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Monday, 18th February 2019

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... it's just that we all eat halal slaughtered meat whether we like it or not! (Part 9)

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Purveyors of halal certification use this threat to the Federal Government: “If you politicians touch our halal certification gold mine then we will destroy your meat export markets and with them, Australian jobs.” And I guess that’s why Barnaby Joyce refuses to return my phone calls.

It’s an empty threat which has nothing to do with exports. Australian consumers suffering domestic halal bastardry couldn’t care less about export markets.

The halal furore is not about exporters, nor is it about export markets’ consumers. The white hot anger is from local supermarket customers paying an Islamic tax on their groceries and at their restaurants and takeaways.

These funds are used for the growth of Islam and are laundered through sham Islamic “charities” for political and other more nefarious causes.

The consumer is being milked at the checkout and treated as an ignorant infidel mug.

There are two separate markets, “export” and “domestic” and they should be treated entirely separately in the halal certification scandal.


The halal export market offers enormous advantage to Australia, especially in the red meat category. It offers jobs and economic growth.

However, the present halal certification export arrangement between Australia and Indonesia, which is our closest and largest Muslim market, is flawed, unstable and unreliable and putting tens of thousands of jobs at risk at the whim of competing halal certifying bodies.

According to The Australian Meat Industry Council (AMIC):

“In general terms 100% of all goat processing, 85% of sheep and lambs and somewhere upwards of 50% of cattle are processed to meet the requirements of Islam.

"About 65% of Australian processed meat is exported, while sheep and goat meat is greater again with live exports starting to recover. (to former Gillard levels)

"Many processing companies maintain their halal certification for 100% of their kill as it is simply easier to manage and so much of the product, even if not labeled halal, is eligible to be”, the AMIC spokesman said.

In other words each and every one of us (excluding Green Vegans of course) is eating religiously slaughtered meat, and paying for the privilege, whether we like it or not.

And 100% of dinkum Aussies would be appalled at the way their meat is religiously slaughtered.

It’s not just me telling you that, Muslims will tell you that (with a grin of course) and the abattoirs have just told you that in the above paragraph.

They will not interrupt a slaughter process for a minority Australian market when there’s no need because Australians are unaware and Muslims tell you halal meat is better for you anyway.

But under the current halal export market settings, our exports to Indonesia are exposed to risk. Australian exporters employing thousands can have the rug pulled out from under them at any time through no fault of their own and with little to no notice.


In October 2013, a number of Australian news publications reported on the Indonesian Council of Ulama (MUI) cartel breaching Australian Competition and Consumer laws with unlawful price fixing practices, forcing Australian meat exporters out of the Indonesian export market.

Our exporters’ crime? Well they were to try to negotiate a better price for extortionate fees imposed for halal certification. It’s a classic mafia style stand-over tactic.

It was reported the MUI, the top Islamic body which also orders religious Fatwa rulings, is dictating how much Australian companies must pay to have their food certified as halal.

The MUI banned three Australian certifiers of halal meat - ordering one to stop doing business because he was charging less than his Islamic rivals.

The scandal triggered a boycott by some of Australia's leading meat processors, which were refusing to use the more expensive certifiers accredited by the MUI to operate in Australia.

Other abattoirs have also been unable to export halal meat to Indonesia, risking a trade dispute with one of Australia's key export markets.

MUI chairman Amidhan Shaberah said recently that setting minimum fees for Halal was, "just part of our control".

"We have to standardise the charge to avoid any unfair competition between certifiers,'' he said during an interview in Jakarta.

"If we allow them to charge under the standard (price), other certifiers will (find it) hard to get clients.''

Dr Shaberah said Australian Halal certifiers should donate profits to Islamic mosques and schools.

"They should contribute for mosques, Islamic schools, the Islamic community and other social activities'', he said.

The MUI, in a letter to suspended Brisbane-based Australian Halal Food Services (AHFS), cited that engaging in "unfair competition'' could "weaken the halal certification movement”.

