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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Laurie Oakes is adamant that the Speaker will stay. “Tony Abbott is the love child of John Howard and Bronwyn Bishop”, he claims, and he could be right about that. But he is wrong about her staying on as Speaker of the House. In all probability Ms Bishop will need to fall on her own sword before Parliament returns for the Spring Session. This is not going away.

She can ably defend herself while Parliament is in recess but her position in the Chair is now in the hands of the Opposition and the Opposition has never wanted anything as much as it wants the scalp of Bronwyn Bishop.

And fair dinkum, as much as you might like the old duck, she has brought this on herself.

It’s not really about helicopter trips, nor is it about limousines, it’s about a perception of bipartisanship that has been destroyed by her attendance at Party Room meetings and fundraisers.

They all use “cheat sheets” and “swindle dockets” to push the expenses envelope and it’s outrageous that current rules allow it to occur on both sides to the dismay of an angry electorate.

Harry Jenkins suffered withdrawal symptoms when he was asked to separate himself from Labor Party political matters as Speaker, but he had the common sense to understand the necessity.

Bronwyn ignored advice and continued to waddle through both worlds leaving every decision she made to be seen through the prism of bias.

"Bronwyn bias" is not a difficult accusation to make. Opposition MPs were ejected 361 times under Section 94A of Standing Orders. Government MPs have been ejected only six times.

Okay, let’s be honest, the Opposition has asked for it. It has been an uncontrollable rabble during Question Time but, if Essendon had to supply from its team an umpire for a game against Collingwood and that umpire gave 361 free kicks to Essendon and only six to Collingwood, the Pies would have dislodged the goal posts and set about wrecking the MCG.

That wrecking-ball option is now available to the Opposition.
After some heavy drinking sessions at the upcoming ALP National Conference someone will come up with a plan to kill Bronny. And really, it’s a simple one... force her hand!

Force her, through un-parliamentary language and helicopter imitations of “woof woof”, to expel the entire front Bench. If she does, Parliament becomes unviable... if she doesn’t, then her position becomes unviable.

Either way Bronny has opened the Chair to ridicule and, despite being a lovely old duck, she is a dead one.

She should go now and avoid the ignominy, for both her, the Government and the Parliament. But being Bronny I guess she will try to tough it out.


Poor old Laurie looks lonely in the photo above and is probably missing his close comrade and confident'e Kevin who has bolted overseas until the dust settles after his and juliar's failed attempts at running our country but successfully breaking our National treasury, flooding the country with islamist's and other freeloaders, failed school halls and pink bats operations, just to mention a few. Laurie, you back and endorse losers !

Is there a rule that says the parliament cannot continue if the opposition front bench are not in attendance? I think yoiu might be wrong here Larry, and I'm prepared to put a lottery ticket on it if you'd like.

Toad of Toad Hall

I have.Tony Abbott,we are not OK with Halal!

How about we ask "Juliar" for the 300 million that she gave the UN,or the 100 million she gave to the South Aust Uni,or the 25 million she gave to the Clinton Foundation,all of it borrowed .

Oakes is blind to anything but Labor leftard BS philosophy! You know whats going through his mind as he sits there looking at that bottle of wine? "Labor good" "Whitlam, Gillard good" " Tony bad!"

Give it to them Stoney. We are on the same side. Anyone who thinks Disraeli is a twit gets my vote. And anyone who thinks Tman is an LNP apologist is right on the money.

Just give it till the weekend. The ALP bogans will do sumfink stupid that will take over the front page and Bronny will be old news.

every invite. Meanwhile the union bosses are all on very high salaries and enjoy open slather on perks and lurks stolen from their hard working members with out any audits at all. I don't know what the answer id but when so many "decent' Aussies cheat on their tax and few would deny themselves the spoils of office, it descends into petty hypocrisy by the Labor leaners who have their snouts five feet into the trough.

continued: I do think MP's should be allowed to have their allowance cover these sort of activities. Why should they have to fork out for the many functions they are invited too. Mrs Bispo was to deliver a 45 minute speech, or so I am told. She was not having a social day at the footy or cricket. I would not wish to travel such a long way to deliver a speck to anyone, she was gracious enough to pass on her knowledge and experience to young liberals and I see that as perfectly reasonable. Again I would suggest the helicopter was necessary because of time restraints and to return in time for her flight home. Julia Gillard has just spent 450k doing up a second office, it makes the fuss over 5k petty and childish. At this rate no politician will be able to go anywhere if they have to pay for e

I am so tired of all this furore when people are being hacked to death and children tught the gentle art of beheading grown men. Mrs Bishop was I believe, invited to deliver a speech on the role of speaker in our parliament. It was not a little drinkies cocktail party.

from what I have been able to find out, the speakers claim is well within the guidelines of entitlement that were established by the previous Government and the speakers claims are in accordance with the point that the speakers role/function places the occupant in the higher level of legal administration (source: prof A Fels ),

Wonder who this horse is? The foul mouthed Van Badham? The idiot that attacked Julie Bishop physically? A Labor MP? Lee Rhiannon? Tony Jones? Alan Jones? Tony Burke's overpaid staffer? CFMEU hitman? Be interesting to find out?

Every person reading this should spread this message like a virus through Twitter and Facebook.

Go on .... do it!

I've just glanced at the OpenAus site, and it seems both major parties are overstuffed pigs at the trough. If Abbott has any common sense he would install new rules to control this pollie festival of rorts.

Enough is enough Tony! Stop kicking the can down the road with this one. Stop the obvious rort of "overseas study"! We all know it's a scam to rip us taxpayers off.

If you want to boost your poll numbers through the ceiling then set new rules and stop this politicians Festival of Rort.

We are waiting .. tick .. tock ..

Who is medelman then? All deleted.

Ok, mate. I'll take your word for it but she and a few others set up that group and I can't imagine that it's any of the others. Don't keep us hangin' too long. Apologies to Jen if she's not involved.

Apart from my many comments on this Missionchris, I agree. Approval must have been given, thus making the claim within guidelines and legal. Us intelligent folk can take a bow. There, I just did mine.

She will still be receiving probably over $100,000 a year from her pension, and let's not forget her lump sum which will probably be in the $1-1.5M range. So you can dance all you like you fuckwit. Again, was her claim within guidelines, thus being legal? And spare me the 'bad look' bullshit.

Why should it go anywhere? Did Bishop do anything illegal with her claim? Was it approved as being within the guidelines as per the rules and regulations of politicians' claims? I gather it was approved, so spare me about the 'bad look' it sends to us proles and plebs. If people are upset at the 'bad look' change the fucking guidelines. It's that simple. Now just stfu about this. It's a laborgreen slimalition beatup to get the rapist out of the headlines. Again, was her claim within the guidelines, thus making it legal? Yes or no. I hate interacting with fuckwits because if I allow it their fuckwittery would rub off on me.