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Friday, 14th December 2018

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... to Israel's horror

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Ground troops will wipe out the Islamic State but what then? As long as the West fails to understand Islam's evil it will continue to fail to combat the worst of its atrocities. Shias and Sunnis are Islamic just as Catholics and Protestants are Christian and regime change in Iraq from Sunni to Shia presents exactly the same problem but from a different direction.

Barack Obama hasn’t figured it out yet. The last war between Iran and Iraq was a Sunni/Shia war. Their systemic hatred of each other led to Iraq using ballistic missiles to shower chemical poisons on Tehran and Iran to use children to clear mine fields by forcing them to run ahead of their tanks.

Iraq held weapons superiority over Iran due to Western loans of $80 billion but Iran’s tactical superiority levelled the playing field to a stalemate after eight years and millions dead.

With this conflict as a background the US defeated the Sunni Ba’athist Party power structure of Saddam Hussein and left a Shia, al-Maliki, in charge with the help of a southern Shia majority.

A foreseeable disaster to everyone, except the US.

Undeterred, the US has now endorsed yet another Shia, PM al-Abidi, to replace the non-inclusive al-Maliki. And guess what! The Iranians have also endorsed the new Shia PM and have been crossing their borders to help fight their old enemy the Sunnis, who in retaliation to the regime change have now become the Islamic State.

Of course the disenfranchised Sunnis in the north have joined ISIS and the Shia military are being summarily executed or have dropped their guns and are running for their lives while trying to change uniforms.

[How does ISIS identify Sunni from Shia? Easy, they are told to pray. Sunnis and Shia pray to Allah differently and those exposed as Shia are immediately confined to mass graves.]

But hang on, Iran is the enemy of the US, it plans to wipe Israel off the map, so WTF is it doing helping the US defeat ISIS when Iran itself is the subject of vicious US sanctions over its nuclear capacity, likely to be knocked out again by the Israelis backed by the US?

Obama, scratching his self-imposed grey hair, has now written a series of appreciative letters to Tehran welcoming their involvement. (Although the exact content of the letters remains classified.) 

And now the other arch enemy of the US, Syria’s Assad, might also be checking his letter box, because he too is helping to kill Islamic State fighters, while US ally, Turkey, refuses to take sides.

It’s really tough having an ally like the US. It insists on Middle East intervention when it has no concept of the consequences. Intelligence is lacking both on the ground and in the heads of the CIA and military brass.

“Al-Queda has been all but destroyed”, said Barack, (who was actually training and supplying arms to the ISIS, via the CIA, to defeat Assad) but Al-Queda is alive and well, fragmented and more dangerous, under a dozen different names in north Africa, including the Khorosan who now operates in Raqqa, northern Syria, with the ISIS. Excuse the language but what a fucking mess.

But nowhere near the debacle yet to be confronted in Afghanistan once the US departs that little incendiary cesspit. Despicable Shariah Law will certainly be reimposed by the patient Taliban who will make the ISIS onslaught look like a Sunday school picnic, with the support of northern Pakistan.

The one consistent thread weaving its way through Middle East conflicts is Islam and the quickest way to get it here is to get involved there.

But it is already here and the quickest way to embolden it is to appease it! 

...and that’s exactly what we are doing.


King, regarding the sheep, there are two types of people in this world, some are sheep and some are sheepdogs. trouble with the theory is that some of the sheep (quite a lot) think that they are now I am confused as to which to do...go baaa or go wooof?

correction, "without"

You give yourself away Mr O'Malley. Think I'll steer clear of you because you seem bizarre.. "I don't have the patience..." Who are you to think anyone cares about your patience and just a bit too much use of extreme, over the top insult to be taken as a credible expert. People who do know what they are talking about take a much calmer approach, you know, with the hysterics.

The KING is right. Well laid out O'Malley, spot on in every analysis.

Just because you have read a couple of books and websites doesn't mean anyone has to believe you, whoever you are. People make up and say all sorts of things. Final sentence shows you are sarcastic. People who really are knowledgeable and intelligent don't stoop to it. Get over yourself.

