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Tuesday, 13th November 2018

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Phoebe is an 8 yo who attends Lloyd Street State School in East Malvern Vic. and she asks a lot of really important questions.


 Oh dear me, Ms Bishop

Dad has only just got home. He’s on detention for a year this time but I’m worried we won’t have him for this Christmas ‘cos he got into another awful fight with Mr Fahkhaed next door.

Dad had his “Make America Great Again” placard and Mr Fahkhaed had his “Stronger Together” sign and Dad got him a beauty on the side of his head. But Mr Fahkhaed went and got his four wives so he would be stronger together and they certainly were. They all sat on Dad while Mr Fahkhaed bashed him.

Mum called the police because Dad was uncoscn, unconcs... he was out cold but they put handcuffs on poor Dad anyway and told Mr Fahkhaed and his wives to go home. “It wasn’t fair! It was five against one” I told the policeman. Well it was actually five against one and a half ‘cos I was on Mr Fahkhaed’s back hanging on to his beard.

“This is the fourth time we’ve had trouble with your Dad”, said the policeman. That’s true because the third time was when Dad chucked all that halal food at the Fahkhaeds while they were praying on our front lawn with no pants on, just to annoy us, and one of his wives still hasn’t found that block of Bega cheese yet.

Anyway they arrested Dad again because they said it was a cultural thing with the Fahkhaeds but what they are really angry about is that Dad had trained one of our pet piglets to jump the fence and it mated with Mr Fahkhaed’s nanny goat and now Mr Fahkhaed is really angry ‘cos all the kidlets have got curly tails, and Mr Fahkhaed won’t eat anything with a curly tail, so he is demanding Dad pay for a DNA test so he can sue him. Dad told him to, “Go get (rude word) you sand monkey”... and now he has got a please explain letter from Gillian Triggs!

Goodness me Ms Bishop, can you please get my Dad out of jail before Christmas? Honestly, we would move to another suburb but we can only get $14 for our house on Ebay and that’s an offer from Mr Fahkhaed’s brother.

Christmas time should be a time of happiness and family love but the only love going on right now is between our piglet and Mr Fahkhaed’s goat. 

I have written to Mr Trump to tell him if Dad was an American he would have voted for him and I asked him if he would make East Malvern great again, but I know that’s a tall order now with all these mosques going up.

Do you think poor Mr Abbott could help?

Love Phoebe,

Aged eight and three quarters 

P.S. Golly, I hope I don't get a letter from Ms Triggs now.


BK is getting a hiding. Maybe you should ring up Peta Credlin and get some advice BK. don't have a sense of humour, do you? Or you are not an Aussie? I feel very sorry for you.You sympathise with moslems?

Darling Phoebe! Out of the mouths of babes! Larry, may she never grow older!

Trump waves the flag for gay equality

On Sunday, at a rally in Colorado, Mr. Trump proudly held up a rainbow flag with the words "LGBT for Trump" written on it to a cheering crowd of thousands. It was an historic moment for gay equality and the Party of Lincoln as the 2016 GOP nominee for President of the United States held high the flag for gay equality. No other Republican Presidential nominee in history has embraced the LGBT community in such a loud and proud way.
And yet, the moment was barely reported by the media despite the fact it happened in front of the traveling press corps accompanying Mr. Trump. Political reporters, not unsurprising, largely failed to write on the moment where a Republican challenged their negative media stereotype.
But the moment was nevertheless historic. Trump walked on stage in Greeley, Colorado to a large cheering crowd when he spotted a rainbow flag in the audience. As the music blasted through the speakers, Mr. Trump pointed to a supporter as if to ask if he could see his flag and then motioned for a campaign worker to help retrieve the LGBT symbol of equality from the attendee.
Within seconds, Mr. Trump was walking around the platform with the rainbow flag in his hands and moments later unfurled it in full display. You could see a huge smile on Mr. Trump's face as he walked to both sides of the stage to proudly hold up the rainbow flag announcing support from the gay and lesbian community.

A view of the Syrian War, vantage Golan Heights, exposes Israeli army link to Jabhat al-Nusra
“……….Nusra's casualties are often taken through the Israeli lines for hospital treatment in Haifa.

So whose side is Israel on? Baath City is a concrete conurbation created back in pre-civil war days to defy the vandalisation of the old Quenitra. It was occupied by the Israeli army during the 1973 Middle East war and then - before they abandoned it under the Kissinger agreement - totally destroyed with explosives by Israeli troops. Nusra now occupy these 43-year old ruins. As for Baath City, its university, banks, fire station, schools, police force and hospitals are defiantly maintained by the Syrians under the eyes of their two enemies: the Nusra Islamists and the Israelis.
Comment: It is no secret Israel has a manipulative and deadly hand in this conflict. It sees the current Syrian war as a means to legitimize the stolen Syrian territory of Golan Heights it occupied in the 6-Day War and grab oil resources to boot. No matter the cause or issues, Israel sides with whomever is able to provide an advantage and facilitate its coveted prize. Israel uses and abuses every faction, nation and government, without conscience, defying obedience to international law for its own gain.

You two "Leftards"are going to be in for a shock very soon.And her name is Palin and what-ever job she may get,you lot will be scared shitless.

Hid head is actually up some Liberal's arse and enjoying it all....

Must be a slow day down the Stringybark facility for the deranged.

Andrew, I assume your post is an attempt at biting critique.

The whole public serpent pay and remuneration scam needs a proper investigation. Any mechanism that can deliver over $4million to that useless prat running the post office into the ground MUST be corrupt and BK should realise it and admit it. Get your head out of the sand BK.

Why would you kill for this?

The truth about Muhammads physical attributes are published on here it is, sit down to read it.

Spread the word!

I'm sure there's a dick somewhere around the place you can suck Andrew, but you won't find it in here. You should at least try and move on from the dumbing down you have obviously received over the years. One other thing, Donald Trump WON the election and you lost, I'll forever laugh in your face lol

The perpetually offended that complained about Bill Leaks cartoon have the same sour disposition , so knock yourself out and put in a complaint to the HRC if your that offended !

What Trump is up against a real eye opener by Paul Roberts

Don't insult Phoebe. She makes more sense than the MSM.

I am warming to the far more accurate German descriptor of the MSM: lugenpresse - the lying press.

Larry don't you ever die....You are one of the few lifelines to reality.

I was a wee wipper snapper back then. I remember when some film mob came around to my school at Scarborough looking for someone to play Smiley. I didn't have blond hair so I missed out & they gave it to Colin Petersen a pupil at rival Humpybong School. He of course went on to become the drummer for the BeeGees but split up later. I ran into the BeeGees a couple of times before they took off from Redcliffe.

No one give a toss what you two morons think.

Young Aussie of the year, what's your excuse?

The backside?