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Friday, 22nd June 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


“Shorten left out of the Gillard loop”, screamed ‘The Australian’ this morning. “Hmmm”, I thought, “Gillard’s loop? What the hell would Shorten be doing in Gillard’s loop anyway?” He’s an ambitious little loner with a blue tie!

"She isn't getting advice from the right people," wrote Onselen, quoting a source close to Mr Shorten. 

Golly, an anonymous source close to Shorten really said that? Well I’ll be stuffed! You could have knocked me over with a feather. 

‘The Australian’ is blessed with too many incisive journos to mention, so why did Editor Mathieson allow Peter van (well, I believe you Prime Minister) Onselen’s concocted nonsense on Page One.

Onselin is an affable enough bloke but a seasoned political animal he is not, and it shows. 

A short lifetime amassing university credentials does not replace the street-smarts necessary to interpret politics.

Onselen went on, “The Prime Minister has not sought his (Shorten’s) advice in recent weeks because she fears that he may have switched sides and can no longer be trusted”. Blimey teddy!

So Julia fears he can’t be trusted and hasn’t asked his advice because she believes he may have switched sides? What sort of nonsense journalism is that?

It’s the sort that begs a retraction, and of course it was retracted. The Australian’s on-line version was thankfully replaced with, “Shorten still the man in the middle” by Ben Packham.

Bill Shorten has never graced Gillard’s inner circle. He is certainly not on the outer, but a Gillard confidante? No, never.

He has been very busy counting faction numbers and, as I have said before, the counting may well be in regard to his leadership ambitions and not Rudd’s... and at least I don’t quote “sources close to” saying that!

Peter, if you have something stupid to say, then YOU say it and YOU own it! Leave the “sources close to” garbage to the tabloids.

Write that sort of drivel as an opinion piece not a news story we should be able to rely on.

Journalists who suspiciously quote these anonymous sources should ensure the info is near to correct or ask those concerned to confirm or deny.

But if Onselen had picked up the phone, his silly Page One story would have flown out the window where it belonged.

Come on ‘Oz’ you are about the only paper left we can trust, so please don’t allow ambitious schoolkids dodgy Page One leads when you have the likes of Shanahan, Kelly and Sheridan.

That said, I quite like Peter.



Yes, PVO is definitely a bum-boy for the Labor Party.

The notorious interview on Australian Agenda with Paul Kelly, where during the hard-line questioning of Gillard over her involvement in the AWU scandal by Kelly, PVO intrervened and said "well, I believe you Prime Minister"!. Totally compromised Kelly and a potential good interview.

It's a wonder she told Peter anything. I take it he was wearing a different tie to the one in this photo.

Just watched (still don't know why) nothing Insiders again this morning and as usual it was all just a talk fest with no substance but Bolt summed it up perfectly.
It really doesn't matter who leads Labor to the election it is all a train wreck, not only is it the current leader we want to see the back of but the current system and the only way this will change is for Labor to suffer the certain devastating crush at the polls for the required major changes to be able to take effect.
This Labor party, the policies and the way they do things are not acceptable to long time Labor voters and it has to change.
It will be an interesting week with a person that cannot possibly put the good of the party before personal ambition, another who is bent on revenge and the third who is a very unimpressive last chance.

There is also an on going battle by two former players from Gold Coast United who are owed over $400,00 between them.

When Palmer spat the dummy and put the company into liquidation, he did not pay these 2 Internationals.

Virtually has told them both stiff shit.

Palmer, like most of these blokes that get a lucky break during a boom time, is now doing all those things that always bring these blokes to the shitters ditch.

What's his core business? Mining
Is he looking after his core business?

No, Palmer is playing with a vintage car collections a Resort a football team, building some stupid titanic replica and worst of all playing politician.....

Now,whilst all this is going on, who is at home looking after the shop??

Now, his Townsville smelter is loosing money(big money), his WA mining project is way behind schedule, his football team has gone bust, his resort is loosing money (big money).

Also as a politician, he has done a pretty piss poor job of managing the media. As a result suddenly,in several newspapers there are stories about his business failings and broken promises in regard to promised donations to various groups that have never materialised.

Carlton is a pampered bitch, he lives on the north shore, goes surfing on northern beaches . He lives in a fucking bubble and he is self righteous enough to preach that he knows what really goes on in the real world.
Bubble boy you don't know shit about the real world.
Keep your comments to yourself you pompous twat

That bitch mike carlton had a major dummy spit on twitter. Couldnt handle the criticism about his ridiculous article today.
I hope the trolls dont let up on the bitch, carlton deserves a major flogging

Worthwhile reading the editorial in the Australian today, Larry. Looks like the "source close to Shorten" was Shorten himself! Maybe PvO was correct after all! Shorten had to deny it of course, too scared to stand up and be counted. They are all cowards caught in the headlights of approaching decimation.