One major Queensland meat processor, who did not want to be identified, claimed he had been quoted $27,000 a month in halal certification fees through another MUI-endorsed certifier - four times more than AHFS had been charging.

Stephen Kelly, the general manager of industry affairs for the Japanese-owned Nippon Meat Packers, said, "Because our Queensland abattoirs had used AHFS it had been suspended and could no longer sell meat in Indonesia."

"Indonesia is still an important market and we would be keen to have a resolution of this,'' Mr Kelly said.

JBS Australia - the nation's biggest meat packer and exporter with more than 8,500 employees - has also been unable to export beef from Queensland to Indonesia for similar reasons.

"We would like to think there's competition in the market rather than a monopoly,'' JBS director John Berry said.

MUI Chairman, Dr Shaberah said, “The Brisbane certifier, AHFS, has been suspended for trying to work interstate, and a Melbourne company, Australian Halal Authority and Advisers (AHAA), had been deregistered for operating without a permit for more than five years.” That was despite it being recognised by AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service) at the time.

But a spokesman for AHAA said it had actually been banned from operating because its head office was in Victoria where the rival, Global Halal Trade Centre, is the sole approved Indonesian certifier.

Dr Shaberah said the third certifier to be struck off, the Adelaide Mosque Islamic Society of South Australia, had failed to pay a $US1000 membership fee and had been "out of contact'' for more than a year.

When Islamic charlatans are allowed to choose who is to be the monopoly player in Australia then corruption follows.

Adelaide Mosque Islamic Society had refused to comment yesterday.

The federal Department of Agriculture confirmed it had no power over approvals for religious certifiers, but a spokesman for the Department said: "The Australian Government values our close relationship with MUI and will continue to work together with them to overcome issues that affect the mutually beneficial trade in red meat to Indonesia." Hmmm.

So, the federal Department of Agriculture says it has “no power over religious certifiers”, eh?

Really? So who’s running our damned economy, the Australian Government or the Indonesian Islamic charlatans? Clearly not our gutless Government, as we’ve seen countless times throughout this investigation.

As it now stands, foreign Islamic shysters can play havoc with Australian exports and jobs. Our food exporters are held to ransom by a certification scheme that has no integrity, a laughable international reputation and absolutely no scrutiny or oversight.

Multiple Australian halal certifiers are vying for market share, so it’s natural they will undermine competitors by dobbing in rivals to overseas halal accreditors. This is what happens when the marketplace, not government, is left to certify our exports.

This bitchy internal unregulated rivalry is very risky for Australia, but why should Indonesia care.

The solution to certainty in the halal export market is for the Indonesian government and the Australian government to bring halal certification under one government department, one body in each country working together directly. No multiple moneymen, no internal industry politics, disputes, price-fixing, confusion or uncertainty.

The Indonesian government has recently announced the removal of halal authority from the MUI in order to give the consumer more confidence. Hmmm, we’ll see how that goes.

All our Islamic trading partners have one government body for halal certification. It’s long past time the Australian government moved in line with our Muslim trading partners.

Despite all this mayhem, I believe animal welfare groups should be responsible for the oversight of cruel methods of halal slaughter of animals right here… not in Indonesia where the ABC convinced Julia Gillard to ban all live exports, leaving markets decimated and thousands of cattle to die of starvation due to drought.

But the wave of objections to halal certification is not about exports, it’s about a domestic halal certification racket that’s running amok through our retail economy.


In our domestic market, the tentacles of the halal tax reach much further than the supermarket. We’re also hit at every place we buy food or a drink and it has silently extended to just about anything and everything we need to purchase!

This is a snapshot of a collection of some of the halal certified restaurants and takeaways on the Gold Coast, Queensland, alone.

Multiply this list by every city, suburb and regional town in Australia.


