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Thursday, 17th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


She is honest, up front, superbly intelligent, fearless, she’s not a politician and she’s a breath of fresh air when compared to those comfortably nestled in the mire of biased political commentary.

Abbott was to last only two years of his first term and Peta Credlin was a critical part of it. She took no shit from 30 or so demoralised backbenchers demanding an audience with the boss.

But Credlin and Abbott knew all along what those backbenchers wanted... another term in Parliament at any cost.

Their brand new Parliamentary wives on brand new incomes had upgraded the car, the carpet and coteries of socialite friends. To last but one term would be an embarrassment beyond belief to those losers in their misfitting suits with nagging missuses.

The irony is that they will have to plead for their old jobs back come July anyway. And the only bloke who did not deserve to lose his job, did so, despite Peta Credlin’s best efforts. It was she who held the ship together when knees began to tremble.

Without a whimper or a right of reply she sustained sexual innuendo, unfair and relentless media criticism and the treachery of Bishop and Turnbull.

In her new job Credlin's anguish understandably seeps to the surface every now and again as she sits and watches Turnbull replace Abbott’s "remarkable successes” with Turnbull's “my Government has achieved...”.

Who stopped the boats and deaths at sea (impossible they said)? Who completed three iconic trade agreements, began budget repair, navigated four tranches of national security legislation through an obstructionist Senate, repealed Labor’s carbon tax and a pointless mining tax, established the new Colombo Plan, humanely accepted an additional 12,000 persecuted Christian refugees (since reversed by Turnbull to include mostly Muslims)? Who established counter-terrorism units at all international airports, told the Imams to go fornicate themselves?... and on and on it goes.

And what has Turnbull achieved? Um, er, let’s see... he has pulled on a badly timed Double Dissolution that is likely to install an even more recalcitrant Senate for six more long years. Um, he returned Abbott’s “vicious” budget cut of one per cent a year for five years to his beloved ABC. 

He established a further $1 billion Clean Energy Innovation Fund to support Green windmills and talked about a $100 million Women’s Safety Package.

Oh, and he has talked relentlessly about uncosted “jobs and growth”. And let’s not forget that he has allowed a union thug called Bill Shorten a chance at residing in The Lodge for three years, and that’s something that Abbott would never have allowed.

Given a second term, and with the assistance of a loyal and protective Peta Credlin, Abbott would have mostly reversed the awful destruction wreaked by Rudd and Gillard. 

But it appears his substantive accomplishments are doomed to remain unrecognised forever, even by his own Party.

The smart arses in the Liberal Party have explained that all the Party members who drifted away after the knifing of yet another first term PM would loyally return to the fold come election time.

Don’t think so Kroger and Co. You see, we ain’t the ALP, we think loyalty and a fair go happen to matter, even in politics.

So now you Libs can stand by and watch the rise and rise of new parties that will gut Menzies’ once great Party. What is about to happen here has happened before and it's already happening in the US.

We’ve had enough and we want good government back!


Can anybody name one Islamic county which abides by The UN Declaration of Human Rights?

Bax: .... Peta Credlin is one tough woman and we lost her because she was doing a fine job .... But when, in Australia, has "doing a fine job" not attracted the attention of the mass of mindless mediocrity -- and been used to rationalize the getting-rid-of the likes of Ms Credlin -- and her every-bit-as towering-over-the-mob, boss?

Geez Larry you use to bag PC. I wrote on this blog ages ago that PC was the best thing the Libs had and how she was keeping the lid on the Libs, the media (including conservative commentators) did nothing but bag her and now look at the mess this country is in. Peta Credlin is one tough woman and we lost her because she was doing a fine job.

Can you imagine her position. Surrounded by half wits who couldn't utter 5 words. probably left to speak up or see the ship sink . >>> What has changed now that the water has settled . Turnbull is to be punished for dethroning an elected Prime Minister. The traitors to be punished for being just that . >>> Labor can win here

"Credlin and Abbott knew all along what those backbenchers wanted... another term in Parliament at any cost." so these people are the first to lose seats when Turnbull loses the election do it will be back to dole for them

A pity there were not a few politicians like her....

An impressive Lady is Peta Credlin. >> I have no doubt she had more brains than Abbotts whole ministers and would have had to virtually , take the initiative on many occasions. >>> Turnbull has gone backward fast in recent times , He should count himself lucky that Abbott and Credlin are loyal to their party . They could destroy him overnight if they chose to.

Australia’s sovereign debt if you include the Federal, State and Local governments is in excess of $700-$800 billion. (Not million)
What have we got to show for it?
• Our “educated” children are getting more illiterate,
• There are more malingerers,
• Our public authorities are more avarice with consequent caustic left-leaning agendas to maintain their opulence.
Overall, the interest bill (not repayment) is over $2 billion a month.


If Labor and Liberals are sincere in being on Australia’s side they should work with each other to pay off LABOR’S debt.

If these two major parties continue with this reverse Dutch auction on public sending with regard to social security, health, etc., soon there won’t be any cuts, there’ll be an outright cessation of these amenities.
After that, we’ll all realise that they were never on our side but on their own self-serving side to the detriment of Australia’s sovereignty. By that time it will be too late.

The more Turdbull opens his mouth the more I think we are F****D. I hate to say it but unless the ALA win more support Shortarse will win the election and completly Fu*k this country. I think it may be time to migrate to NZ

Peta would make a good Catwoman. Most Gothic.

they are beyond nasty.

Yes Roger it is quite depraved really and I should ignore it but when they bring your dear mother into it with debauchee, I fire back. Of course the cowards delete their comments and run. Really sick but they won't scare me off.

More activity in the witching hour Harry? Nasty stuff.

How ironic it is that all the idiot socialists and leftards promoting massive increases to our country shopper intake, live in suburbs and regions with the lowest numbers of new arrivals. A case of do as i say not do as i do and definitely NIMBY.

I note the greens leader Di Natale is inspired by Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, particularly on how to control the female members of his party and other female members of parliament.

Abbott also destroyed or saw off 2 leaders of the Greens.

Mount Up ! .... Let's Roll !

The Senate is where you can take sweet revenge on the Turnbull traitors. Vote bellow the line and leave the traitor's box blank.

"Given a second term, and with the assistance of a loyal and protective Peta Credlin, Abbott would have mostly reversed the awful destruction wreaked by Rudd and Gillard.” Larry - you can’t be serious?? Turnbull may only win by a small margin, but it would have been a massacre under Tony.

Peta is a very talented lady, but neither she nor Tony single handedly won government or accomplished every gain during the first term.