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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


I don’t know how it happened. Maybe it was a glitch in the booking system. Maybe the Gods of Air travel decided to finally give me a break. Whatever it was, something totally unexpected happened on a flight back to Brisbane last Tuesday evening.

Invariably, if a passenger is morbidly obese, has a personal hygiene issue, uncontrollable flatulence or a combination of all three, the airline books them into the seat next to mine. If there are two of them, you can guarantee that I’ll be the poor sod in the middle.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I found myself making way for a slim, attractive blonde who had the window seat next to me. What cruel joke are Qantas playing on me this time, I wondered nervously? Is she prone to violent airsickness? Perhaps she has Tourette syndrome. What if she has both?

But my fears were unfounded. Not only was she surprisingly normal, but after a horror weekend in Canberra (is there any other kind?) she had done a dash to the bar before the flight. Having downed a couple of chardonnays she was giggly, talkative and mercifully devoid of any anti-social physical or psychological aberrations.

So after furtively checking my boarding pass for a second time, I finally buckled up and said a silent thank you to whatever higher power had finally decided to cut me some slack.

We struck up a pleasant conversation and even the steaming green thing in tin foil failed to dampen our enthusiasm. The hostesses were pouring drinks when I happened to mention something about riding motorbikes. At this point, her eyes lit up and she started questioning me about what bikes I had owned.

“I used to ride a motorbike” she declared proudly.

"Oh Gawd", I thought with a rapidly sinking heart.

I know I’ll cop it here for being a sexist pig, but I’ve had some bad experiences with girls who ride motorbikes. For some reason, they are always madder than cut snakes and generally to be avoided at all costs.

At best, girls are a pain in the butt when going for a ride. I used to like to go pretty hard and none of the girls I’ve ridden with had the ability or the hardware to keep up. It gets to be a real drag having to constantly wait for them.

But then, she dropped her bombshell. “I used to have an R1,” she declared.

“Really” I said, struggling to appear nonchalant as I wiped a mouthful of coffee off the I-pad holder on the seat back in front of me.

Now I know many Pickering Posters won’t be familiar with the Yamaha R1 so I’ll try to explain the concept. Imagine getting your granny’s mobility scooter and duct taping it onto an Exocet missile. That pretty much sums up what these machines are all about (don’t actually try doing that by the way – unless the poor dear’s dentures are very firmly glued in place).

Not only had this girl owned an R1, she had actually raced the thing and apparently, had been on the verge of a sponsorship deal. Unfortunately for her, the combination of a sudden rush of fertility and the fact that one-piece racing leathers don’t come in maternity sizes, put an end to what might have been a long and glorious (or sickeningly short) career racing motorbikes.

                             Girls race each other where boys aren't allowed

Now, assuming she was telling the truth (and she wasn’t wearing a niqab or anything), she clearly had a talent for riding which far outweighed my own. To be honest, I’m not especially quick on a bike. My ability is far lower than my enthusiasm. Also, my sense of self preservation dwarfs my testosterone output, which in hindsight, is probably a good thing.

Put simply, I’m pretty sure that this girl would blow me into the weeds if we ever went head to head racing similar motorbikes.

Leaving aside the possibly lasting damage this realisation did to my self-esteem (I was starting to think Tourette’s might have been preferable after all), the situation got me thinking.

Strangely enough (weirdly might be a more appropriate adjective), it got me thinking about bell curves.

Bell curves are simple things. Kids learn to plot them on graphs in school around year six or seven.

Take a thousand blokes and measure the height of each of them. Then plot the numbers on a simple graph and you get a shape like a bell curve.

Few men are less than five feet tall. By the time you get to five-two to five-four, there will be more. The vast majority of men are five-six through to five-ten. Then, as you get past six foot tall, the numbers quickly taper off until after six foot seven, you are left with a couple of freakish NBL players.

Do the same thing with 1,000 women and you will have a near identical bell curve. The only difference being, that it will be slightly further down the axis from the men’s graph.

So, looking at these bell curves, you can see that men are generally taller than women. That doesn’t mean that all men are taller than all women.  It doesn’t mean that there aren’t some very tall women who are taller than most men. However, the shortest people are mostly women and the tallest people are almost entirely male.

Practically everyone understands this concept. The only ones who don’t are the educationally sub normal and those academics who happen to be left wing (which is pretty much all of them).

