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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Ode To Larry Pickering

A tribute by Australia's Patriot Singer

Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at


Larry always seemed to attract clever, fascinating, talented, interesting people around him. 

I met Steve Mannix at Larry’s place a couple of years ago, and we’ve since become very good friends.

Steve has a backstory worthy of a book - and a movie. He’s also one of the most generous people I know. Did I mention talented?

When Larry passed away, Steve was one of the first people I told. I was devastated and Steve could tell.

In a couple of days, he sent me a poem he wrote called Ode To Larry Pickering, to cheer me up. It worked and it made me smile.

I sent the poem to Steph, one of Larry’s daughters who was helping with Larry’s funeral. I wondered if we could use the words some way for the service. 

A bit of back and forth with Steve and Larry’s family, and the poem became a song.

Steve performed the song at the service and had everyone singing along. Larry would have loved it.

Here are the words. The home-made video follows.

Ode To Larry Pickering

By Steve Mannix

Each one of us has laughed at his cartoons

He loved our Aussie Flag – red, white and blue

He kept the bastard honest

He had a cheeky little grin

We’re gonna miss you Larry Pickering

We’re gonna miss you Larry Pickering

He almost won the flamin’ Melbourne Cup

In ’83 when At Talaq got up

The jockey didn’t listen

To a thing that Larry said

So Larry smacked the jockey in the head

We’ll miss you, Larry

You were our mate

Say g’day to Peter

Up at Heaven’s gate

We’ll miss you Larry

And to you now we’ll sing

We’re gonna miss you, Larry Pickering

We’re gonna miss you, Larry Pickering

The Walkley is the Oscar of his trade

It really is the highest accolade

It says that you’re the best

The envy of the rest

The Walkley many times shared Larry’s name

The Walkley many times shared Larry’s name

He loved to piss the politicians off

He cartooned all PMs including Gough

He stuck it to them daily

He didn’t miss a trick

Oh and Malcolm, there’s a message for you...

Larry says that you’re a dick

We’ll miss you, Larry

You were our mate

Say g’day to Peter

Up at Heaven’s gate

We’ll miss you Larry and to you I sing

We’re gonna miss you Larry Pickering

We’ll miss you, Larry

You were our mate.

Say g’day to Peter

Up at Heaven’s gate

Steve has three albums of Australian songs. Ode to Larry Pickering will be on his next album.

Albums available at:

You can Like Steve's public Facebook page for updates on tours and his next album:


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I've known for awhile but haven't checked in.
I will definitely miss him bigtime.
I hope they have crayons upstairs. It might rain Pickerings once in a while. Hope so.
Travel well, Larry.


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