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Thursday, 21st February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


And now the stench of negroid methane still lingers over a Middle Eastern powderkeg that is certain to erupt into full-scale war with the involvement of major powers, the US and Russia. This is yet another reason Trump must make peace with Putin and quickly. 


Here’s the problem: Russia is allied with both Iran and Syria and supplies both with military equipment designed to shoot down Israeli and US warplanes. 

The US under Obama and aligned with a crab-walking Saudi Arabia wanted yet another regime change in Syria and Bashar Assad banished. But Assad was democratically elected (well democratically in an Islamic sense) despite the rebel Syrian army’s uprising. 

Putin has done Obama like a dog’s licked dinner plate. It was he, not Trump, who rid Syria of ISIS in its al Raqqa headquarters, and now Trump needs Putin’s help to solve the current mess to avoid all-out war, so he is right to veto further Russian sanctions, allowing at least for a chance of meaningful talks.

Obama, Kerry and Clinton (above) dealt a compact with the devil assuring Iran and thus                                   North Korea of nuclear capacity within a decade. 

Iran has always worked in concert with north Korea’s nuclear progress. In return for the misguided nuclear deal these three mentally retarded galahs expected Iran to act responsibly in the meantime. 

Putin was peeing in his pants … he knows the word “responsibility” does not appear in                                                            the Iranian lexicon.

Ali Khomeini Someprick was still screaming “Death to America… Death to Israel” during                                                    the signing ceremony.

Shia Iran has now predictably moved missiles across a shattered Iraq and into Syria, just as Israel’s Netanyahu (above) predicted when he pleaded with a deaf UN to                                get Obama to reverse his insane deal with Iran. No-one listened.

This now places Iran’s missiles on Syria’s and Labanon’s northern borders with Israel… the State they have vowed for decades to drive into the Mediterranean, and you’d be excused for thinking Obama wanted the exact same thing.

Meanwhile Israel is bombing the crap out of Iranian drone installations while Iran is shooting down its jets over Israel. Drones can only mean one thing... reconnaissance to attain GPS coordinates of the locations they want their warheads to land, sites like the Knesset.

                   Israeli jet shot down by Iran over Israeli airspace on the weekend

Trump will now renege on the Obama deal with Iran and back Israel in a war that will likely last a little longer than six days this time. Trump should already be in Airforce One and on the way to Moscow because he cannot afford (and can avoid) direct confrontation with Putin. They need to talk as at least “pretend” best friends.

Unlike Obama and that dickhead John Kerry (above) who intends a Presidential run in 2020, Trump and Mattis have the intelligence, in more ways than one, to get this solved before Netanyahu drops a nuclear warhead on Teheran.

Thank God for Trump, because the question might be asked, WTF would Hillary Clinton be doing in response to an all-out Middle Eastern nuclear war?

                                    …taking the dog for another walk maybe?



I thought the "woman" in the photo was some Abo gin wearing the Abo colours. Turns out it is Obama's lady boy wife, Michael.

Everybody saying sorry today. Joyce sorry for his behaviour and hurt to family and backers, Turnbull rabbiting on repeating Rudds ten year sorry call. Shorten sorry to Aboriginals with promise of fortunes if Labor win election and Rudd not to outdone repeating his sorry of ten years ago. One of these days Australia might grow up and start behaving like adults

Liar Barnaby Joyce and his pregnant fiancee in her fraudulently created $190,000 dollar job, and all of those who conspired to create that very job, need to resign or be sacked now.

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Just came back from a cruise to NZ and found we were in a floating Nursing Home. People like blind people, very frail people, people with oxygen tanks, wheelchairs, wheelers and walking sticks were the order of the day and morbidly obese people were not far behind. If the ship had an incident they could not get these people in the lifeboats. Next time we will go on a cruise in school holidays as I would rather be around ankle biters than the near dead.

Not the slightest bit interested, and other than as a radio "news item" and a local paper story of a local who is over there, I have heard nothing from any lips whatsoever.

Ooops KOF, be careful. Your bias is showing. Your team is not supposed to be critical. Criticism is only OK for the other lot.

Its all good says Barnaby, trust me and has Malcolm Turnbulls approval? Married 'family man', irregular Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Jöyce, while pörking his young mistress dreams up an amazing $190,000 job for her without the usual 'competitive selection process' and hides this from his trusting new england electorate, who fallaciously voted for this most undesirable man? Barnaby shacks up with her and a benevolent business man then pays struggling Barnaby's rent for him, $14,000 dollars, because poor Barnaby is such a good bloke? Not long ago Gina Rhinehart also gives struggling Barnaby $40,000 dollars for being such a good bloke too and the next day after public outcry Barnaby is shamed into giving Gina the $40,000 dollars back, at the very time Barnaby had the generous $40,000 dollars already spent on his family farm...according to Josh Frydenberg nothing to see here. Barnaby's centrelink 'bludgers' having difficulty finding a job or ever buying a house would be livid by this gross hypocrisy by the corrupt liberal government.

All of labor is "Re-Joycing".

All of labor is "Re-Joycing".

Shame, Joyce, shame!

Remember Lord Haw Haw ,his name was Joyce could be a relative both arsehole turncoats.

They are the world's greatest hypocrites.

Nearly as boring as horse racing.

well, that puts Barnaby one step above Tony Bourke who never apologized for his efforts. Not that the media ever cared about that though.

This has become the sanctimonious windbag mob picnic.

VERY IMPORTANT new post up ....

Wonder how many affairs Mark Riley's wife has had to put up with being shackled to him? Suzanne Mostyn (journalista/social commentator).

Labour has defended its decision to ban heterosexual white men from its equality conference. The party is facing a backlash for saying attendees must self-define as disabled, LGBT, a woman, or from an ethnic minority background.