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Tuesday, 18th December 2018

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... I could have lost a fortune in carbon credits

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Sixty-one prominent Australians, including rugby union's David Pocock and Nobel Prize-winning scientist Peter Doherty, and Lefty public servant and Climate Change Authoritarian, Bernie Fraser, wrote a letter to the Sydney Morning Herald calling for a moratorium on coal exports, saying our coal contributes to global warming.

Well you can excuse the rugby bloke, he has obviously copped too many hits to the head and you can forget the Nobel Prize bloke ‘cos one of the world’s most evil terrorists copped a Nobel prize and Bernie Fraser, well, sane people are tired of making excuses for the senile ol’ Bernie Fraser.

The world thrives on essential coal and it will do so for at least another 30 years. Australia has the cleanest coal and if our exports cease, South America and China itself will take up the slack themselves with their own dirty coal.

How does that help ol’ Bernie Fraser’s so-called C02 problem?

The most astonishing thing is that only 61 academic dickheads in Australia wanted to put their names to this letter to Fairfax. The letter did not note the names of those who had refused to sign it.

As reported here earlier this year “Prepare for an avalanche of bullshit ahead of the IPCC’s Paris Conference.” And boy has there been some bullshit flying around, all orchestrated by the UN’s desperate little bunch of lying crooks that make up the IPCC!

Wasn’t Abbott’s highly successful “Direct Action” good enough for them? After all it has met all the targets and more! But Direct Action doesn’t raise the ten per cent of carbon tax the UN wants... Abbott successfully avoided this UN scam and showed that responsible people will reduce emissions anyway! Everyone wants cleaner air!

As suspected all along, the IPCC’s interest is not at all in global warming, because the globe is not warming. The IPCC is a tool of a corrupt UN and has been tasked with devising the biggest hoax ever imposed on unwitting voters who will in turn convince reactive governments to comply and pay up.

The global warming hoax is directed at us the idiot voters, not governments or their ministers!

Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed a plethora of old National Geographic and Discovery Channel docos on starving polar bears atop melting icebergs.

Don’t tell me you haven’t seen the repeated repeats of SBS and ABC rising seas and increasing temperatures programs! Neither of which is true of course but the unadulterated bullshit continues regardless.

Pollution they say! Okay, what about the millions of tons of burnt, raw kerosene being dumped in the atmosphere each day by the world’s airliners? Oooh! No mention of that! Why not? Well, jetA1 suffers sovereign taxes the UN can’t get their grubby little hands on ten per cent of.

No, no, the UN needs international carbon taxes, the concept of which can be sold to Left wing government foreign ministers who lust after getting their shiny bums on UN seats.

How can their visually polluting windmills and sun-dependent solar panels help to solve airliner pollution? Their limited and uneconomic energy cannot be stored as base loads!

Oh yes, I forgot, UN delegates spend most of their time in first class seats.

There was definitely a spring in Julie Bishop’s step when she raced into Abbott’s office to be the first to tell him to pack his stuff... the global warming scam was back on the agenda and the windmills would keep spinning.

No-one questions the fraudulence of the UN’s methods. The IPCC is made up entirely, not of scientists or meteorologists, but of overpaid crooks like chairman Rajendra Pachauri, a scruffy, long-haired, Indian diesel mechanic who resigned after he was found sexually molesting his staff (pictured left).

The IPCC only accepts advice from committed “scientific” warmists. That’s their role. Thus the, “97 percent of scientists agree ...” nonsense, while the 33,000 real scientists, who denounce global warming as a hoax, are never heard from!

The UN is proving once again that with constant repetition and weight of money any idiot can be convinced of anything ... and if you don’t believe that, consider this:

The World Health Organisation (just another arm of the corrupt UN) now says snags and bacon are carcinogens and equal to cigarettes and asbestos. WTF?

So please explain why anyone (apart from Julie Bishop of course) would believe anything espoused by this corrupt, exploitative UN mob of international criminals.


The sooner the UN goes the way of the League of Nations, the better and it wont be soon enough.

Modern day snake oil salesman.

Never ever ever allow a sportsperson to make public their opinion on world affairs , this Pocock is why.

It makes me so mad that these con merchants in the UN are fleecing us and we just go along with it with not a whimper. Our pollies should be tried for treason for leading us down this path of self destruction.

Thanks for that Larry. Great to be able to get daily confirmation of the garbage being churned out ad nauseum, by the lefty whacko's who have control of our National Carrier and its brown-nosed commercial media followers.