• Ali Babi’s Kebab Takeaway (Surfers Paradise)
• Australian Outback Spectacular (Oxenford)
• Authentic Asian Delight (Labrador)
• Baha Grill and Kebab (Surfers Paradise)
• Bali Hut (Tweed Heads)
• Ballady (Surfers Paradise)
• Baytuti Restaurant (Southport)
• Billabong Restaurant, Dreamworld (Coomera)
• Boardwalk Café (Main Beach)
• Bonus Bros Café Restaurant (Labrador)
• Bonus Pizza Pasta (Southport)
• Cheesecake Shop (Nerang Mall)
• Chirn Park Malaysian (Southport)
• Continental Halal Meats (Southpot)
• Crust Gourmet Pizza (Labrador)
• Crust Gourmet Pizza (Surfers Paradise)
• Crust Gourmet Pizza (Broadbeach)
• Curry Express (Labrador)
• Curry Express (Burleigh Heads)
• Curry Express (Biggerra Waters)
• Curry Express (Surfers Paradise)
• Flamin Grill (Surfers Paradise)
• Fresco Cheese (Burleigh)
• Gold Coast Bakeries (Molendinar)
• Golden Legends Malaysian Seafood Restaurant (Surfers Paradise)
• Gotham City Movie World (Oxenford)
• Helensvale Indian Curry Hut (Helensvale)
• House of India (Surfers Paradise)
• House of Satay (Carrara)
• In and Out Kofte Burger (Biggera Waters)
• Indian Delights (Miami)
• Indian On the Run (Gold Coast)
• Ispa Kebabs (Harbour Town)
• Jack’s Kebabs (Surfers Paradise)
• Jamroc Jamaican Jerk Chicken (Coomera)
• Jumbo Kebab (Southport)
• Kofte Burger (Harbour Town)
• Kofte Burger (Helensvale)
• Krish Indian Cuisine (Robina)
• Krispy Kreme (Broadbeach)
• Krispy Kreme (Chinderah)
• Krispy Kreme (Coomera)
• La Rustica (Surfers Paradise)
• Legends Dining Room (Movie World)
• Le Star Cafe & Restaurant (Southport)
• Maharani Malaysian Seafood Restaurant (Surfers Paradise)
• Mecca Bah Gold Coast (Broadbeach)
• Medexotic, (Surfers Paradise)
• Mezzanine Restaurant (Broadbeach)
• Mt Lebanon Deli (Nobby Beach)
• Nando’s (Biggera Waters)
• Nando’s (Coomera)
• Nando’s (Helensvale)
• Nando’s (Harbour Town)
• Nando’s (Mermaid Waters)
• Nando’s (Parkwood)
• Nando’s (Robina)
• Nando’s (Robina Town Centre)
• Nando’s (Runaway Bay)
• Nando’s (Southport)
• Oberoi’s Taj (Robina)
• Oberoi’s Taj of Broadbeach (Broadbeach)
• Ozlem Kebab Australia (Yatala)
• Paradise Country Restaurant (Oxenford)
• Paradise Room Restaurant, Sea World (Main Beach)
• Raj Palace Exotic Seafood and Tandoori Restaurant (Main Beach)
• Randhawa’s Indian Cuisine (Carrara)
• Real Adana Chargrill (Habour Town)
• Red Lea (Broadbeach)
• Red Lea (Tweed Heads South)
• Rick’s American Café (Movie World)
• Salsa’s Pacific Fair (Broadbeach)
• Salsa’s (Robina)
• Sher-e-Punjab (Surfers Paradise)
• Sher-e-Punjab (Gold Coast)
• Shiraz Authentic Persian Restaurant (Surfers Paradise)
• Shiraz Kebab (Southport)
• Shiraz Nights (Surfers Paradise)
• Southport Kebab (Southport)
• SpaceWalker (Surfers Paradise)
• Taj Palace Indian Restaurant (Surfers Paradise)
• The Curry Muncher Café (Chevron Island)
• The Tandoori Place (Southport)
• The Tandoori Place (Surfers Paradise)
• Zaza Kebab (Southport)
• Zaza House (Surfers Paradise)

There are myriad other halal certified outlets.

