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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Twenty six year-old internet blogger, Kiran Gandhi ran this year’s London marathon without a tampon knowing she had her period. In a message to the sisterhood she said, “I felt kind of like, Yeah! Fuck you!, I felt very empowered by that, I did... I ran to say, ‘it does exist’, and that we overcome it every day.” Every day, eh? That’s some sort of Guiness record isn’t it!

She explained that she had started menstruating the night before the race but had decided to make a statement and not wear a tampon.

Well I’m only a bloke blogger but wow, I would like that feeling of empowerment too. So this morning I thought I’d send a message to the brotherhood... fellas, you would have been proud of me.

There I was in my trackies jogging up to the shops to get a quart of milk and a packet of crumpets having forgone my usual ten minutes on the crapper.

After a moment or two of steely concentration I had this marvellous feeling of striking a blow for the blokes... it was an exhilarating sensation as yesterday’s lunch clung to the inside of my trackies before finding its way to my socks.

I explained proudly to the Taiwanese lady in the shop that this was a watershed moment for blokes around the world and that we fellas were now being liberated. “This is an admission that we actually do crap once a day and we should not be ashamed or self-conscious about it”, I told her.

The Taiwanese lady, although she had a contorted look on her face, must have been proud of me too because she didn’t even charge me! She just threw the milk and crumpets at me and told me to get out!

I breathlessly arrived back at my front door and, with a few stray dogs in tow, told the wife and kids of my out-of-body experience.

They seemed unimpressed as they turned the garden hose on me. But no amount of cold water could douse this bloke-defining moment.

I called my mates to tell them, but they hung up on me. So I texted them:

“fellas, you need to make a stand too, it’s liberating for us all. We need to show that our bodily functions are not something to be ashamed of.”

Funny, but no-one called for golf today.


My heart bleeds for her.

I want the Haemorrhoid Cream Companies to do adds on TV to show me that if I use their cream on me roids I can jog run swim and play tennis please!

She has a very sick mind as sick as a couple of blokes kissing & sodomising. And wanting to "get married"

Kyrgios cant talk either another ''Sports'' Piece of CRAP !!!!!!!!!!!!

What a Trampazoid she is ugh


OK, Team Australia. I am here. You stood up for d0d0 who is making wild and totally untrue accusations about me, but slander me for being cautious about people not understanding sarcasm, and citing d0d0's earlier response on another post as an example. You just stand by and let hipocracy slap you in the face and then join in the lies. You are gutless.

This girl is a drummer, albeit not a very famous one. This was a publicity stunt.

Larry I cannot stop laughing whilst I type this but you absolutely nailed that idiot of a feminist, as I age and shit me dacks I will say not an accident a statement of my and all men's manhood! We live with shit everyday and she proves it! ALP snap her up quick, Tony B Mrs No 3 wow that rhymes!

The woman is a liar.
The long marathon run loosened her sanitary napkin and she concocted this story to cover up her embarrassment. There would be more blood if it was true.

How did this even make the news?

Gandhi is said to have a drank his own kidney and bladder processes ? OH! Dear ! The mind boggles if Kiran has similar thinking !!?? Uuurrk!!!

Wonder ??? Who does the laundry at home ? Any carpets in her place ? If it catches on??? Imagine the questions when a man wants to take her out to dinner ? the Movies ? for a ride in his new car ? to come over for a swim in the family pool or a soak in the Jacuzzi!!?? BLOODY Hell!!!

I think Kiran Gandhi is an 'Untouchable' . . .

There is nothing liberating or empowering about crass, socially disgusting behaviour. Some women are ladies and some, like this one, are disgusting examples of sub decent humanity. Go live in the jungle lady, you do not belong in civilization....

Might want to wait a couple of days too, Lance . . .

When the reds are in do you pot the brown?

this VILE behaviour just confirms these people are BARBARIANS......who should stay in their own countries...apart from the fact that blood leaking a major health EVERYONE else...she has shown total lack of regard for women and their privacy.........animal should be charged with endangering others.

DH - he's not worth the effort.

Leaky wench, The Tempest. Act 1 Scene 1.