It’s been 20 years since the mid 90’s predictions of the likes of David Suzuki and Tim Flannery etc. They predicted that within 20 years certain things would happen, so let’s take a look at how they went. Prediction #1 - The polar ice caps would melt. It hasn’t happened. Prediction #2 - Whole islands would disappear. Hasn’t happened. Prediction #3 – Coastal areas would suffer massive erosion. Hmm some has occurred but nothing catastrophic. Prediction #4 - The northern hemisphere would have abnormally hot winters. The opposite has been the case for the last 7 years. Prediction # 5 - There will be droughts and bush fires. Wow, big prediction that one, considering that droughts have been a common occurrence for thousands of years (they are in the Bible), and bush fires were seen from the ships before Cook landed. I’d love to take these guys to the races with me. I’d quickly put the pen straight through every tip they gave me.

Has anyone noticed Ted Cruz, the republican candidate hopeful. Now there's a guy with backbone that they need running the show. He destroys global warming loonys and stuck it up the lefty moderators in the latest Republican Q&A. With a bloke like that in charge there would be no stuffing around with climate loonys, Muslims or any other professional troublemakers. such thing as a tame terrorrist or de-radicalised 'radical'.

Again that's the problem when countries think they can have their "tame' Islamic terrorists. Like Osama Bin Laden who was a tame American backed terrorist. An Islamic terrorist is a terrorist.

Well...Sinn Fein is now the political wing of the 'defunct' IRA? re right there Oz....the IRA for example which has used components in its car bombs which have been manufactured in the ME

And there lies the problem and why America is arming Al-Qaeda (again). Try to find a real spokesman for the Free Syrian Army. Many aren't Syrians and the officers have mostly deserted to IS. America is again using terrorists to change governments they don't like. Working a treat.

One man's terrorist is another man's 'freedom fighter.

As Lavrov said, it walks like a terrorist it fights like a terrorist it's a terrorist.



A deliberate plan to reduce Australia’s income, calculated to destroy Australian-owned companies, forcing them into the hands of transnationals. Suddenly there is insufficient tax to maintain essential services. Treasury advises Government to sell assets to transnationals. Unemployment escalates. This swindle would never have taken place had journalists been free to report the facts – and had our politicians worked in the interests of Australians. (This disaster continues.)



Early in our research we were aware of considerable foreign ownership and tax advantages. But this had to be proved. We asked the Government and Treasury to give us more information, but it was not forthcoming. We had established an informant in the Treasury who told us in 1986 that $80 to $100 billion had gone out of the country tax-free. This research was carried out by ABS personnel. They were not prepared to provide us with the hard copy they had but they assured us it was accurate. Austand projected these figures taking in the further sale of assets since 1986, and settled on a figure of approximately $200 billion.
NOTE: Only the Australian Taxation Office is privy to ownership and tax information.

In 1996, we had a lucky break (in fact Australia did). We now had proof, without any question, that our figure of $200 billion (which in 1993 we passed on to the Government as a matter of urgency – to no avail) and that our 90 per cent foreign ownership figure were near the mark.

Then we were provided with a printout from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (Document No. 5506.0 [1995-96]) that further confirmed that the foreigners were paying little or no tax.

This showed that total tax revenue stood at $115 billion, while it further confirmed little or no tax was paid by the foreigners. According to our calculations the country could not possibly survive on a tax income of $115 billion.

(Obviously there is a great deal of tax avoidance involved, affecting this figure.) It is interesting to note that Australians paid $105 billion (91%) and the foreigners paid only $10 billion (9%). And yet they own an estimated ninety per cent of the corporate sector, which embraces almost all of the large companies in Australia.

Further confirmation has now come to hand that the turnover of the country is in the order of 27 trillion dollars. This confirms that our $200 billion is, if anything, a low estimate, and that it is less than one per cent of our total turnover. (Australian Financial Research Market, Sydney, 1997) Also in 1996, more than 7,700 companies claimed multinational status in that year. (Murdoch Press throughout Australia, Journalist Michael McKinnon, Courier Mail, 14 January 1998)

Obviously the Treasury Department has been aware of this situation for many years, but they continued to advise the Government to sell further assets, in the main to foreigners, under the guise of privatisation, and furthering their plan to reduce Australia’s income.

They control the media and encourage more foreign investment, and therefore the position is not understood by Members of Parliament. This of course is treason, and clearly the Treasury should be investigated.

A deliberate plan to reduce Australia’s income, calculated to destroy Australian-owned companies… :

The Treasury plan to ease transnationals into Australia became clear. After World War II they encouraged transnationals into the service industries. Bear in mind they were paying little or no tax in Australia. It made it easy for them to wipe out existing services. This resulted in the demise of all major Australian-owned accountancy firms, legal organisations, brokers, PR organisations, advertising agencies and many others. All of those organisations were vital to our move into the Asian market. Treasury was to help transnationals into the country, and they did. This could not be covered up, and yet the Australian Government did nothing to protect these important industries - virtually leaving us with foreign advice in all these areas, robbing us of the opportunity of developing our country and commerce in Asia in our own right.

