The Pickering Post
Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


“Road accidents kill more Americans than terrorists”, said Obama, again determined to play down Islamic terrorism in the wake of yet another school massacre. Gun crimes kill more Americans than um... well, if you include 9/11 and Obama’s "workplace incidents” it’s less than 4,000 Americans who have died on home soil at the hands of terrorists compared to almost 10,000 violent gun deaths so far this year. That’s sort of correct Mr President, but 7,500 of those 10,000 were suicides.

Road fatalities (which, per capita, are around the same as ours) amount to 34,000 per annum. So stop comparing apples to apricots and start dealing with things that can be changed! The 2nd Amendment (the right to bear arms) can never be changed because the NRA and the Republicans will always pack more punch than the Democrats.

I mean what better way to top yourself than with a bullet to the brain? One would think it’s very quick and practically painless! So if Obama was able to do a Howard and rid America of most of its guns (Howard confiscated 650,000 of them) then fewer deaths would result from guns! Right? Of course that’s right... and if you confiscate knives, fewer people would die from stabbings, if you confiscate motor vehicles there would be fewer deaths from road accidents!

Youths’ weapon of choice is now a knife. Practically every hood with his jeans around his knees and displaying the latest brand of underpants, packs a knife!  

But what about all those poor bastards who need to top themselves? Don’t they have rights too? I mean they made up three quarters of all gun deaths and now, without guns, they are forced to resort to scary bridges or ropes or poisons and things!

Of the five people I have known to commit suicide in the past few years only one was able to get hold of a gun! The others had a rather uncomfortable death.

When anti-terrorism squads earlier this year told cartoonist Bill Leak and myself we were booked to be beheaded by someone called Australi, I found it almost impossible to get hold of a hand gun... no help from the police, I was supposed to defend my family with a seven iron.

I was charged $4,000 on the black market for a similar hand gun that cost me $80 in South Africa. Everyone owns a gun there. And Australia’s six separate Security Agencies, umpteen different police squads and the AFP, who are all competing for budget allocations, dare not talk to each other or share any information... therefore it took a lone newspaper reporter to locate the source of the threat who is now in an American slammer.

So, Howard created a new black market in guns all right and, post Port Arthur, how many gun deaths per year, per 100,000 of population do you reckon there are now in Australia?  The answer is around one, (or a total of 230) compared to the US 10 and Venezuela 60. Port Arthur’s 35 deaths in 1996 were a bump for one year only.

Howard claims his moratorium caused a substantial drop in gun deaths. True, but this “drop” was coming off a miniscule base anyway and 74% of his statistic was due to the drop in suicides, leaving figures approximately what they were prior to Port Arthur, and an awful lot of people choosing more nasty ways of suiciding, including suicide by cop.

The figure of three and a half thousand licensed hand guns in Australia right now would be swamped by the black market firearms on the streets of Western Sydney.

The one inescapable statistic is this: Ban guns and only baddies will get them leaving the goodies with only seven irons for protection. 


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Weak, gutless, spineless and treacherous 'leaders' need not fear being terrorist targets. Such cowards are best kept in power as they can be brought and intimidate. Strong Leaders HAVE TO GO !!


Dear Friends,

I am writing to ask for your active support in the following, urgent matter.

As you will be aware, The Hon Geert Wilders MP is the guest of honour and keynote speaker at our upcoming formal launch event on 20 October 2015 in Perth. This is the formal start date for our party and the day we will introduce our first endorsed Senate candidates to members and the media.

Last week we learned from Mr Wilders’ office that his Australian visitor visa has not been issued yet.

This is contrary to public assurances by the responsible minister (see attached) that Mr Wilders would have ‘green light’ for this year’s visit to Australia and despite all requested information and statements submitted by his office weeks ago. Now diplomatic channels between The Hague and Canberra have become involved. We cannot imagine the government of the Netherlands would ever give an elected Australian member of parliament and opposition leader such unfriendly treatment.

Neither the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, nor the Minister responsible have responded to urgent communications last week. The Minister responsible is The Hon Peter Dutton MP (LNP), member for Dickson in the north of Brisbane.

We now ask friends and supporters to put in calls to both the Minister’s office in Canberra and his office in Gympie on the following numbers:

Canberra Office (02) 6277 7860 - Queensland Office (07) 3205 9977

Should lines be engaged, please try over the next hours and days. Please be polite to staff answering the phones. Ask to convey to Minister Dutton that he should come good on his public assurance and extend the basic courtesy elected members of Australian parties would appreciate when visiting friendly countries.