Why do we align ourselves so closely with the USA? In 2011, Republican presidential candidate Republican Ron Paul, an advocate of limited government and a more modest military footprint claimed (correctly and probably conservatively) that the USA was “… in 130 countries…with 900 bases around the world. We're going broke.” He added “What would we do if another country, say, China, did to us what we do to all those countries over there?" The US military reportedly has over 160,000 of its active-duty personnel serving outside the United States and its territories and an additional 110,000 deployed in various contingency operations. Since 1890 the USA has been involved on over 130 military interventions overseas. Why do we have to so closely align ourselves with this bellicose nation?

ASEAN grew out of the Association of South East Asia first formed in 1961. During the 1990s, the bloc experienced an increase in both membership and drive for further integration, growing to 10 nation membership in 1999.

In 1990, Malaysia proposed the creation of an East Asia Economic Caucus comprising the then members of ASEAN as well as the People's Republic of China, Japan, and South Korea, with the intention of counterbalancing the growing influence of the United States in APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation) and in the Asian region as a whole.

This proposal failed, however, because of heavy opposition from the United States and Japan. Despite this failure, member states continued to work for further integration and ASEAN Plus Three was created in 1997 adding China, Japan and South Korea totalling 13 nations.

More recently, the US has avowed determination to maintain their self-perceived ‘primacy’ in the South East Asian region, regardless of how viewed by regional nations. In Defence White Paper 2013, Australia vowed virtually unqualified support for US regional intentions.

Australia’s foreign relations with Asian-Pacific nations have largely been abysmal. We crapped on Fiji at behest of the dinosaur British Commonwealth, have seriously compromised the integrity of PNG, Nauru and potentially Cambodia through inappropriate lodgement of misfit asylum seekers on their shores, bullied East Timor regarding territorial and resource issues and alienated Indonesia in some respects. All very unsmart when nations mentioned, except Fiji, have association with ASEAN.

Australia cementing even closer involvement with the US in multiple respects will inevitably cause us to become more of a pariah State in the ASEAN region than we are already.

On Remembrance Day, we honour in a minutes silence,.. those who were injured or died in defence of our country while repelling our enemies.

We should not forget Australians who died in subsequent wars – Korean,..Vietnam, ..Iraq and Afghanistan.

Tomorrow,...we should contemplate for a minute,.. the effortless invasion of Australia and the west by muslims without them firing a shot..

Have we grown too soft and complacent ?

Lest we forget.

ha ha... yeh... :-) Putin must be shitting himself?! not...


feel free Kev. I like a good tossing and turning.

Oh Sandra you wound me with your erudite turn of phrase I shall ponder your pronouncements long and hard. I shall draw comparisons between skilled eloquence and dogma and tenet and see what I come up with.

I think he has nailed it actually Kevin, you sure dont get out much do you? Sometimes the vernacular is all thats left to describe bullshit. You know, its sometimes best to serve crap to crap, and that my dear fellow is what sailor is skilled at doing. He is quite capable of eloquence, but chooses to fire cow patts at shit heads

Oh sailor you are so erudite and learned, tell me what university did you attend?

yes embarrassingly so Gunther, like this below, Its a bit long and I have posted it on the Halal article (feeling a bit thingy because its so off topic, but you know, someone has to stay on the craps back.. lest we all drown in the bullshit being dished up by the MSM and current Western suck up the bum machine.

The MH17 is no longer fun for the Media, its no longer a good place for a good Reds Under the Bed story is it? But lest we forget? So...when will this ‘SICK’ comedy of idiots end? He hates me, oops, he loves me, (when he finds out he blabbed too soon)...

First we have this - From the Australian today “Abbot said “There were 38 Australians murdered when MH17 was brought down. It was not a trag¬edy, it was an atrocity, it was a crime and Russia has said it will do everything it can to bring the ¬perpetrators to justice. Good on Russia for saying that and I will just be looking for an assurance from the President that what they said then they meant and what they said then is what they still say now.”
Bill Shorten said that after talking tough, Mr Abbott was now singing a different tune.
“I don’t think families ever wanted Abbott to threaten to shirt-front Putin; they just wanted their government to be doing everything it can to get all the information it can from the Russians,’’ the Opposition Leader said.
“It does defy belief that the Russians don’t know more than they’re saying about this devastating tragedy. If one brain snap from Tony Abbott means President Putin pays short shrift to Australia’s demands for answers, then that is hugely worrying, and I sincerely hope that’s not the case.’’