The astonishing extent of this cancerous halal fraud is mind blowing... we are getting ripped off at every point where food is being consumed or bought... and it’s not only food!

As we’ve seen with the legal dispute in the Federal Court of Australia, a simple kebab shop must pay $5,000 per year for halal certification, That amount markedly increases as it goes all the way up to the wholesale supplier, and then to their suppliers and back down again, all the way to delivery companies, and all their cleaning products and plastic cans, right down to their toilet paper, air fresheners and even their Easter eggs.

Just in one tiny sector, over $364,000 of fees are paid in a ludicrous pyramid of charges before you can buy a single kebab.

Is it any wonder these “lone wolf” halal certifying charlatans can boast about being millionaires. And guess who’s putting all the money in their pockets? Yep, you! You’re funding the whole bloody scam.

If you think this Islamic perversion should be allowed to continue in Australia then you probably came down in the last boat.



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I've tried installing the VRN programs (which I don't understand - and don't know what damage I may have done to my new computer). BUT I am still blocked out of the comments section and can only use stories to put posts which are often unrelated to the topic because I have no other way of accessing the posts. Only gutless, yellow-back, testicle deficient morons would feel the need to sabotage a site where they too have a right to say something. However, they cannot cope with adverse replies. They probably use magnifying glasses to find their penises.

Larry, is it worthwhile putting all your expose into a published or downloadable/printable book? I, for one, would hand out copies at my local Coles, Woolies, Aldi and Harris Farm.

Are bank loans Halal?

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Is the halal certification tax deductable?

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The thing that intrigues me is that I visited Jakarka some years ago and was told not to eat any meat unless I cooked it. All fruit and vegetables had to be sterilized and peeled. All water had to be purchased. My friend who lived there had a salad in a five star hotel restaurant and got dysentery. My sister who lived there got amebic dysentery which damaged her liver, and recently died of liver cancer. And these people are dictating our food processes? Incredulous! The only thing we were game to eat out was KFC chips. I had to say plenty of prayers while I was there but none of them were halal related.

So why don’t we start our own Certification Scam ? GUARANTEED HAREM... or is that HARAM ?
Damn...... Just “NON-HALAL”

This Site seems to be STILL UNDER ATTACK? I know lots of people who still can’t Log In to make Comments, and some of them are getting well and truly PISSED-OFF. Surely these Mozzie Ragheads can’t be smart enough to do This?

I see Tony Abbott was out for Clean up Australia Day. Anyone spot Milne or SHY?


I can't help but think that if all of this halal money was directed, instead, towards paying off our debt we'd be in surplus by now. I know, I know, I'm dreaming.

Hear! Hear!

Bruce, focus on those that need you right now and strangely enough, it will help you feel less lonely and distressed about things over which you have no control.Dwelling on the past or fearing the future detracts from our appreciation of the small things today has to offer. Hang in there and focus on things that matter - your family for starters.

So, 86 Halal Gold Coast take aways ;-) Well, when will we be expecting these to be doing exports to the Muslim countries? Can our resident Muslim appeaser, Mohammed's shadow, please fill us in on all of this. Must be arse about on the Gold Coast? 98% Muslim and 2% Aussies?


16% say they will still vote for the LNP if Turnbull takes over leadership

What does that tell us about them ?

Turnbull supporter /admirer (the singer not the song) .. or ..
Rusted-on non-thinkers ... or
"Pink" LNP voters .. or
Global Warmists .. or
Desire the NWO (warm inner feelings) .. or
Fear of change (vote for another Party) .. or
Feeling of guilt (daddy and mummy would roll in the grave) ..or
Fear of the unknown (the world could end) .. or

Just plain bloody stupid !