Supporters in and around Brisbane may wish to visit the minister’s electorate office and ask staff there to kindly convey the same message to Minister Dutton. His office is at Shop 3, 199 Gympie Road, Strathpine QLD 4500.

Be friendly and courteous, please. The Minister’s actions are not the fault of his staff. Attached is further information you may find useful. Please feel encouraged to share this information with your connections, on social media sites and the local media in your area.

Yours in Liberty

Ralf Schumann
Party Secretary

Background information
Article “Geert Wilders cleared to visit Australia for party launch” The Australian 3 August 2015


Australian Liberty Alliance Ltd
PO Box 260 | South Melbourne | Victoria 3205
Phone 1300 188 869 | Facsimile 03 9012 4549
ABN 986 019 780 63

obama's plan for gun control is vastly different to what most presume are his motives. America's civilian gun ownership is the world biggest army. He wants to disarm that army so he can seize control and the populus could do nothing about it. Why anyone would listen to that lying peace of pig shit is beyond me. People shouldn't worry about taking out Assad, for the good of America and the world, obama should be taken out.


Turnbull will further curtail our freedom of speech ..... and this PP blog will become illegal

I hope Larry that you are looking at offshore hosts where Australian law does not reach.

You faithful followers can then use Tor or a VPN to read and comment anonymously

Our free speech must survive ...

Good point, Goldi.

some years ago before migrating to Australia, I saw a debate on TV about the gun issue. The pro-gun side was represented by an army general, the anti-gun side by some emotional greeny alternative that made Christine Milne look like a beauty queen, whose only argument (stuck record) was that guns kill people, which the general repeatedly and calmly corrected.
Eventually, the general said: "Lady, may I ask you a question?", which she agreed to.
He continued: "Just because you are equipped to be a prostitute, does that mean you are one? There was an awkward moment of silence when the program was interrupted with an ad break and not to be resumed...

So… if we need to ban guns because they kill people, do we need to ban spoons too because they make people obese?

This YouTube channel has heaps on the subject

johnny Depp is a Female! (proof)

I don't believe Joan died.

KW, holy-wood and the entertainment industry is full of them. Marilyn Monroe was also a Tranny

It is a trite old saying but most appropriate: "outlaw guns and only outlaws will have guns".

kW, Joan is also a Tranny!

Many are willing to adopt. To compare the 100,000 unborn children killed per year in Australia with a handful of "living, functioning, contributing" killed is out of kilter. The pros and cons of abortion have been argued at length, by laymen, idiots, geniuses, politicians, educated, illiterates, knowledgeable, ignoramuses, Supreme Court judges....and there is no point in regurgitating those arguments here. And, as LP points out, criminals and him, and I, can buy guns at will. The people who buy guns legally are not those who "shoot people going about their daily lives". What about my right to protect myself and my family in my own home? I can't do that with a 7 iron - in SA to have a 7 iron for the purpose of self-defence is a criminal offence carrying a gaol sentence. I don't play golf.

Yes, it should be easier to get a gun than an abortion, in USA, in Australia, everywhere. Abortions should be extremely hard to get - like South Australians were promised they would be when the legislation was first enacted, but then came the slippery-slope to on-demand at any age, even after birth.

No,she's right,Clinton....either way your fucked.

"Ban guns and only baddies will get them ". But you got one and you are a goodie, no?

smells like a horse walks like a horse jumps like a horse neighs like a horse thinks all things green are good..????

Socialist LNP .... destroying Australia's future ... selling us out

Obama and the share price of the Smith and Wesson Holding Corp.(SWHC) the small arms manufacturer in the United States.

Makers of the Model 686 .357 Magnum - Smith & Wesson in the photo above.
See the above revolver (it is not a semi-auto) in Action: World Record 12 Shots In Under 3 Seconds:

Anyhow, When Obama was first elected in November 2008, the Share Price of SWHC was $2.07

On the Ist of Sept. 2015 the Share Price f SWHCwas $17.19.

This equates to a rise in the Share Price of Smith and Wesson of 747%.

Yes a 747% gain.

Obama has been a boon to arms industry in America. and Wesson Holdings&gws_rd=ssl.