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Friday, 16th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The entire media, including Fox News (whose newsreaders have suddenly become opinionated commentators) is in a frenzy as kilted Senator Cameron, in Senate Estimates, tries to establish criminality over the media being at the raid on AWU offices in Melbourne and Sydney yesterday. Bullshit! It would be unusual for the media NOT to be there.

Has the media in general been interested in what the grubby little Shorten has been up to this time? No, of course not, our media is now aping the US media in its determination to find fault with the elected Party. 

The attack on Michaelia Cash is nothing more than a theatrical diversion, a diversion from the real criminality that is between the now Opposition leader and the vile, lawless CFMEU and the despicable labor front, GetUp. 

Again there is concern that unionist workers were never asked about where their hard-earned was spent. The AWU has always figured every single unionist wants to see Shorten elected PM, and if one doesn’t, he can get stuffed as a traitor to the cause anyway. So Labor has once agin been effective diverting from the real issue.

As for Ms Cash lying to Parliament, bullshit! Every politician lies to Parliament and if one can be caught out it becomes a blood-in-the-water picnic for the holier-than-thou pricks who want to be seen as “honourable” as their inaccurate titles suggest.

But wait for it! When aren’t the media informed of a police raid? When aren’t they informed of an arrest or anything in the lascivious public interest? The very next news item was the arrest of an obese Muslim in Western Sydney accused of financing terrorism. Cameras were already there as usual, regardless of the man’s guilt or otherwise. WTF! Are we really suggesting the media is not forewarned of these things?

It is usual for the police to pre-warn the media of every arrest of note. The police love to be seen appearing to do their jobs as it helps with funding and public acceptance of the wonderful job they do protecting the public from alleged baddies.

The last time the media weren’t present at a political raid on an outside entity was when Attorney General Lionel Murphy (above) of the Whitlam Administration raided ASIO in the dead of night at St Kilda Road, Melbourne. 

Murphy was intent only on retrieving his own incriminating file.

Where was the Labor/media fuss then? Why didn’t the perverted media have pre-warning of that raid? Oh, that’s right, the Labor Government was in charge of who knew what back then.

Regardless, this event is another misjudgment by Turnbull. To suggest he had no foreknowledge of the impending raid is a joke. This is exactly what the ROC was set up to achieve… embarrassment to Labor. 

Turnbull and everyone else knew on October 20 that the ROC had begun enquiries into AWU donations to Labor and GetUp and that a raid, under a magistrate's ruling, on AWU Offices was highly likely, if not imminent, because unions are adept at shredding anything incriminating.

But this will go nowhere. There are many more important things to nail Shorten with, like his refusal to recover retrenchment monies paid by his union to Gillard’s boyfriend Bruce Wilson and his mates, despite it being a Federal Court order that the monies be recovered. 

What about Shorten’s refusal to bring charges against Gillard and Wilson over the theft of $1.4 million of his union's funds, or Gillard’s lies to the Corporate Affairs Commission in setting up the “slush” fund from which Wilson and Gillard could operate? The list is endless when it comes to Shorten's AWU and Gillard.

Hardly a day has gone by in Shorten’s AWU career where he has not broken the law or had someone bashed who was considered a threat to his advancement or the union movement. 

No surprise Fox's Graham Richardson calls it a witch hunt… he was involved up to his neck with Shorten, along with Big Bill Ludwig, Bob Carr, Gillard’s previous CFMEU Boss boyfriend, a dozen other unionists, a Gillard-appointed Federal Court Judge and Labor solicitors, Slater & Gordon. 

That’s where the real rancid meat on the bone still hangs ready to be chewed on. Not with the pre-masticated, regurgitated, crumbs on the floor. A theatrical diversion from the substance is Labor's forte.

For Christ’s sake Turnbull, are you really trying to prove there is a link between Labor and criminal unions? That’s like silly Wee Willy Wilkie (above) trying to prove a link between pokies and losing money. 

Tomorrow's High Court decision should rule all of these Federal politicians resign and fresh elections be called. 

What a f***ing farce our Parliament has become!


Sorry, we do get a choice.....Lube or No Lube.....

At least you can avoid the pox if you take precautions....We don't get a choice with Canberra...

Correct Warrick...a pox on the lot of them especially Rudd, Gillard, Shorten and Abbott. Double pox on this lot.

Very astute Tb. The slice of pie is the part that has a rest now and again. The rest is operating at 110% 24/7.

We now need the Liberals In parliament to get after the Labor MP`s that were not qualified at the last election. The list is this---Labor MPs Justine Keay, Susan Lamb, Brendan O’Connor, Maria Vamvakinou and Tony Zappia on the grounds they’ve not done enough to end doubts over their citizenship, ---News They are not clean, and are playing the you prove it game.

The other week, Malcolm was oozing confidence and assured us that he had every expectation that the High Court would rule in Barnaby's favour. I would have thought an ex QC would have known better than to pre empt a court ruling. Yet another example of Turnbull's total lack of judgement, and his unfitness for the PMship.

New post up,,Larry you must be trying to give us all nightmares with from the photo of one hideous person to another we also dislike immensely.

New post up.

Zionist Terrorism
Our "greatest ally" in the whole wide world is a terrorist state, enabled by the support of the gullible goyim of America.
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Re Barnabys' personal was common knowledge that when he married his wife of today his parents did not approve of her. This resulted in the family moving away from the New England to Roma where he set up his accountancy business . He then entered politics as a Qld Senator . To facilitate his move Party leader after Warren Truss he needed to move to the lower house. The family issue was still on the boil but some resolution was reached allowing him to return to the New England and contest the seat which he won.Warren Truss retired and Barnaby became leader and Deputy PM.There have no rumblings re his family concerns that has reached the media but one never knows.

stringy..the real tragedy is that some of those blokes genuinely gave their lives in service..and this is the legacy..graves bulldozed for a sewer pipe.

Joyce catastrophe..not only is Joyce now legally obliged to pay back all his salary and his superannuation.for years..but the biggest news is that Rabbi Turd has now had to delay his planned trip to our colonial masters..ISrael.!!!.WTF is Turd going to Israel for anyway?? many Aust pollies have visited ISrael this year alone..its a fkn disgrace

Chopper Fri 27 Oct 2017 02:53:37 am
"One Nation, Corey Bernardi and the LNP are parties with conservative platforms and thus tend to vote in step. Which means to me they are all the same, all cunts."

SOCIALIST Chopper showing once again how much he hates RIGHT WINGERS.

Malcom Roberts to contest the seat of Ipswich for ON in the upcoming Queensland election.

NO Labar punters... funny that... thought Billy Big Tits and ol' String Lips Gillard would be in the mix

Who has Barnaby been poking.

Parting the Artesian Basin

Yes dusty you gave a link to him recently. He's Jewish and lives in Childers Qld.