The people who pay big rents who run restaurants at the resort are going broke.

Palmer did not give a shit about the surrounding community when he carried on like an arse hole interfering with the Coolum Classic
That golf tournament generated considerable income right around Coolum beach and Maroochydore and now its gone because of Palmer's self centred selfishness.

The place needed a major upgrade when Palmer purchased the place, however his efforts have apparently have made the place worse.

At this time of the year the Coolum would normally be humming with southern holiday makers getting away from the cold winter......this year they are noticeable by their absence.

before I sign off a very good family from the west /aus who I might add were w/a police officers who moved to hervey/bay have this DAY informed of a happening in manjarup??where a whole street the houses were bought up by FUCKING TOWEL HEADS WITH TAXPAYERS MONEY less 2 the head rag head said we want your house he was told to fuckoff but the end result they had to sell to the FUCKING RAGHEADS ITS OUR TAXPAYERS MONEY is there some one within the conscience of the once great labor party have any fucking idea how we feel against you fucking parasistic bastards , I,m of now having a J/WALKER

I think its wishful thinking DJT have a look at western Sydney?WHATS not being told to the Australian people is that it is a bloody lot dire in Melbourne, but they have always lean,t to the left the result was when noddy pulled the pin they then voted in the puissant pillow biter bant

not my stats its treasury stats 90% that have been here for 5 years are on the dole

Well, if you were living in a country in which you had to work to even feed yourself, why wouldn't you come to Santa's Cave and get free housing, free food,free health support including medicines, free travel, free counselling, free education for the kids, free handphone and more.
I have been searching the web to find one other place on the planet that provides all this so that I can jump the queue as well. So far no luck.

Noosa Duck. Agree with you. I recently came across figures which stated that anyone working one hour or more was considered to be employed. And that is not counting the 98+% of illegals who have not managed to find work over the past 5 years even when allowed to!

To Rae.
If you want to know what is keeping the Judges etc quiet - try having a look at
Read and if you don't swear or throw up, you are a stronger person than I.

this is happening all over saddler but the super slut has got the mute button all of her chooks(as old joh use to refer to left wing luvvie journo,s) I watched eddie macguire on his show had a bloke on lost his job with another 800 in the printing trade whats the unions done fuckall , and if H/D are putting people off then the arse is falling out of mining the unions today are as usefull as a as tray on a Harley fkn hopeless, but are needed when the shit has been cleaned out.

Well said Julie. Of course he will not read anything that criticises him - after all he is perfect (in his own mind!).
And the Fairfax press wonder why their readers are deserting in droves!

For those of you who may have been considering one Mr Clive Palmer as an alternate in this up coming election.

If you remember that some time ago on this blog I commented that Palmer was only interested in promoting Clive Palmer.

I also commented in regard to the damage that he has done to the local economy in regard to the Coolum Classic golf tournament being relocated due to Palmer's antics and lack of co-operation.

I also stated that if Palmer thought a couple of plastic dinosaurs were the answer to the problems facing the resort, he was kidding himself.

Well, guess I was right. Recent reports in the local news and the Australian newspaper state that the "Palmerisation of the Coolum resort" has been a disaster.

Reporter Steve Waterson states what us locals have known for a few months...
"The once stylish Hyatt-Coolum is now a monument to bad taste"

As I stated,the resort was in need of a decent refurbishment when Palmer purchased the place.
However Waterson goes on to say "Unless he engaged Fred Flintstone as a consultant, its hard to understand how Palmer identified a dinosaur shortage as its most pressing problem.

In a nut shell, Palmer has turned the place into a shrine to Palmer......Crass is an understatement.

Additionally, the Australian has had a couple of articles during the week and this morning in regard to promises that he has made in regard to financial donations to Aboriginal groups in WA and to the Duke of Edinburgh youth awards from his company Mineralogy, that have not been forthcoming despite being announced in great fanfare some time ago.

Reading quite a bit about him during the week, I have come to the conclusion that Palmer despite all the front and bluff,is just another shyster businessman whose business empire may not be as rosy as the picture Palmer paints.

Personally, despite his current wealth, I doubt Palmer would make a decent politician, let alone a good PM.
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When Abbott gets he needs to reveals as a matter of urgency what is the real situation of this country's finances and the real umployment figures, it seems to me that business is getting out of Oz as fast as it can, and if Gillard god help us got back, you will see business leaving Oz in boats going the fuckin way!

The illegal immigration issue is going to be the main topic of this election
Most Australians are aware of the problems caused by mass Muslim immigration into several European countries as well as Canada.
They most certainly do not want the same situation happening here.

Moreover, all the countries that they have headed for all have well established welfare systems.