Realising they were on dangerous ground in bestowing naturalising status without authority, in 1953 the Treasury formalised the deal by preparing the Double Tax Agreement Bill which allowed multinationals to pay little or no tax on their profit. This Bill, introduced to Parliament by Sir Arthur Fadden, was vehemently opposed by the Hon Clyde Cameron, AO, who pointed out that this would severely damage our economy. The Bill was never publicised.

As we now know, a minimum of $200 billion profit leaves Australia each year – tax free (estimate ABS, Austand). In Japan multinationals pay 52% tax on profit (KPMG). Transnationals have been, and are being given, a free ride. To cover up the extent of the foreign invasion the Treasury has manipulated the Australian Bureau of Statistics figures, and has also stopped the publication of vital information – stopped publication of foreign ownership figures in the corporate sector from 1986-87. (The latest available figures on foreign ownership in other countries are: UK – 10.5%, USA – 10.3%, Japan – 2.1%, EU – 3.5% and Australia – 90%).

The Treasury plan was working well. They reversed the role of the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) further promoting the sale of our assets and the remaining Australian-owned companies, including utilities – and thus further depriving us of income. Corporate Australia is now 90% foreign-owned. Our Treasury informant told us back in 1992 we could be quite safe with this figure. The ATO confirmed it by their comment “We have the largest foreign ownership in the developed world”. (It should be noted that the ATO is the only organisation other than the Treasury, as we have said, privy to the degree of foreign ownership in Australia and of course the tax paid by foreigners.) Jim Cairns states that it was not far off $200 billion in his time. Clyde Cameron also confirms this figure and the Treasury has never denied it.

… forcing them into the hands of transnationals. Suddenly there is insufficient tax to maintain essential services:

The Double Tax Agreement Bill allowed foreigners to avoid paying tax on their earnings in Australia. This created unfair competition which forced Australian-owned companies out of business and a loss of income for the Australian Government. No longer could our taxes contribute to essential services and infrastructure. It also created unemployment as a result of lack of money for development. Successive Governments ran short of money and so were advised by Treasury to sell assets under their word, “privatisation”, and they did.

Since Federation the Treasury has given many advantages to foreign corporations – tax holidays, tariffs and other benefits – the Treasury code words being ‘bestowing naturalising status’. This was brought to our attention by our informant in the Treasury. He suggested that we look further into it. Also they were very sensitive about gold figures. We can find no record giving the Treasury this authority. Australians have never really benefited to any great extent from the money that has passed through our hands; but foreign corporations have. The ABS continues to publish an all-over figure of 42.6% (ABS Code No. 5306) foreign ownership – not accounting for equity. This means they are not including nominee shareholders, and therefore the figure is misleading. It is quite obviously unrealistic. Treasury is covering up the extent of the takeover. It is self-evident that their figure is far too low. You only need to look at supermarket shelves.

It must now be clear why the wealthiest country in the world (World Bank published in The Australian, 18 September 1995), is very poor. We are not receiving sufficient tax from the considerably reduced number of Australian-owned companies, and foreign companies are paying little or no tax, and avoiding massive additional tax by price transfer, royalties and such like. It should now be clear why we are in trouble. The only steady income is derived from the Australian PAYE taxpayer.

Obviously the Treasury’s advice has been treasonable. Clearly they should be confined to keeping the nation’s books which is their charter, and the responsibilities for other areas in which they have seen fit to become involved should be passed over to the appropriate Minister.

The Commonwealth Auditor-General as far as back as 1989 (The Australian, February 16, 1989) estimated that 40,000 companies may be avoiding tax by shifting profits offshore. The Government ignored him. Why?

On 26 November, 1996, knowing the position would be very much worse, we attempted to contact Mr. Pat Bartlett, the Commonwealth Auditor General in Canberra. The Department was not prepared to give us any information. Mr. Bartlett has since been transferred to another Department.

On 29 November, 1996, at Austand headquarters, we met with Mr David Lewis, Assistant Commissioner International Tax Division, Authority Competent. The object was to put before him a plan which could speed up the taxing of foreign corporations. He explained that they were having difficulty in reaching their tax targets. We presented what we believe could achieve a faster way of overcoming the problem of price transfer. We discussed the Double Tax Agreement Bill and pointed out that if this was rescinded he would have no trouble reaching his target, many times over. He was encouraged by both of these possibilities, but pointed out that it would be up to the Prime Minister and the Treasurer to make the decision to rescind the Bill. We said it was obvious that the country has no alternative. It must be done at all costs. After all, we have the assets and we are only short of money because we are being swindled. He left the meeting on an optimistic note.

