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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


I’d like to pay tribute to Barack Hussein Obama and his incredible legacy. Obama is a Muslim. I’m not just saying that, he really is. According to the Islamic faith, if your father is a Muslim then you are too. Obama’s father was a Muslim. 

That doesn’t mean that he is a practicing Muslim or that he is working to advance an Islamic agenda. To determine that, we would have to look at his actions. 

His predecessors, George Bush 1 & 2 toppled a pro-American brutal dictator in Iraq. By doing so, they unleashed the forces of radical Islam in that country. 

Blind Freddie could see that this was an epic fail and Obama and his radical Left power base clapped their hands with glee. Every victim murdered by radical Muslims was laid at the feet of George Bush and the Neo-Cons and fair enough too.

To his credit however, George Dubya eventually wised up and put enough boots on the ground to stabilise the situation. He put Iraq on the road to a workable, if far from perfect, compromise. 

If Obama had any shame whatsoever, you would have expected him to have practised what he preached and left the Middle East well alone. Instead, he did the opposite.

Barely had he unpacked his golf clubs in the Oval Office than he launched a campaign to destabilise the regime of every American ally in the Middle East. The result was initially heralded as “The Arab Spring.” 

The Egyptians were among the first out of the gate. They joyously celebrated their new found freedom by pack raping an unfortunately naïve CBS news girl called Lara Logan. The Egyptian doctors refused to treat the traumatised Ms Logan after hearing a rumour that she was Jewish.

It may be a stretch to call Lara Logan lucky. Compared to the US Ambassador to Libya however, she got away pretty lightly. Buoyed by his “success” in overthrowing staunch US ally Hosni Mubarak and replacing his Government with Al-Qaeda’s parent organisation (The Muslim Brotherhood), Obama turned his attention to Libya. 

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was no great friend to the West. He was however a pragmatist. 
After seeing what George W did to Saddam he became far more conciliatory. He was keeping a lid on radicals in his country and posed little threat to America. Clearly he had to go. Once more, Obama used US muscle and influence to help Al-Qaeda rebels to overthrow this “legitimate” ruler. 

In an exuberant display of Islamic gratitude, the rebels attacked the American Consulate in Benghazi killing the Ambassador and three others in the process. 

Iraq fared little better. Al- Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) had been beaten into irrelevance under George Bush. 
Obama’s celebrated troop withdrawal from a recently stabilised Iraq left a huge power vacuum. Thanks to Barry, AQI were able to regroup and rebranded themselves as ISIS. Within weeks they were able to overrun swathes of territory and rout the Iraqi army which proved to have little backbone without American backup.

They have since used this territory as a launching pad for horrific terror attacks throughout the Western world.

So why do I want to celebrate Barry’s legacy? Because The Islamic State was always going to happen. 

Islam is a journey and ISIS is the destination. 

What Obama has done is to bring that destination forward so that people can now see where this journey ends. 

Every time the Islamic State commits an atrocity, more people start to question the politically correct drivel they have been fed.  

People are waking up and getting angry. If the navy had changed the Chaplains' hat badges five years ago, no one would have commented on it. Today it sets off a firestorm of protests. Everywhere I go, people are angry and looking for answers. 

Eight years ago, if I had predicted that the leading presidential candidate would be standing on a platform that included banning Islamic immigration into the USA, people would have laughed at me. 
No one is laughing today; particularly the Democrats.

Have a look at recent newspaper articles. When some dumb politician declares that Islam is a religion of peace, thousands of comments follow... 99% of them explode with anger. Importantly, the people commenting are educated. They know about the Koran, they know about the Hadith, they know about Taquiya. 

Obama’s legacy is called Donald Trump. Trump’s ascendency is a direct result of these informed people. Many of them are informed because of Obama’s promotion of (or at the very least, lack of resistance to) the radical Islamic agenda. 

As Thomas Jefferson once said, “A nation which wants to remain ignorant and free, wants what never was and never will be.” Americans, like Australians are losing their ignorance of this subject quickly. 

The more Australians are educated on this subject, the better the politicians we will get. Pickering Post readers are leading the nation in this endeavour. Many of you have bought multiple copies of my book. Many more are posting on facebook and introducing people to websites such as Religion of Peace. Lots of you have contacted your MP’s demanding they become educated themselves.
This is how we will take back our country. This work is incredibly important for our children’s future. We now have Liberal MPs admitting that there is a problem with Islam. As the rise of ALA starts to show up in the polls, we will see politicians, and particularly the Liberals, taking a much closer look at this subject. 

Please keep up your great work. We will win. How soon and how much suffering we will have to endure depends on our efforts to wake up those who are still in denial. 

The efforts that you have made so far have been amazing.

Things will only get easier from here.


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Catholics, Jews and Islam are all good mates –
The embrace: Pope Francis and his friends, Omar and Abraham
When Pope Francis embraced Rabbi Abraham Skorka and Argentinean Muslim leader Omar Abboud in front of Jerusalem's Wailing Wall last year, it was an iconic scene. But as Rachael Kohn reports, the trio’s relationship goes much deeper than a photo op.
“……When the three of them visited the wall and the pope inserted a prayer between the stones, as is customary Jewish practice, before spontaneously turning to his friends and embracing them, it was an unforgettable moment for Abboud.
'For me for this moment… my life is not the same after this. I live this like a believer. I believe I understand the vision of Abraham. Religion is a revelation for every day, and you must discover. And discover is not only when you read a scholar. This vision is [discovered] when you read yourself from the inside.'
For Skorka, 'the hug', as he refers to it, was a demonstration of understanding and of peace in the Middle East. But there was another high point for Skorka on that trip, Francis' unprecedented act of laying a wreath of flowers on the tomb of Theodore Herzl, the founder of Zionism. No other pope had done that, and in acknowledging Herzl, Skorka felt Francis really understood the meaning of Israel for the Jewish people.
It could have been viewed as a political act but Skorka, who previously penned an extensive article in Vatican newspaper Osservatore Romano about the meaning of Zionism for Jews, knows differently.
'The difference between Bergoglio and the other Catholic leaders or leaders from other religions is that he is very open minded,' he says. 'This is the point. He listens, he analyses, he understands, and he tries to do the utmost and best that he can.'
Abboud puts it more succinctly: 'The pope is the spiritual authority of the modern world.'

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