There are good reasons for these bell curves. Mother Nature (am I even allowed to say that anymore?) quite sensibly, divided men and women up to carry out different tasks. She gave us different attributes to carry out these tasks. Men are mostly stronger than women. Women tend to be more flexible. Men are more analytical. Women can multi task. Men have more brute force. Women have more dexterity.

                                   Sometimes the guy holds the umbrella

Mother/Father nature isn’t stupid of course. There is a lot of overlap and for the most part we can still function in each other’s areas if we must.

When my wife goes out, I can still find the sauce bottle in the cupboard eventually, even if it isn’t at the very front (hunger is a cruel taskmaster).

One area where men excel, is judging speed and distance. Traditionally, it was those men who could chuck a spear accurately or jump a ditch whilst running away from a sabre tooth tiger, who did well in evolutionary terms.

Today, that talent translates into an ability to ride quickly on a motorcycle. It is something that men generally do better than women. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t women who can ride quickly on a motorcycle. My friend on the plane however, was a freakish outlier on the far edge of the female bell curve.

The fact that she could outride most men, does not disprove the fact that men are usually quicker. Not surprisingly then, the top echelons of Grand Prix motorcycle racing, as well as Formula One or Indy car racing, are entirely devoid of women. Instead, we have men who are freakishly talented. These guys sit at the far extreme of the male bell curve, which sits to the right of the female one.

The lack of women on the podium isn’t an evil conspiracy by the patriarchy. There may be some barriers to women that don’t burden men to the same extent, but it isn’t hidden prejudice. Most race team managers would pleasure their own grandmother if they thought it would net them the trophy.

To win a competition with a female rider would be the greatest F U to the other teams. Team owners also know that a winning female rider would attract a deluge of sponsorship.

Yet talented as some women undoubtedly are, the top echelons of GP motorcycling will always be dominated by men. For the most part, men are better at motor racing than women. The fact that some women can ride or drive faster than most men, doesn’t change that fact. One swallow doesn’t make a summer.

It’s in the bell curve, stupid.

To be continued at a later date…………………

My next article is related to a recent discovery which blows the lid off a particularly ugly can of worms. It should have been finished already……I got distracted, okay?


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So you were looking in a mirror as you were thinking of what to write WAP.

rin, that is a good quote, orwell said a lot of good things that should be listened to, lucky for those of the left most of his thoughts have been disregarded. you could do your bit one day by trying telling the truth, it might be liberating to do such a revolutionary thing.

"In times of universal deceit further bullshitting is just maintaining the norm" - lg

In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell.

The Shadow, your comments are pointless.

The act of echoing other delusionals does not give you any credibility Rinaldo.

It is dizzy work to read the conflicting tales concerning the origin of the Protocols in Jewish publications. Now, we taxpayers pay for another rehash by the Senate Committee. Now that the Soncino English translation of the TALMUD, endorsed by highest Pharisee authorities, is available at last to read, for the first time, anyone may see that the TALMUD is far filthier, more criminal and anti-Christ than the relatively pale Protocols ever were. Why deny an outline for accomplishing exactly what the whole TALMUD teaches? Why print the Talmud? Bold, indeed!
When Henry Ford printed the articles known as the "International Jew", the Talmudists went into hysteria. If you are interested in the gloatings on how Ford was brought to his knees presumably, and made to publicly apologize, one interesting source is Volume I of "LOUIS MARSHALL - Champion of Liberty - Selected Papers and Addresses", put out by the Jewish Publication Society of America in 1957.
LOUIS MARSHALL was one of Jacob Schiff's cohorts in founding the AMERICAN JEWISH COMMITTEE of world financial and industrial Jewish powers. A book could be written on the powers wielded by him and his sons and their communistic Marshall Foundation. In the "House Committee. on Un-American Activities Dies Report: Communist Front Organizations", there are no less than 27 listings.
Back in 1938 and 1939 when I did considerable speaking in Detroit, I used to be entertained at the executives table at the Ford plant.
Harry Bennett, personnel director for Henry Ford (who afterwards was cowed and wrote a pro-Jewish screed) showed me the picture of the Jews in a huge picture, he had in his office of the Ford Riot they stirred. A truck load of typewriters and used tables was sent me for my office by the Red Squad, at Ford direction. Bennett described how the Jews had driven Ford off the road in his car in an effort to kill him and how his wife had plead with him to cease his Jewish exposures and live for her sake. For this reason he retracted.

