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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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... and he will doubtless choose the right one

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


So he forgot to not do something he had no intention to do even if he had not forgotten to remember something he was not going to do anyway even if he had remembered to not forget he had already forgotten to remember... or in other words, “Bugger, I should have opened that attachment”.

This is a new low for Bill Shorten. He has been missing in action, using others, including the ACTU, to interfere in a judicial process where corrupt union thugs are falling like nine pins and Bill Shorten is as culpable as any of them, if not more so.

He is desperate to stop the Commission disclosing anything more of his AWU criminality and if it does he wants the findings clouded in a perception of bias.

So let’s get a few things straight:

1 Dyson Heydon is a jurist of distinction, a decent man and highly intelligent. He is not a politician.

2 Bill Shorten is a union thug, a piece of excrement and thick as pig shit. He is every bit a politician.

3 Dyson Heydon did not doubt Shorten’s credibility as a witness (although the Libs will read it that way). He said he was "concerned" for his credibility and tried to assist him under pressure from Jeremy Stoljar’s examination because Shorten’s ridiculous self-serving non-replies were clearly doing him damage.

4 Dyson Heydon accepted the invitation to give the Sir Garfield Barwick Address prior to knowing of the decision to extend the Commission hearings until the end of this year.

5 It’s ludicrous to suggest Dyson Heydon would have agreed to address any political Party sanctioned event while sitting on a politically volatile Royal Commission.

6 Subsequent to the Commission rising, any Commissioner can address any bloody function he or she damned well wishes.

7 Fair Work Commissioner and ex-AWU Secretary, Ian Cambridge and the AWU’s Bob Kernohan were the first to call for this Royal Commission, not Abbott.

8 This Labor/union precipitous bastardry is unprecedented and symptomatic of the movement’s complete disregard for the rule of law.

9 There are serious legal side issues also at play here including the illegality of publicly criticising a Royal Commission, the anomaly of a Commissioner sitting in judgment on himself and the fact that a Royal Commission cannot be disbanded once it has commenced.

10 Labor, the Greens and the unions have demanded the Government shut the Commission down... this cannot happen and is not even a remote possibility.

Okay, the ACTU’s written submissions are due to be handed up tomorrow at 10.30 am. This august union monolith who bore Bob Hawke has the option of not going ahead with submissions, but that’s highly unlikely as it would be seen as a capitulation by both the ACTU and Shorten and more grist for the Lib mill.

So Dyson Heydon will have Thursday evening to mull over the ACTU’s submissions prior to a hearing on Friday morning. I suggest there will be no Friday resolution, he will use the weekend to mull over the submissions before handing down his decision next week.

Or he may even decide to defer any judgment to another independent judicial body. Apart from that it will come down to one of only two decisions Dyson Heydon can make... to step down or not to step down.

If the Commissioner steps down it would create a dangerous precedent and render all future Royal Commissions open to crass political interference. I doubt Dyson Heydon would subject any future judicial process to that, let alone Royal Commissions.

The cacophony from the Left demanding Abbott sack him is legally illiterate and flat out contemptuous of process. He cannot and will not be sacked.

The last time a politician visited a Governor General to ask that someone's commission be withdrawn was in 1975. 

If he refuses to step down and continues to preside as usual, then dozens of Labor’s corrupt unionists who will face charges will use the Commissioner’s “perceived bias” as a defence.

This is a serious side issue that Heydon will no doubt need to consider albeit that this “perceived bias” is a confected concoction entirely of the Left’s creation.

Labor the ACTU, and now their partners in crime the Greens, have purposefully created a destructive legal quagmire that can have no positive outcome... but that’s what this rabble excels at.

Commissioner Heydon must now decide on the lesser of two odious outcomes. He will decide to dismiss the ACTU’s submissions and refuse to step down out of respect for the law and all future Royal Commissions.

The cost of doing so is that the Commission’s decisions and recommendations will be tainted by a bias perceived only by Labor’s unions, the Greens and the ACTU. If I’m wrong there will be an even higher price to pay.

But either way the bill should be sent directly to Bill Shorten.


I hope Dyson Hayden doesn't step down because Australia needs this Royal Commission. If he chooses to step down then every Crimminal that presents before a Judge will come up with an excuse of Preceived Bias from the judge.

well done, snorkler!

Thanks once again Winston, Disraely. We had our family meeting with the management of the facility My brother brought along a friend who is a reporter for the Herald Sun. If our demands are not satisfied re improvements in care, meals, cleaning and proper staff training, then an expos'e in the newspaper is highly likely. In the meantime all family members will be on a roster to visit Mum every day to keep an eye on developments.

