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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


In the late 90s Gillard passed Bill Shorten the baton and he simply carried on with the AWU corruption that had been running rampant for 20 years that we know of. Media’s failure to address Julia Gillard and her boyfriend’s AWU fraud led Shorten to believe he would also be safe from investigation.

For the TURC under Dyson Heydon to ignore Gillard and attack Shorten destroys the Commission’s credibility.

Gillard made an art form of corrupt union protection rackets by redirecting the illicit funds for her and her boyfriend’s personal benefit using a dozen sham CBA accounts that were acquired by lying to the WA Corporate Affairs Commissioner.

Gillard took the protection racket to new heights with a thinly-veiled (and easily proved) money laundering process involving the renovation of properties purchased with the defrauded funds.

Like Kathy Jackson, Shorten also genuinely believes he did nothing wrong.

Gillard and Wilson were involved in far greater criminality than Shorten but, as Australia’s first female Prime Minister, Gillard’s continuous bleatings of misogyny kept an adoring and sympathetic Press at bay, despite documented evidence made available on blogs like this one. (See the Gillard Files on the home page of

There is no evidence that Shorten used scammed funds for tangible personal benefit other than to assist his election to Parliament.

There is ample evidence to show he knew of, and was complicit in, Gillard’s criminality that led to her dismissal from Slater & Gordon.

Thiess and John Holland were, and still are, just two of the construction companies that gave millions to the AWU and CFMEU and others in return for industrial peace.

Unions have insisted enterprise bargaining agreements (EBA’s) are identical for each construction company, citing a needed “fair and level playing field”. But the reason is a far more sinister one that allows for a union’s demands to be the only cost difference between companies.

This in effect gives the union the control to decide who stays in business and who doesn’t and that depends on the extorted funds received.

This tactic was made evident to the TURC in relation to Canberra where much of the development is at the taxpayers’ cost.

Union corruption is out of control and Dyson Heydon needs to get fair dinkum and not just look where the light is brightest.

If he refuses to recall Julia Gillard then the Commission will have failed in its duty to Australian taxpayers. She and Wilson were at the very core of the corruption the Commission is now unearthing.

Shorten might deserve short shrift, but Gillard deserves the guillotine.


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Senator Bill Heffernan uses parliamentary privilege to accuse former PM of being alleged paedophile
By political reporter Jane Norman

Updated about 9 hours agoTue 20 Oct 2015, 11:19pm

Description: Senator Bill HeffernanPhoto- Bill Heffernan says he has given the royal commission very disturbing police documents. (AAP: Alan Porritt)

Map: Australia

Liberal senator Bill Heffernan has used parliamentary privilege to accuse an unnamed former prime minister of being an alleged paedophile, while also pointing the finger at the judiciary.

Senator Heffernan has been campaigning for the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse to expand its investigation to include the court system.

He told Senate estimates on Tuesday that he had given the commission "very disturbing" police documents that named at least 28 alleged paedophiles, some of whom are prominent Australians.

But he said the commission had told him it could not investigate the cases because they were outside its terms of reference.

"We have in Australia, sadly, a compromise at the highest of levels. There is a former prime minister on this list and it is a police document, " he told senators.

"It's not so much the secret that's the problem, it's when a group of people, such as the 28 people on this page, keep each other's secrets that the institution is compromised."

Senator Heffernan did not expand on the allegations or provide any further details, instead focusing on what he believed were the failings of the "the institution of the law".

"The treatment in the federal jurisdiction of children by some people in the Family Law Court is disgusting and a disgrace," he said.

Attorney-General George Brandis suggested the royal commission could look into the "grave matters" raised by the senator but said it was ultimately up to the commissioner to decide.

"The royal commission has a process for dealing with complaints and other information brought to its attention and placed into its hands by citizens," he said.

"It is for the royal commission to judge whether, by reference to its terms of reference, that information is something that it should or indeed is capable of inquiring further into."

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