows the ALP 52% (-1%) and the Coalition at 48% ( 1%) but the Voting Intention is ALP 35.5% and Coalition 39.5% clearly in front.
Those that don't accept the Roy Morgan Polls are welcome to look at their own personally preferred polls and get the same story. Nothing Gillard or Rudd or Shorten or Abbott has done or will do can shake off the feelings of 50:50 support!

The verdict is pretty clear -not guilty. Members of the flat earth society should find better things to do than wallow in rumours and innuendos simply based on lies and prejudice.

troop5 - 10/10 You are spot on as usual. I did not vote for Abbott, I voted for the Coalition and their policies and have found myself being conned by this leering, grinning idiot who fancies himself as a world leader! Christ help us because Abbott is doing everything humanly possible to ensure a Labor victory next time around!

Take 2.... Jules "Lawyer" Gillard said she wrote out cheques for all her rennovations... a matter of public record... she was a lawyer at SLAG, also public record, and would have earned a certain income, and had a mortgage, with repayments. Now if all her out goings exceeded her income... then she would be living beyond her means.... and likely to be living off the proceeds of crime....

Scot's law used to cater for circumstances like this.....there are/were three possible judgements..... innocent, guilty and not proven.... Jules "Lawyer" Gillard definitely falls into the "not proven" category" ... for now... and there is her dodgy car accident insurance claims too....

Interesting news for the old timers, as new research has found it is not the toxic protein they thought caused the big D, but something else.
“Could a cancer drug hold the key to fighting dementia? Scientists find leukaemia medication could reverse effects of Alzheimer's disease
Scientists found toxic protein thought to cause dementia is not responsible
Different protein, called tau, leads to destruction of vital brain connections
Tau kills brain's neurons if it malfunctions due to ageing or faulty genes
But cancer drug nilotinib can fight this and help clear the brain's 'garbage' “

damn I phone return button .... To continue- SLAG new that what she did , knew of the account(s) which was why she was given the ultimatum- resign and hand in your law lisence or else suffer the consequences. Which worked very well for SLAG and particularly Murphy,J. If the TURC had found against Gillard, they would by association have to answer for concealment of a crime. It's lawyers protecting their own and nothing to do with justice.

Slats and Gorgon have a lot to answer for.

We shall see what the Australian people want when next they vote. Let's hope they are not as stupid as the Swedes, who have voted in the party that supports more immigration that is destroying the country, and making it the laughing stock of that part of the world. Judging from what people are talking about in places I have recently visited in Victoria, Australia could be following a similar path. How the hell can a people become so stupid as to believe the likes of Gillard and co. Blind Freddy can see through the ruse, but it appears many cannot, or more stupidly, refuse to foresee their own demise.

Keep up the good work dodo. What you say makes sense and there are a lot of distractions to take people's attention from the main game.

On ten news tonight. Predictably, Labour claims that Gillard is completely innocent and that Julie Bishop must now apologise for saying Julia was involved in criminal activity

I voted for T /ABBOTT so by reading posts on this page , I have to agree ABBOTT has to explain to ALL that supported HIM why in GODS NAME is he embracing the moslem, if they had a chance would cut his fucking head off , so to YOU D J T being his spin doctor , a lot of posters including myself are FUCKING and tired with his SOFT COCK replys (if any ) about MOSLEM TERRORISTS , even a mention of musso terrorists instead would please a few , seeing that you have been neutered as an elected P M

Gillard was fucking useless as PM, and fucking useless as a Solicitor, and is currently still fucking useless.

dante, maybe I would vote for you, you seem to know it all! But then again you could be lying to us? lol

If Abbott has Nous like you and Hermes and DJT keep telling us he is hiding it well. He is Prime Minister and he has dozens and dozens of advisers which he would have hand picked from around the world like Gillarese did with no expense being considered. So with the help of this army of brains he puts together a budget which is rejected by the people, he tells us a budget is like a fire and the fire brigade sometimes knock down fences. There's intellect for you.

dante, no as I don't have politicians as friends , do you? If so is her name Milne?

Mission, do you hang around with friends who lie to you? if they say they are going to do something then do something else, how do you cope? or do you have friends who you can trust and believe. Hmmmm.

I would still rather vote for him than you