Some people compare the approximate $200 billion profit leaving the country with the GDP, which is nearing $500 billion, thinking that the GDP is our total turnover. Austand believes that this is a manufactured figure. We have repeatedly asked ABS to identify their source of the information for their GDP report. It’s interesting to note that now they are reducing the frequency of publication of this report and probably intend to phase it out rather than make a bold correction which would be admitting a serious fault.

This of course has been influenced by the fact that the nation’s turnover is $27 trillion (Australian Financial Market Report – AFMA 1996). (It should be noted with concern that this figure has increased to $32.5 trillion according to the ABC News, 24 November, 1997, and later confirmed by our research. It is clear that there is major manipulation at our stock exchanges for such an alarming jump.)

Treasury advises Government to sell assets to transnationals:

Here was another opportunity for the Treasury to help foreign interests. This of course was bad advice, as the States and the Commonwealth could not afford to be without the regular and major contribution from the nation’s utilities. They suggested the word “privatisation” which would possibly make the public think that these assets were being made available to them, and in some cases they were, but in the long run they finished up in the hands of foreigners (although the recent Telstra sale was well patronised by Australians). Qantas was privatised and is now controlled by the British because of some misunderstanding in the controlling interests of the shares. Mr Jim Leslie, the past Chairman of Qantas, was very vocal about this misdemeanour.

The Kennett Government in Victoria has sold most of their utilities to foreigners. And it is clear that they are going to be in trouble shortly because no State can operate without continuing income from utilities such as water, power, gas and others. The substantial injection of money is quickly used up, leaving the Government in trouble. Kennett plans to retire… We can expect serious problems in Victoria. Money will be needed to help them out.

Unemployment escalates:

Throughout the world, where multi-nationals have taken over large proportions of a country’s economy, there has been a comparative rise in unemployment. This is logical, since the multi-nationals have instructions to keep staff down and profit up and they are only represented in the respective countries by branch offices. All instructions come from Head Office, wherever it may be in the world.

In Australia, one only has to compare the escalation of foreign investment with the downturn in employment. If this is graphed, it becomes abundantly clear. And yet the Treasury keeps telling politicians and the people – that transnationals create employment – backed up, of course, by the media. It is an absolute fabrication. What do they think happens if we go ahead and do our own development? The money stays in the country and so does the profit, which creates more employment. Obviously the Treasury’s advice is quite simply accepted by our naïve politicians.

This swindle would never have taken place had journalists been free to report the facts – and had our politicians worked in the interests of Australians:

None of this swindle would have been possible had the Treasury not always controlled the Australian Broadcasting Commission (they are their paymasters), and, in more recent years, had the mainly foreign-owned mainstream media not derived its income increasingly from multinational advertisers.

The media has always been controlled by foreigners. That is evident by the fact that many newspaper owners and senior editors have been knighted in the past. So the Treasury has been accustomed to involvement in media activities. The great majority of our media has fallen into foreign hands and therefore this research will have to be communicated by word of mouth or minor media facilities.

The Fairfax company, a large media operation, is to be sold. But our Government appears reluctant to ask them to make their shares available to the Australian community, although Austand contacted the Secretary of Fairfax, Ms Leroyde, who was encouraged by the idea and passed on a balance sheet to us. However, as yet, no action has taken place. If this does not take place, it will be because the Treasury Department will advise the Government otherwise, for very obvious reasons again, showing that the Government is in the hands of the Treasury. If the Government asks Fairfax to put the company on the open market, it will not necessitate any change in media rules.

The Packer organisation should be doing more than it is, but they have their own domestic problems, probably not the least of which being the fact that they have very large billings from foreign advertisers.

Anyone reading this report would realise that this travesty against the nation, orchestrated by one of its own departments, would be a worthwhile story anywhere in the world. Yet, Austand has endeavoured since 1990 to tell this story which is vital to the community. But to virtually no avail. It is clear that if it was told, Australians would be up in arms, politicians would perhaps be changing their minds and we would have been out of our problems before there is any interference from the moneylenders of the world.

So, is Putin hitting the 'right' terrorists?

Pie, the only thing the west is hitting the terrorists with is tons of military supplies the Americans are dropping to them.

Pie....I hope you are correct in your theory the west is toying the Islam....because innocents are dying on our long do we have to wait for the west to act.

The West is toying with the Muslims. When the West is resolved to act the Mus will wonder what hit them. Reminds me of the fish sketch in Monty P.