Get a new Commissioner if you like you dumb union knuckleheads. The evidence is still the there. I hope the new one is more right than Hitler

The brain deflections can be the simplest thing.....really.....this what I have found in the decades since my husband died only 18 months or twoyears after I managed to quit the psych medications and the shrink...who probably though I'd be showing up at his home soon after ...he was very very mistaken I can tell you. Once out of the psych circus I stayed out....though I was receiving visits from people asking some strange well as the stalker. Pleasant home the way you want it is the answer I found......the computer and internet has also been and is marvellous as a mind deflection strategy and research engine for ones special interests of which I have many.

Cognitive Based Theraphy (CBT) .. rather than psychiatry

"Unlike Psychodynamic approaches, CBT is transparent to the individual receiving services. At the end of the therapy, an individual will often have learned the cognitive therapy skills well enough to "be their own therapist," decreasing dependence on a therapist to provide the answers."

Also .. meditation ... and a hobby interest

Not that I am suicidal however you do have to have strategies of stress relief and deflecting thoughts which are doing you no good at all. Then there is the mighty British Specator weekly magazine....a joy as I am a lifelong political tragic. So many medications have serious side effects and every human is an individual....also the diagnosis has to be correct in the first place. I have had decades of happiness since I chucked the shrinks and their medications and home is my castle and ivory is as I like it my rock and happiness day after day. Physical damage caused by hard work and arthritis sadly means I have to make a move I shall in the near future be saying farewell to my lovely property home and Perth rural idyll is nearly over

snorkler...very very sorry to hear about the lose of your wife to suicide...I say to those contemplating doing the same......wait before you 24 hours or a week you could have a whole different outlook. Deflect your thoughts from suicide by simple strategies...a meal....something simple even..which will raise your blood sugar level etc. and watch a DVD..something amusing or really pleasant or engaging to which your mind will respond with interest. Or read you favourite book or magazine..I love the English glossies.....Country Life, Country Living sitting munching on a sandwhich or simple meal whilst glancing through the beautiful photographs and interesting articles in these high end magazine I find so pleasant..

I really thought that DeNatali was a breakaway from the Green Slime but how wrong was I these gutter trash received $100,000 from the CMFEU for their election campaign now its payback time dishonor Dyson Hayden and block any bills in the senate that effect the Union Thugs.

Thank you once again, Dis. I had counselling after my wife's suicide, and it did me absolutely no good whatsoever. I gave it away and self councelled by writing down all my thoughts and feelings and working through them individually. I will never be the same person that I was before , but at least now I get out of bed each morning and look ahead in hope for a slightly better future.

Sorry for your sad loss snorkler. It's my belief that counselling falls into a similar category. Does more harm than good and is proven to upon average lengthen the effects of trauma. No better than witchcraft.

Very sorry for your experiences Winston. You seem like a very genuine lady, and I wish you all the best. I lost my dear wife three and a half years ago, due to poor and incompetent psychiatric care, in not recognising that when a patient enters into Menopause, her chemical balance changes, and so too must the prescribed medicine also be changed to suit.I have just about had enough of the third rate country Australia has become. Thank you Disraeli for the link. We will follow it up in the hope of protecting our dear Mum . Cheers to all .

Oh really.....indeed. To become enmeshed in psychiatry is to enter into a hell on earth I found. ...and almost impossible to extract oneself a cult I found.

All good wishes to Commissioner Heydon.... he does, indeed, deserve and need the support of the Australian people..

A disturbing tale Winston. I concur that psychiatry is a pseudoscience.

Here's the link snorkler. Of course managers and performance change. Good luck my friend.

Gail.....indeed I cannot wait for each day to begin...the joy of it.....every day....lovely.

Hopeless with dogs..and my rural property is not fenced.....anyway I shall be leaving the hills when I can sell my prperty and moving to Canberra to live near my son as my health has collapsed.....arthritis and wear and tear on hips legs feet etc. due to heavy lifting on 5 acres after my husband died and a tried to do everything myself. Terrible damage done and now must move as I can fall at anytime and break another ankle leg or hips....time to go.

keep safe, Winston and sleep well...tomorrow is another day. It sounds like another beautiful day from the weather

dodo....indeed the whole story is very sinister and I haven't even told you about the two women who are missing with connections to the community I live in here in the Perth hills...another run of remarkable coincidences there. Believe me I take no locked indoors before nightfall, sleep with my bedroom door locked and a knife under my pillow...because the bugger could be out there and I am not going out to have a lookd.