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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The discovery of pork DNA in Cadbury hazel nut and roasted almond bars last week provoked a storm in Malaysia with Muslim groups accusing the company of “betrayal” and calling for a Jihad (holy war) to be waged against “Cadbury’s Malaysia”, an importer and British multinational owned by “Mondelez International”.

[Pork lard is used to give a smooth texture to an array of foods, including ice cream. There is both Koranic and Biblical instruction that animals of the “cloven hoof” are forbidden food, with the Koran taking it to somewhat extreme levels.] 

Now it appears the Saudis are hyperventilating over possible traces of pork in their Cadbury chockies. 

Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam, strictly observes Islamic law and punishment for any transgression is immediate and severe. 

While Cadbury currently undergoes a recall of its chocolate exports to Islamic countries, Saudi Arabia’s Food and Drug Authority is scrambling to test all Cadbury products for traces of pork DNA, threatening dire consequences if any is found, including banning of all imported products from the UK.

While minority Islam continues to spread its influence world-wide, it seems the hard-line Saudis are also behind the proliferation of mosques across Australia. One of which is the proposed Bendigo mega mosque.

Mosque promoters, The Islamic Association’s web page is being administered from Saudi Arabia. The site is and it solicits donations, however the location of the administrator is listed as Madinah al-Munawarrah (Medina) in Saudi Arabia. Why would a site purporting to be “Aussie Muslims” be run out of Saudi Arabia? 

In recent years Saudi Arabia has been pouring money into Australia to establish mosques and Islamic schools. There are reported to be current applications for mosque approvals in 17 major centres across Australia from Horsham to Cairns. 

It is widely suspected funds are also being utilised from the Halal Certification protection racket being run in Australia out of Indonesia. This blatant blackmail and extortion racket operating on our food chains has the Federal Government’s approval in the name of “cultural acceptance”.

Bendigo Bank, which was once a boutique alternative to the four majors, is now number five with a sensitive nose for petro dollars. 

It has joined with other banks to become a major player in the pursuit of mosque proliferation. 

The proposed Bendigo mega mosque is set to destroy the iconic city as a showcase of Australia’s gold rich heritage.

[Correction. "cloven" in second paragraph should be "uncloven". Apologies.]


Why cant the Government which is great at pissing away our tax money on fighter jets for vietnam ,schools,mosques for Pakistan ,free cash handouts for Indonesia ,donate free explosive jackets for every moslem ! with instructions on how to'' test fire ''it for themselves ,before initial use !

How about an article on European religion, like Odinism. so sick of the imposed Eastern Religions like Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism etc etc...surely we have our own religious bases...JF

There are thousands of these Tamils in refugee camps in Southern India because after 30 years of inflicting a brutal terrorist campaign against the Sri Lankan people they are the most hated tribe there. Hundreds of thousands are living in Southern India in addition to the UN Camps. They are reputed to have carried out the assassination of the Indian PM. WE DON'T WANT THEM HERE SCOTTY! Do a "Burn & Post" then send the bill to the Sri Lankan Embassy in Canberra!

The extensive Tamil Tiger community here can chip in for the cost of a "Burn & Post"!

Anybody concerned about the ridiculous situation and this guy's family trying to sneak in through the back door - write a letter to Super Scotty and demand a cremation and postage only.

JB - Also - provided the cremation was done by a recognized business - there are no quarantine restrictions. I checked with the authorities when we needed to get some ashes back.

Bury crap! Just cremate the poor bastard and send an Urn back to the family. The bloody postage will be under $50!

This is a very interesting interview. A GOTTA WATCH!!

It is 23 minutes long but watch the first 5 and you will be enlightened

OMG !!
Richo sounds like he is waking up to the foibles of Labor Governments
and problems they have dumped on the new Government and morE importantly...

OT. Australian economic situation and the Coalition's new budget. Herewith link to TV show: Alan Jones Graham Richardson Maurice Newman on the state of our economy and the real problems. You will be enlightened and frustrated, See next post

Even Vegemite has the halal certification, dont eat the anti Aussie muck

Manus island looks like a pleasant place to place turds Goose and Boots. At least they would be among friends .....

Not many companies put the logo on their products these days, they are suffering the backlash from Aussies already, they deserve to go broke for treating the Australian people with

Leave Tasmania alone we dont want that shit here

Saudi Islamic Council ( Ulema ) and Wahabbi clan finances / staffs schools and mosques around the world….Thus controls and manages the spread and power of Islam and terrorist groups….In poor nations, it sets up schools offering free meals/clothing to children….They receive islamic teaching converting them from Christianity / other beliefs to muslims... Sydney Lakemba Mosque, many other mosques / schools are financed / run via Saudia Arabia.

Saudi Ulema / Wahabis initiates / finances many terrorist groups around the world…..including Al Queda / Taliban, believed responsible for US Twin Towers and many bombings elsewhere,… finances Sunni uprisings in many countries (including against the Shiite Assad Government in Syria )

Europe and US know this but are unwilling to take action on Saudi Arabia which is a strategic US base/ally countering Iran,….a major purchaser of US arms / planes and US bonds….The Saudi royals and the west fear the Saudi Islamic Council could overthrow the government if provoked.

Saudi royal family share power with the ultra conservative Saudi Islamic Council Ulema and Wahabis, run by the Grand Mufti of Riyadh and Sheik Abdulal Wahab....
The Council is a government within a government...owns a large religious police force overriding the powers of Saudi government police......It's own religious courts and judicial system which determines marriage / divorce inheritance,….orders lashing, amputations, beheading etc.......It runs religious education in schools / unis, strictly enforces Koran / sharia and trains Imams who are sent to mosques around the world.

It receives hundreds of millions each year from the Saudi government.......In exchange, they permit the Saudi Royal Family to remain in power and overlook the behavior of more than 6,000 Saudi Royals....

Struth. If Pig DNA exists in Cadbury products ? . Surely then the Halal certificate issuing authority have neglected their duty. Therefore if said authority withdrawers Halal certification , a refund of Cadburys certification fee should occur . Us normal people will have more fun when the Islamic authority responsible for the build a Mosque in Bendigo become aware that the Bendigo Banks mascot is a Pig.

Banish them to Tassie maybe ???

Goose Too much to ask for justice ? If not jailing - banishment, but where? Perhaps a visit to Malaysia for some rotan therapy ?.

At the end of the day it will all be covered up, nobody has the stomach to get rid of the corrupt mongrels by jailing them.

d.t. Friend Scott would have "tuned" in the troops by now - same with the unFairfax crew. The truly bolted on liebor / greens supporters will be sadly deprived of the truth in all its glory. Turdbull will look the other way.