Then we can do a quick google to Voltaire and read this!. So ... the Russians ‘dont know’ more than they are saying? Does he mean ‘we dont like what the Russians are telling us because it fucks up the narrative we are being shoved ? I tink so... Looks like the Russians know plenty...

See here and ask yourself why you have not seen ‘what they know’ published in any Western Media?

“The Russian experts has already gathered all available data and released the Incident Report on MH17 tragedy back in mid-August this year. Its full text in English was already published by Voltaire Network [3]. Its concluding points are as follows (abstracts):
“9.1. In relation to the circumstances of the crash of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 jet.
At 17.17-17.20, the Boeing 777 was in Ukrainian airspace near the city of Donetsk at the height of 10100 m. An unidentified combat aircraft (presumably a Su-25 or MiG -29), which was a tier below, on a collision course, in the cloud layer, sharply gained altitude and suddenly appeared out of the clouds in front of the civilian aircraft and opened fire on the cockpit, firing from a 30 mm caliber cannon or smaller.
As a result of multiple hits from shells there was damage to the cockpit, which suddenly depressurized, resulting in instant death for the crew due to mechanical influences and decompression. The attack was sudden and lasted a fraction of a second; in such circumstances the crew could not sound any alarm as the flight had been proceeding in regular mode and no attack was expected.
Since neither the engines or hydraulic system, nor other devices required for the continuation of the flight were out of commission, the Boeing 777, running on autopilot (as is standard), continued on its horizontal flight path, perhaps gradually losing altitude.
The pilot of the unidentified combat aircraft maneuvered to the rear of the Boeing 777. After that, the unidentified plane remained on the combat course, the pilot provided a target tracking aircraft equipment, took aim and launched his R-60 or R-73 missiles.
The result was a loss of cabin pressure, the aircraft control system was destroyed, the autopilot failed, the aircraft lost the ability to maintain its level flight path, and went into a tailspin. The resulting overload led to mechanical failure of the airframe at high altitudes.
The aircraft, according to the information available from the flight recorders, broke up in the air, but this is possible only in the case of a vertical fall from a height of ten thousand meters, which can only happen when the maximum permissible overload is exceeded. One reason for stalling and going into a tailspin is the inability of the crew to control the aircraft as a result an emergency in the cockpit and the subsequent instantaneous depressurization of the cockpit and the passenger cabin. The aircraft broke up at a high altitude, which explains the fact that the wreckage was scattered over the territory of more than 15 square kilometers.
9.2. In relation to the party responsible for the death of 283 passengers and 15 crew members.
On 17.07.2014, the armed forces of the self-proclaimed Donetsk National Republic had no relevant combat aircraft capable of destroying an aerial target similar to the Boeing 777, nor the necessary airfield network, nor the means of radar detection, targeting and tracking.
No combat aircraft of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation violated the airspace of Ukraine, which the Ukrainian side confirms as well as third parties who conduct space surveillance over the situation in Ukraine and in its airspace.
To establish the truth, it is necessary to objectively and impartially investigate all the circumstances of the destruction of the Malaysian Boeing 777, to interview the thousands of citizens who may have seen something.”

You are right Bushranger, it is scary and a worry.

The only dick in hand is yours s2.

Abbott & Co. seem to be clamouring to act more like the US 51st State, just dancing to their tune in the Middle East while not being prepared to tackle the fundamental problems we have created in Australia concerning so-called multiculturalism. A couple of Americans who were formerly highly placed within US administrations are now employed by influential agencies in Australia and our puppet status is seemingly becoming more entrenched. Scary and demoralizing!

Another well thought out assessment. We need brains like yours in Parliament Larry.

Sort of off topic but maybe not....For the weapons buffs here.... most interesting. What made the US Navy cringe and run home to mummy recently? The puts perspective on 'technology and its fragile hold on power in perspective when it comes to war'