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Friday, 14th December 2018

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...and right under our noses

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


We all know that we vote for a Party’s candidate, the successful Party then elects a leader who becomes the Prime Minister. We don’t elect the PM; that’s the Westminster system. So where has it all gone so terribly wrong?

A bloke called Abbott spends years, as an elected Lib Leader, destroying incompetent Rudd and corrupt Gillard Governments before leading his Party to the greatest landslide win in Coalition history only to be unceremoniously dumped mid-first term by those within the Party who are not a cigarette paper removed from those who were so roundly defeated. Blimey!

But Abbott is not without fault, he refuses to watch his back, "I only look forward", he said. Yet he already knew of Bishop and Turnbull's planned coup back in February of this year when he specifically asked Bishop not to attend a fundraiser event in Sydney with the then Communications Minister amid damaging Turnbull leaks... she ignored his request.

Abbott made the same mistake after the 2010 election. He refused to negotiate while Gillard was running around like a blowfly in a strange shithouse batting her eyelashes at every available crossbencher and independent.

After his 2013 success Abbott fought for and largely achieved what the people voted for, but all that work is now in the process of being slowly eroded to suit the rebellious Left wing of a formerly Centre-Right Party.

Malcolm Turnbull will never have more political capital than he has right now, although that is more a reflection on the popularity of the hapless Shorten. And Turnbull’s “preferred PM” polling against Abbott was more a reflection of Abbott’s unpopularity, due primarily to a viciously pro-Left ABC/Fairfax media.

History suggests for Turnbull it’s all downhill from this point on. So he must be seriously considering a snap election given the balancing act he needs to perform without having his own mandate.

He is now operating under the mandate awarded to Abbott, and there is so much more he wants to change. But Turnbull is no fool, he knows doing too much too soon will invite the wrath of the Nats and his own Party’s Centre-Right faction and even the nervous Nellies who agreed to elevate him.

Turnbull is a Republican, Abbott is a royalist. Turnbull is pro gay marriage, Abbott isn’t. Turnbull wants more UN involvement, Abbott doesn’t. Turnbull is an ABC lover, Abbott isn’t. Turnbull believes in anthropogenic global warming, Abbott reckons it’s all crap. Turnbull wants a carbon tax, Abbott got rid of it. Turnbull wants a GST increase and a tax on high-end superannuants, Abbott doesn’t.

The two are philosophically opposed on all fronts and although Abbott ain’t going anywhere, his hands are tied.

Turnbull’s deputy, Julie Bishop is intoxicated with UN representation, foreign aid, the UNHCR and the IPCC and Malcolm has let her off the leash in New York to do as she wants. Abbott refused to allow her to run riot.

The danger for Australia is that Turnbull knows that Shorten wouldn’t have a snowflake’s chance in hell of beating him in a snap election. This would allow Turnbull to move drastically to the Left and no-one in the Coalition could object once he called an election. Shorten would have no-where to move other than further Left into the arms of corrupt unions.

Turnbull would win with a healthy majority and Australia would be left with a Government it would never normally vote for with far Left Policies it would never normally embrace. Would that be a democratic Westminster outcome?

In the space of one term a highly successful conservative Abbott Coalition would have morphed into a Turnbull Left Government. And all because Abbott was too successful in gaining the Coalition a record majority that worked against him.

Thirty nervous backbenchers he didn’t really need decided on a coup to depose Abbott rather than risk losing the tenuously marginal seats that never really belonged to them anyway.

Bloody hell! Look around... is this the Government we asked for? Is this the PM we voted for? No, it’s not. It’s entirely different and we haven’t cast a single ballot paper! And if Turnbull does call an early election, which is highly likely, the electorate loses again!

If this is democracy at work we don’t need a damned republic, we need our own Spring uprising!



Best thing could happen Right now is that Turncoat call a snap and get rid of every one of the half-term halfwits who white-anted Prime Minister Abbott for no better reason than the halfwit hoped Malcontent would improve half-term halfwits' chances of reelection.

Please Tony Abbott form a break away conservative party....if you build it they will come

Turncoat will be worse than Krudd and Juliar.

A bloke called Abbott spends years, as an elected Lib Leader, destroying incompetent Rudd and corrupt Gillard Governments before leading his Party to the greatest landslide win in Coalition history only to be unceremoniously dumped mid-first term by those within the Party who are not a cigarette paper removed from those who were so roundly defeated. Blimey! ......Never seen it put better

In the pic above, Bishop has aimed her death stare square at TA's back. No wonder he didn't survive.

The reality is that the feeble ,naive , greedy and outright stupid Aussia and Aussie politician brought it on themselves. They are too bumb to learn.



Political Leadership in Transition

Leading one’s own party:

a clear lesson that emerges from the case studies is that leadership skills are needed more
within parties than between parties. Finding a definitive balance between ‘executive leadership’ and ‘collective leadership’ is critical.

Delivering constituents:

while leadership skills are important within the parties they are also a vital part of dealing with one’s constituents. The concept of ‘elastic-band leadership’ perhaps explains this best. The leadership is expected to ‘stretch’ its constituents in the interests of peace, all the while remembering that if the elastic is stretched just a little too far there is always the danger of the elastic snapping.

Realignment of party politics:

while this particular issue holds little importance in the early stages of the transition from
violence to politics, it can take on more validity as the process continues. Nearly all of the political parties studied have been formed with policies and ideals based on the conflict and not on general social or economic issues. The leadership has to prepare itself for a possible realignment of party politics.

Delivering constituents:

the dislocation of leadership- constituent relations could be prevented through the active endorsement (where possible) of an open and transparent public consultative process. This would occur prior to and following formal negotiations to ensure that constituents are aware of the problem issues and concessions that may have to be made.

