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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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... and Obama still cannot say the word Islam as the toll nears 100

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


What more does the Left need to finally get it through their thick skulls that Islam is the driving force behind Islamic terrorism? I mean it’s not a Presbyterian thing is it? Authorities are prevented from issuing statistics on Muslim populations in the wake of increasing European terrorism, for fear of being accused of racial profiling.

Therefore it has been difficult to get accurate figures of Muslim populations since 2003. What is clear is that the headquarters of European Islam is in Belgium’s Brussels where it is believed the inner city area is composed of 25% Muslim.

Paris has by far the highest concentration of Muslims of any Euro city with almost 2 million. The inner city of London has more than one million  (The figures could be far higher than that by now.) But there are increasing concentrations of Muslims across every city in the world, including Australia’s capitals and rural areas. They themselves are saying it's a takeover and we ignore that as bluff.

There is a certain type of lunacy the sensible nations of the free world haven’t had to deal with before now, and it’s a shame that Australia isn’t one of those sensible nations. Prime Minister Turnbull is determined to lead Australia into the depths of UN sanctioned anarchy from which a promised New World Order will arise financed by a global warming hoax.

And this nonsense of our security agencies being able to prevent attacks and arrest the plotters is just a well beaten track through a broken court system that will let them loose to try again. 

The bastards have not committed anything (yet) but they will soon enough under our soft legal system of compassion. I mean all that’s needed to prevent more terrorism in Australia is to find all the little bastards a job... that correct, just ask the Greens!

Oh well, we can just about write Europe off as a nice place to visit in future as Islam will have soon infiltrated every corner of government, the education sector, what’s left of the military and right under the noses of the soft Left sympathisers of poor downtrodden, vulnerable Muslims.

Turnbull is solving the problem by inviting them all to dinner at his joint in Sydney... how smart is Turnbull?

Perhaps this latest atrocity will be a wake up call. Perhaps Merkel will realise her disastrous mistake. Perhaps Obama will turn on his favourite faith and mutter the word Islam. Perhaps Turnbull and his coterie of small l Liberals will come out of their protected leafy suburbs and smell the Islamic shit.

Don’t hold your breath.


Said Stick Insect all can relax,
And I am not grinding my ax,
Kevin Rudd soon,
Will replace Wanky Loon,
And bring peace while chewing ear wax.

Just goes to show that the experiment of putting a monkey in the white house has failed.

Turnbull wont know what hit him till there is an atrocity in his Electorate caused by.. You guessed it ISLAM...!!

Larry, once again you've hit the nail on the head. And there are none so blind as those who will not see. Thanks mate, and keep well.

As my father used to say: If you sleep with dogs, you may wake up with flees.

The Turncoat Political correctness is a barrier to truth and a pathway to tyranny. The Turnbull/ABC/ALP coalition are actively opposed to truth about reality!

In the US, there are 'ratings agencies' that evaluate politicians in various areas of interest. For example, there's one for the sanctity of human life, where politicians are rated according to how they've voted in relation to abortion. There's another one for gun rights, where politicians are rated according to their legislative record on Second Amendment rights. We should start one here, which analyses each politician's record of voting and enacting legislation in relation to what they've done to facilitate Islamic immigration. We can find out who the individuals were who saddled us with this murderous, barbaric minority who'd like us all to be converted to Islam or murdered. There must be someone who's not flat out and who wants to make a difference, who might be prepared to do the research and show us who the main culprits are. Some offenders are already dead, but many might still be prosecuted for war crimes - because by bringing in the enemy - they DID commit an act of war on Australians. A good study can be done, and the main culprits can be published as such. I’m thinking Paul Keating will be a major offender. Bob Hawke also has a lot to answer for. I’m very sad that John Howard is probably guilty too - though I loved him as PM and will always think the world of him. Gillard and Rudd, obviously, need to be thrown in the deepest, darkest, dankest cell in the dungeon. But what about the hundreds of other politicians of the last forty years who’ve willingly jeopardised Australian security for narrow political benefit? They should all be tried for treason. Let’s have our Muslim-immigration rating scale and see just who the worst of the worst really are. And then we can begin to punish them.

Now France is calling for countrymen to step forward as "Police Reserves" ...What's to stop thw terrorists from enrolling? Crazy, they can't keep their country safe with their current forces and will only be adding to their probs

actually a lady called on Liberal main page..with many answers...for the last month..incredibly...Credlin is in the Australian today with an article..where she has all but stolen those shame....Credlin..should buzz off..

actually the LEFT WING are the ones involved in all of this....they want One World Govt..they think they will be running the show as the elite class..instead they will be butchered..l mean you can see ..them running around with Merkels head on a stick...the filthy Isis..

Any other 'Political Parties Donor/s' would already be hung drawn and quartered by the Lefty press, being accused of bribery and demanding 'pay back benefits'!? 'Do as we say NOT as we do !!' Seems appropriate comment.

I saw a sign the other day it said "Dodge Trucks" I think it was an omen.....Rick

Michael Smith has a very good article comparing Switzerland, France & Australias' record of terrorism attacks. Switzerland, who does not tolerate the moslems' ambient demands for "multiculturism" and "islamophobia", instead it takes them off the citizenship list if they do not assimilate.France, who bends over every which way and loose to accomodate the moslems - these same people whose murders are in triple figures and more frequently occurring. Australia who is in the middle but fast becoming more accomodating and equally fast more terrorist attacks happening. So the correlation is less tolerance of moslems = less terrorist attacks.....

Turnbull will stop at nothing to rid parliament of her. Watch this space. Then the uprising will begin. He'd wanna have an underground bunker for himself and his old bitch as there will be a price on his fukn head.

So if security agencies knew this before Ramabombathon, why the fuck werent the australian people warned. Turnbull has a lot to answer for.

Total bullshit. The entire thing was rigged.

Terror - We are Being Suckered


In summary, they are going to terrorize the public into blind submission. Increasingly, they are imposing their tyranny, not only in terms of terror attacks but --

1. By opening the floodgates to invasion of migrants from the Third World. Clearly, they intend to use the poverty stricken masses to conquer the West.

2. Brazen promotion of homosexuality and banning resistance to this malady.

3. General war on gender including gender neutral bathrooms.

4. Attempts to foment race war in the US using police brutality as a pretext.

5. Attempts to ban free speech. People are losing their jobs or being investigated for expressing un-PC views.

- See more at:

The demented also includes that DOG TURDBALL who is probably sitting with his bitch in his kennel at Piper's Point entertaining Wally Aly and other mOslim terrorist sympathisers. He hasn't had anything to say.

Fib thanks, totally temp return and operation failed and will be redone in the next couple of week, may be a few week before I can get back in earnest so keep up the good work.

Just a very brief thank you to everyone who is asking how I am well II am still here, just!. An old bloke like me feels so honoured to have so many good friends here on PP, First of all thanks to LARRY for this site which allows me to connect with all you people, Thank you all..

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