Gloatingly, on p. 376 of Vol.1 of the Marshall book, is the statement extracted from Henry Ford. It is preceded by Marshall's communication with Sam Untermyer, etc. Ford's apology includes his plea that he had been too busy to know what was being printed in his Dearborn Independent and had delegated such duties to men he trusted but that he had no idea that the general nature" of the data on the Protocols had been so repulsive to Jewry. "Had I...I would have forbidden their circulation without a moment's notice, because I am fully aware of the virtues of the Jewish people as a whole. . . . " (and more praises).
Ford's statement goes on to state that: "I deem it my duty to make amends for the wrong done the asking their retracting the offensive charges laid at their door by these publications. . ." The publications are to be "withdrawn from circulation" and "that henceforth the Dearborn Independent will be conducted under such auspices that articles reflecting on the Jews will never again appear in its columns. Finally, let me add that this statement is made on my own initiative and wholly in the interest of right and justice.
This "retraction" was dated June 30, 1927.
How the Ford money and Foundation fell under the control of the Jews and their collectivist agencies is another story. FORD never changed his mind.
In l939, Harry Bennett told me he would like to have me meet Wm. Dudley Pelley whose occultism I had criticized. I had never met him. He said: "He will be coming in here any day to get money and GET IT. He is a swell guy. All that stuff is just a gag with him!"
Rev. Gerald WINROD was doing an eye-opening job in his paper which had some 100,000 subscribers, I understand. He told me that Ford gave him $20,000 when he ran for office in Kansas at that time, on an anti-Pharisee platform.
I was working on the "OCTOPUS", which my husband,who afterwards regretted it, had me put out under a pen name. Ford gave me $5,000 in April or May of 1939 so that I could add to my office staff which that year cost $12,000.
One of our lawyers, during the infamous "sedition trial" to prosecute anti-Communists as Nazi "fascists", stated that none of the defendants had ever been as anti-Pharisee as Henry Ford had been. A public blast was issued from the Ford staff stating that FORD had never had any dealings with the so-called "seditionists". So, a separate trial aimed to dislodge the offending lawyer, Mr. Laughlin, I was put on the witness stand and testified what is written above. This was at the suggestion of Dr. Winrod who said one or the other of us should spill the truth. THERE WAS SILENCE - NO DENIAL from the Ford organization or Henry himself.
One may shrug off the Protocols as "forgeries" (of what?), but one cannot deny that the one supreme authority, the "LAW" of Talmudic Judaism is the Babylonian Talmud. Such top books put out by the Jewish Publication Society of America, adjunct of the World High Comman, the American Jewish Committee, as "The Messiah Idea in Jewish History", etc repeat the theme of the duty of WORLD power by the Talmudists whose religion is the Tradition of the Pharisees in written form. - -
"The New York World" of Feb. 17, 1921 published an interview with Mr. FORD, in the course of which he was asked: "Is your belief that the Jews are endeavoring to control the world based in any degree on the so-called PROTOCOLS... said to have been formulated by the Elders of Zion? You know, of course, that these have been denounced as forgeries or inventions. Do you believe they are genuine? He replied: "The only statement I care to make about the PROTOCOLS is that they fit in with what is going on. They are sixteen years old and have fitted the world situation up to this time. They fit it now."
Mr. FORD had been convinced of the Jewish responsibility for World War I by two Jews on his Peace Ship (See Ford Peace Party in my "RED NETWORK", and the activities of Rosika Schwimmer and Louis Lochner). This was covered in an interview in the "Jewish World", Jan. 5, 1922. He determined to make the truth known to his fellow Americans when he returned to this country, he said.
I spoke over the Moody Bible Institute radio a number of times, at special meetings and in the Moody church. The Moody radio teacher of the Bible for many years was Mrs. Iris I. McCord who was a close and most beloved friend to her death. She told me of the incessant pressure being put on the head of the Moody Bible Institute, Dr. Gray, to disavow his belief that the Protocols are Jewry's plan in action. But in vain, although some of the incidents were most threatening. Dr. Gray steadfastly refused to change his position. The Moody Monthly for Sept. 1927 carried an article by him on the"apology", forced from Henry FORD by the then chief of the High Command American Jewish Committee, Louis MARSHALL. Dr. Gray wrote:
"This confession in our opinion is another link in the chain of prophecy. As we read it we were impressed that the great millionaire went further than the circumstances of the case required him to go. To put it another way, we do not believe the editor of the "Independent", Mr. Ford's paper, was either as foolish or as wicked as the confession of its proprietor would make him appear. We believe he had good grounds for publishing some of the things about the Jews which he did publish, and that whether Mr. Ford was aware of it or not he, Mr. Ford, might have found corroborative evidence thereof had he looked for it. Indeed, the pressure brought to bear upon Mr. Ford to make his confession was in itself such corroborative evidence. The pressure came from the Jews - all over the world, and in the face of it Mr. Ford was panic-stricken. He is one of the richest men in the world, and of course conscious of the power that money brings with it; but he was made to feel that the Jews'have more money and hence more power than he, and that in such a cause their money and their power can be quickly mobilized against an opponent, and with crushing consequences.

