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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Defeating the enemy is best achieved by walking in his shoes for a day to discover what he fears most. That then should become the blue-print for his destruction.

With the last US combat soldier leaving Afghanistan this week the irrepressible, opium- and Saudi-financed Taliban warlords are geared to renew their genocidal atrocities on their own women and children.

The West can ill-afford another marauding ISIS, but that’s exactly what it will get unless it swallows its pride, admits its disastrous mistakes and accepts that the enemies of its enemies can, at least for a moment in time, be its friends.

The ISIS can be destroyed in a weekend, with the assistance of Syria, Iran and Russia. Forget Israel, it has proved time and again that it is capable of looking after itself.

Forget Turkey, it is already assisting the ISIS by buying its heavily discounted stolen oil and refusing American air bases on its soil from which attacks could be efficiently launched against the ISIS.

Turkey has shown its hand by refusing to assist its Kurds, Christians and the Yazidis who revere both the Koran and the Bible (the worst of all possible crimes against Islam).

Turkish soldiers sit atop their tanks, sucking on their cigarettes while enjoying watching the ISIS slaughter the residents of Kobani. Refugees trying to flee Syria are forced back with Turkish gunfire. Those who have already escaped into Turkey are faced with destitution and are not allowed to return to assist their trapped and starving families.

Forget the Saudis, they are too busy killing off US oil and gas self-sufficiency, and further exploration, with a sub $60 per barrel price while building a $3 trillion Western food tax to fill its own financial shortfall.

Take the lid off the worst of crimes committed against the West and there you will find the Wahhabi Saudis, plotting yet another Al Queda movement against the West.

This filthy oil-rich State’s contribution (sop) to the US coalition against ISIS? It has agreed to allow training camps on its soil for “moderate” Syrian fighters. Yeah, right!

No, the West has no genuine allies in the Middle-East apart from Israel who now looks askance at Obama and his claim that, “There is no prettier sound on Earth than the Islamic call to prayer”.

US bungling has left Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Syria and now Afghanistan leaderless and in turmoil and with the blood of a million men, women and children staining its hands. Islam can never be defeated but the status quo can be reset with a little lateral forethought.

The old arch enemy, Russia: But is it really the enemy we think it is? Suffering a dud deal under Stalin and losing millions dead, it still fought back on the Eastern front and defeated the Nazis.

During part of the cold war a silly little clown called Nikita Krushchev tried on Kennedy with a failed missile delivery to Communist Cuba, who Obama now seeks to embrace.

The breakup of the Union left Russia isolated with NATO on one side and the US on the other with a hostile Ukraine keeping the cream of Soviet Russia’s assets including the Crimean warm-water port that moors its naval fleet.

It copped a verbal lashing from the West when it took back the peninsular but Russia has still been denied land access to its own fleet.

Ukraine owes billions for oil to Russia and now taps into the pipeline to Europe to steal what it needs. So Obama whacked on economy-destroying sanctions while Poroshenko shelled the shit out of Russian towns to the East and refused to allow Putin entry.    

The US was foaming at the mouth in moral outrage that Russia would presume to send food and medicine to the people of eastern Ukraine. After having finally agreed to the aid convoy, and after Russia had provided all the documentation and inspections required, Kiev stood firm with the West’s blessing.  Putin finally said, “To hell with it, we're going in”. And he did, Kiev then cried “Invasion!”.

Russia has since sent five more such convoys with much-needed supplies for a people whose homes are shelled daily by Kiev's forces.

Abbott said he will shirtfront Putin because some hoon sent a heat-seeking missile after a Kiev warplane which missed and continued on to MH-17. The world was again in uproar, claiming Putin would not allow access, but no mention of the fact that MH-17’s wreckage landed on Ukrainian soil.

Obama, who believes the sun shines out of the unelected tyrant Poroshenko’s backside, invited him to address Congress sending a further message to Putin that he may as well neck himself.

Obama is further infuriated by Putin’s treatment of trouble-making Muslims. Embattled Russians now live 20 years less than Germans and average 25 per cent of their savings. The Rouble is stuffed, the sanctions are biting, its oil receipts have dropped 60 per cent and inflation is rampant... but only for the poor Russian people. Dom Perignon and Beluga caviar is still available in the Kremlin cafe

Just what exactly does the West expect the once great bear to do? Go into permanent hibernation?

One of the West’s many other “tyrant” targets, Syria’s Bashar Assad, has Putin’s support in attempting to rid Syria of Al Queda insurgents which have morphed into the ISIS after having failed to topple Assad, despite CIA support.

Can Obama possibly be serious about killing off the ISIS menace? He could do it easily with combat troops, but no!  Even easier with Syrian and Russian help. Iran also is chomping on the bit to get its hands on the murderous Sunni ISIS mob, but the US has sanctioned them too because they dared to try to develop what Pakistan and North Korea have already developed... a nuclear capability.

Shiite Iran is no threat to the West. It threatens to drive Israel into the sea but couldn’t even win a war with Iraq’s Saddam Hussein. It develops its own weapons systems, helicopters and warplanes, which ensures it’s never in the arms race, and when it makes minimal nuclear progress Israel bombs the crap out of it, the US pours on more sanctions, and it has to start over again.

Blimey teddy, who is in charge in the US war room? Ronald McDonald?

So the West continues to suffer ISIS-inspired terrorism because Abu Bakir al-Baghdadi is allowed the freedom to carry on like a reincarnated prophet Mohammed while Obama studies a four foot putt on the island of Oahu.

The enemies of our enemy should be our friends, if only part-time, but the hard bit is working out who the hell are the enemies and friends of the US.

If it was Churchill’s war room he would have aligned Russia, Syria and Iran against the Islamic threat and then sorted out his fair dinkum allies later. 


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Just for balance and fairness did you one for:
The name: TONY ABBOTT is an anagram for __________.
The name: CLIVE PALMER is an anagram for __________.
The name: SARAH HANSON-YOUNG is an anagram for __________.
The name: JACQUI LAMBE is an anagram for __________.
The name: MALCOLM T6URNBULL is an anagram for __________.
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