The key issues which the political leadership faces in the settlement phase, whether individually or collectively, have the potential to derail the process.

O/T I just listened to a 1 minute video on Bolt's site about Bishop blowing her own trumpet, but her last 7 words were "our contribution to the green climate fund". Is this another contribution we don't know about? What s she doing besides bignoting herself?

O/T ~This was posted yesterday and is very important that more comply Here it is

Killwarren Wed 30 Sep 2015 08:41:54 pm
Just passing this on from Tim on FB: I am asking that EVERYONE spend five minutes and write to the inquir...y for 3rd party certification and request that Sam Dastyari be removed from the chair position due to his bias position on halal Certification. Please copy and paste this into your email program and send to: ADDRESS [email protected] SUBJECT LINE: 3RD PARTY CERTIFICATE FOOD INQUIRY MESSAGE: I understand as a voter and Australian citizen it is my duty to inform you of my will. My will is for you remove Senator Sam Dastyari from the chair position for the Third Party Certification Food Inquiry. I have been closely following the Senate Inquiry in Sydney and have witnessed that Sam Dastyari is biased and not able to chair this inquiry fairly. He even gave an interview to Channel 7 and ridiculed everyone who is against halal certification as racists and informed the public already about the outcome of this inquiry. If the chairman of the Royal Commission against Union Corruption was called to resign because he was invited as a speaker at a Liberal Party fundraiser – and didn’t attend - , surely Senator Dastyari is not qualified to chair this Senate Inquiry. Regards YOUR NAME YOUR ADDRESS Many Australian citizens do not know that we have by law "a will" which we can make clear to the Queen, the GG and all representatives of the people. This is our legal right and it has to be noted. (That's why we have a "last will" before we die.) So make your will heard, spread the word and send your email please.

I want to make something clear about Tony Abbott and his fire fighting record. Labor politicians like O Çonnor and writers in the Guardian dismissed it as a stunt. Well Tony has fought fires as an ordinary firefighter for years. Including the time he was a cabinet minister for Howard. There was only one stipulation. Absolutely no publicity. As we controlled press access to the fireground that wasn't a problem. It was always a morale booster for the men, particularly in a long and hard campaign fire. It was only very recently he allowed press access to his firefighting and he was mocked and ridiculed for it. Just let me say that those people who mocked Tony disrespected all our volunteer firefighters.

Don't rub it in JF. It s no good not voting liberal as Shorten will get in.
I want to vote Nationals but no candidate. The only people who shouldn't vote Liberal are those living in Wentworth.

Turnbull is proving to be as flash as a rat with a gold tooth. No class, no credibility, no respect for the people of Australia.

just saw a banner come up across the bottom of the screen on abc24 which said 'Former PM Tony Abbott refuses to say if he has forgiven Malcolm Turnbull".

What cretins and nasty spiteful media the ABC are.

The Marcus Review today.... take a good long lookTURNBULL LEAVES THE DOOR OPEN TO CLIMATE POLICY ‘TWEAK’

1 October 2015Marcus ProcopioAbbott, Bad Journalism, Climate Change, Global Warming, Turnbull1 Comment
I’ve noticed lately that Turnbull loves to use the word ‘agile’. This time, he has used the word to describe his intended approach to climate change policy:

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has vowed to take an agile approach to climate change policy.

But he defended the Abbott government’s carbon dioxide emissions reduction target of 26-28 per cent on 2005 levels by 2030, telling ABC radio on Thursday it had ‘struck the right spot’.

The mechanism would be reviewed in 2017 and if elements were working then they could be ‘tweaked or amended‘.

Turnbull’s attempt to please everyone on this issue is transparent and dangerous (for both him and us). He’s basically trying to say ‘To all the conservatives, the Abbott climate change policies are great. To all the Lefties, don’t worry, I intend to change them soon’.

Mother Nature must be wetting herself laughing at the human being who thinks he can take an ‘agile’ approach to changing the climate.

PS: I’m going to make the faithful assumption that the word ‘not’ is missing from the bold section in the quote above (goodness help us all here if I’m wrong). Watching SBS and Sky both include this error reminds me of the kid in school who copies another kid’s homework and still puts the other kid’s name on their own version.

anyone guess why we seen hocky with the red bandana man
spruicking Republic eh
and a week or so later here he comes the goldman sachs plant

Does Billy Shortone seem to be lying low at the moment? Watching his back closely maybe?

What next then Jack - you obviously go it right at the time.... sorry I didn't read it but that's no matter... what next????? Turnbull isn't popular - I'd say he's pretty much the opposite and there are many thousands of us who don't plan to give him a vote next time around. What does your crystal ball tell you now??? Would love to have your input - seriously!

Bloody heck Larry where do you get these images LOL. A picture sure paints a thousand words, if I had seen that and I was TA I would have railroaded the baggage out on her arse

OT: Janelle Saffin, Labor candidate for Page says victims of domestic violence should be assigned professional bodyguards, paid for by the Federal Government. Typical Labor. Not thought through. Not costed. Opens mouth and garbage spurts out. One person covering three shifts per day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a years requires 5.5 people. Two week day shifts are penalty rate shifts and six weekend shifts incurring penalties. In NSW alone there were 27,000 cases of domestic violence reported in 2013. Any one of these cases has the potential to be fatal for the victim. Janelle's solution would require over 100,000 body guards for just NSW. Better to have more safe houses, employ more judges, reduce trial waiting times and stiffer mandatory sentences and new I/D if requested by victim.

Didn't take long to figure out who wrote this article deriding TA's policies.
Malcolm Bloddy Fart.