Read on -

I think Rin's 'fact-check' is based on the ABC model.

So you pay on a per unit basis. Most uneconomical for faux facts.
I never said it was theory... I think that the word "claptrap" sums it up best.

Facts are not theory.

Rin... do you get a discount for purchasing your Conspiracy claptrap by the gross?

The Protocols
But, what are the facts?
"We rejoice to learn that on May 14, 1935, the Cantonal Court of Berne, Switzerland, openly denounced the so-called 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion' as forgeries, obvious plagiarism, immoral, and manifestly prepared for the purpose of inciting popular passion against the Jews". Thus said the "New York Evening Post", May 14, 1935.
This has been repeated endlessly ever since.
BUT when the Swiss Court of Appeals on Nov. 1, 1937 not only acquitted the principal defendant, Sylvio Schnell, and assessed the entire cost of the trial, 30,000 francs, against the state and reversed the verdict, Jewry kept SILENCE! The decision cited the fact that the Marxist-Judge Meyer had heard not one witness for the defense; had kept no Court record of the proceedings; and detailed other irregularities of the trial.
The defendants had been arrested on complaint of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Switzerland on the charge that they had violated Article 14 of the Swiss law against distributing obscene literature, at a public meeting - the Protocols. The Appeals Court ruled that the "experts" for the Jews, C. A. Loosi and Prof. A. Baumgarten, appointed by Judge Meyer, not only were biased on the Jewish question, but, moreover, the authenticity of the Protocols had no bearing on the case since they are of a political nature and do not belong in the category of obscene literature.
The Appeals Court also denounced "the prejudice and gross irregularities" which had been committed in the trial. Not a single one of the 40 witnesses for the defense had been permitted to testify, while all sixteen of the witnesses for the Jewish Community which brought the suit had been heard. . ."
"The proceedings were accordingly carried on solely upon the testimony of the Jewish plaintiffs. And further, although Swiss law demands that in the case of every law suit, shorthand minutes of the proceedings be taken by an official of the court, the Judge did not adhere to this condition, but permitted the Jewish plaintiffs to appoint two private stenographers to keep the register of the official proceedings during the hearing of their own witnesses. As, therefore, no legal record of the proceedings was kept, it follows that the whole procedure, and the verdict itself, are both null and void".
One is tempted to say the same for the pompous "Report of the Senate Committee (Benny Mandel's) concerning the Protocols". [END]

oh rin, you mean the courts that rejected the protocols, and their accuracy, in their entirety. got it. thanks.

Here endeth the lesson.

WAP should read my posts -

WAPatriot Mon 23 Apr 2018 01:39:30 pm
maybe you could provide a link to the outcomes of that official court result. I would like tosee which court had the balls to question an entire religion

ah yes, the tag team has arrived. the bigots are back to their fictional protocols. hilarious.

Sitting in the isle lane in a 737 I noticed this beautiful blonde approaching, having asked Jesus to please have her sit next to me, she asked if I could let her into her seat, thankyou God.
I started making small talk and asked her whether the trip was business or pleasure, she replied business, what kind I asked, sex industry came the reply.
She was on her way to a sex forum to clear up myths about sex.
1st she stated that the male with the biggest appendage, was not Brazilian but Red Indian,
2nd the French are not the best lovers, that title goes to the Greeks,
last but not least, it is not the Italians who are the most long lasting but the Irish.
She then said enough about her life, what about mine and asked me my name?

I said Tonto Papadopoulos, but my friends call me Paddy.

Just a planted Muslim lovin' decoy, that is Rinaldo every day.
Deflecting attention from Islam onto yet another victim group.
Fakestinians and Rin have so much in common, ignored, cannot be educated.

maybe you could provide a link to the outcomes of that official court result. I would like tosee which court had the balls to question an entire religion