The Pickering Post
Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Winston Peters’ mastery of self interest disguised as NZ interest came to the fore when he handed Ms Dinosaur Dentures the Prime Ministership (and himself the Deputy PM’s role with a hefty pay packet attached). 

In doing so he claims the Greens as coalition partners are now the responsibility of Labour. What else is new, it’s the same scenario here. So we (and they) can expect a continuous far Left Green push for everything that’s free.

Julie Bishop won’t be happy, neither will Barnaby Joyce but Malcolm Turnbull will be deliriously delighted and at one with Shorten’s Labor and the Greens and now the Kiwis’ Labour and the Greens.

Oh really, who gives a stuff? Kiwis for once are getting what they bloody-well deserve.    


I wonder if her mum got banged by Mr Ed?

For dante.
My you are grammatically challenged blounty. Just a sample.
"if you focus peoples looks your an idiot!"
# If you focus on people's looks you're an idiot.
There fixed it.

Mr Blount ... And that is your insightful perspective. It's obviously a long way past your bed time 1:04:16 am. Stick to your daytime job Pal!!

They look like dentures to me. Let's give the woman a chance and she is any good we will overlook her teeth.

As an admirer of Horses I have no problem with her teeth, after all she was born with them.

Just wait until she gets those teeth into the nation.

More fool Bill English. He could've been Prime Minister if he'd been prepared to reduce immigration to a sensible level.

That women is like a horse with those teeth. Well now Labor and Greens are in power. When will they get the boats ?

No doubt she will want to Export more Bros to Australia, then complain we are taking all their workers ,like the other Kiwi bag Prime Minister

Looks like UN ZUD is headed for a "Gillard/Rudd era"
They were going so well for a while there too!

Lolly teeth like hers used to cost sixpence, but they tasted awful, and were hard to get your teeth around.

You wouldn't want to scrape your flange on these teeth. Ouch!

You wouldn't want to scrape your flange on these teeth. Ouch!

I think she won by a nose

The Key Government did all the hard yards just like Howard & Costello here. They cut debt & deficit & fired up the economy but people soon take it for granted just like here when THEY voted in that Howard lite fiscal Conservative Kevin 07 to waste all the wealth of the nation & look where that ended up.

She could eat spaghetti through a tennis racket.

Lisa Wilkinson has similar dentures. They must go to the same dentist. They sure have a mouth full of teeth. White and bright. Go with the smile for the cameras. Girls will take to this fad now. Fill the mouth with teeth. Watch out men. Make sure they don't forget to take them out.

So what can we expect from a Labour - NZ First Government? It won't be the Government many of its supporters thought they were voting for - the Greens are sidelined by Peters', who made it abundantly clear they won't be equal partners in a Labour-NZ First government.

So what was the tipping point? National was not prepared to go as hard or as far on curbing immigration as Labour - that much was made clear by English in a gracious concession speech.

How long before NZ deny US ships into their ports? While welcoming Chinese.

My lordie, that poor woman fronting for NZ around the world with the best set teeth. Saw her on the news. Wow.