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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Iranian boat people are “economic migrants”, said Bob Carr to a dismayed Green alliance not accustomed to hearing the truth from its Labor partners. Most of the trouble seen in detention centres is from an influx of well-shod Iranian arrivals who believed the smugglers’ tales of a Southern Shangri La where free money falls like manna, if you promise not to work. 

Scott Morrison should skip the “processing” bullshit and put them all on a plane back to Teheran tomorrow.

Even our estranged Indonesian “friends” cancelled Iranian visas, but still they arrived courtesy of the super-salesman smuggler and artless Labor/Green naivete. 

Despite Western sanctions Iran has developed from the grand old Persia into a 10,000 year-old culture-rich modern nation with the highest urban growth rate in the World. 

It boasts one of the World’s top ten shopping malls with nary a burqa to be seen.

Its nuclear program has the US and Israel crapping their pants while they totally ignore its volatile neighbour Pakistan’s nuclear capability. 

Nuclear capability, by its very nature, can be a nuclear deterrent and Iran sees itself as a potential policeman of the Persian Gulf.

There are no other starters for the position except for the unwilling, witless Saudis.

Iran (believe it or not the title is derived from ‘Aryan’) provides social services, including unemployment benefits, even for women, and is ranked as an upper-middle income economy by the World Bank, so why the hell were law-abiding Iranians with nose jobs and laptops flooding here on boats from Indonesia?

Getting hacked to bits by Fuzzy Wuzzies with bush knives in the humid backblocks of PNG’s Manus Island hardly seems an attractive alternative to a modern Teheran.

Unless you’re a Kurdish nutter, an anti-Shia political activist or a criminal you have no reason to escape Iran. 

Iran is an Islamic theocracy with a rapidly growing population three times that of Australia's and last year democratically voted to replace the repulsive mad midget, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, with the more moderate Hassan Rouhani who is intent on courting the West.

Cold war propaganda gave us the concept of Siberian salt mines and a grey, decaying, sinister Moscow that hardly compares to Sochi or the rest of beautiful Russia. 

Current propaganda gives us visions of bloodthirsty Iranian alchemists intent on nuking Israel. Neither is true!

The ABC recently reported, “Iran's poor economy and religious, political and racial persecution is blamed for refugees.”... what a load of frog droppings... and typical of the ABC!

Morrison should get opportunistic Tamils and Iranians on the next plane out of Manus Island and off the Australian mainland and start concentrating on those who really do need our help. 

(I was going to include Kiwis in there but I’d lose more than half my readers.)



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They also only reverse engineered when they needed to so do: in radar and missiles still but in aircraft they do pretty well without stealing. Communism was a lesser disaster than is Islam but it has the same evils within it: a total contempt for life.

Please do NOT take what I posted out of context: I was NOT talking about society or industry but military technology and especially the Nuke. It is well know by anyone who cares to look that the Red Army was the BEST and most efficient fighting force in the world from late 1943 to probably the death of Stalin. Afterwards is out of my discussion range. ONLY the sending of B29s with NUKES to the UK STOPPED the Berlin Blockade in 1948 and this blockade shows the contempt that the Red army & Joe had for the allies as a military threat. Sure the Studebakers & the Jeeps were still running until the late 50s but that and the poor soviet car industry does not ruin my point because in Nukes, aircraft, radar , Missiles, they had sufficient parity to alarm the west as after WW2 they had a plethora of German technologists to help them achieve it. There was a flood of good Soviet aircraft in the late 50s but that was all due to Stalin. Industry was too primarily military orientated to help the USSR's economy.It was an inferior sytem but it beat the crap out of Nazi Germany and would have done so, if taken longer, without allied aid.
BTW you conveniently foirget that EVERYONE paid the USA for their aid: UK finished the war near bankrupt as did the USSR until it looted eastern Europe and there wre more new millionaires created in the USA in 41 to 45 than there had ever been. In 1945 counting debts the USA had about 70% of the world's wealth (varies depending upon source but never <50)

Is Obama Planning A Communist Coup D’état In 2016?

Jo Blow? drive bys happen in Sydney almost monthly and 95% catch up!! : )

Ethiopia used to be majority Christian about 80 yrs ago so it looks like the Jihad there has been very successful...I haven't checked as this is only from memory if anyone wants to rub it in.

It is only a matter of time before the "driveby's" start!

Second Post. Also in the Herald-Sun "A crowd of 5000 gathered in Melbourne last night to mourn the death of an asylum seeker on Manus Island" Solution: Each of these mourners could legally adopt one of the illegals, thereby saving the long suffering tax payer millions of dollars. If they support them, then let's see some financial help. Put your money where your mouth is.

Pursuant to many posts yesterday in to-day Herald-Sun there is an article concerning a 14 y.o. boy who was set upon by a gang of 20 Sudanese youths slashing him with a blade in a frenzied attack in Cranbourne after being refused entry into a party. Ben Phillios was walking a girl home from the party. He remains in a serious condition in the RCH. I think this sums up the African problem in Melbourne. The police have not made any arrests at this stage. Proof positive that they are animals of the lowest order and should be deported immediately after they arrest them.

What on earth prompted Australia to allow these African savages onto these shores. Did the UN insist that we take them? Or was it the likes of Malcolm Fraser and all of the others, desparate to enforce multiculturalism on us that is responsible for this growing menace. And Australia used to such a pleasant country before the arrival of this vermin.

These black bastards will NEVER assimilate to this country even their childrens children wont the doo gooders in this country will change to protect them.. Even the police are not aloud to tell then to smile "Smile you black Bastard so we can see where you are" if they do they are called racist by low life's like SHY and Get-up assisted by the ALPBC

On A Bolt Cambodia's foreign minister Hor Nam Hong in dicussions with Julie Bishop said Cambodia would take illegals.The P M Hun Sen said for years Cambodias fled the country because of the war and was accepted in other countries so now he said it was time they took in refugees. There was no talk of people swap like the Malaysian solution.

Eritrea is the other one of the 4 toilets there. They have been at war with each other for 100's of years and just will NOT STOP BREEDING!

Add the Ethiopians into that mix. That part of Africa is a shithole and we should NOT be considering immigrants from there. Most are Muslims anywat, where do they fit in to a Christian society?

And the Somalis are even worse

Except there is no boiling mud.