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Wednesday, 14th November 2018

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Phoebe is an 8 yo who attends Lloyd Street State School in East Malvern Vic. and she asks a lot of really important questions.


Last night for homework we had to do a short essay on our pets. I was very proud of my story even tho' it was a bit sad. This was my essay:

My cat, Snuggles got eaten by that awful Pitbull dog from down the road. Snuggles was lovely and before we buried her, Dad took her round to show the owners what was left of her. I wish he hadn’t ‘cos Dad got into an awful fight.

The owners said Snuggles must have been intolerant of other pets and must have attacked their Pitbull first and their Pitbull was only defending himself. 

That didn’t sound right ‘cos Snuggles was at home eating her Whiskas at the time.

Anyway, after Dad was released from hospital he asked the Council to ban all the Pitbulls from East Malvern ‘cos they were eating all the other pets but the Council said just because a Pitbull eats other pets it doesn’t mean that all Pitbulls are bad.

Crumbs, then Dad got really mad and yelled, ‘You (rude word) Green (rude word) Councils. Why should I have to (rude word) guess what (rude word) Pitbulls are the good ones! You (rude word) (rude word) mongrels can all go and get (rude word)!’

Golly, then Dad got into another fight and the police came and took him to hospital to get mended again and then they arrested him. But Mum got him out of jail and we took him home. Poor Dad. He was a real mess. 

He wanted to move to Dandenong so he could buy me another cat, but I’ve got all my friends at school and we really love our house.

Anyway, the owners agreed to keep Jihad in their yard in future, but golly he still barks a lot, especially on Fridays.

Dad is a bit better now and he bought me a new cat so we won’t be moving to Dandenong. 

That is until he finds out the Council has approved a big Mosque in Manning Road.

The end”

I thought it was a good essay but my teacher gave me 0/10.


Yeh, the Arabs breed em for fighting dogs and intimidation of others. Islamic attack dogs that hem!

Don't watch ABC. You only get one life and every minute watching ABC is wasted. You'll never get it back. And besides, watching ABC reduces a Conservative's life expectancy substantially. You'd be better off chainsmoking and bingedrinking 24/7. All ABC programs should come with a health warning.

your selve? is that a word

The socialist stranglehold on our media will take some loosening - their infiltration has been too complete.

Ie , okay!

Phoebe, I know you put the rude words in brackets for posting BUT did you put the real words in your essay? Maybe this is why your teacher gave you such a high mark - at least it wasn't a minus! The rest of your essay was very good. We live in East Malvern and there is a site coming up for sale that would be great for a mosque. Right opposite St Mary's Catholic Church. Not a problem because I understand that Catholics are allowed to eat pork.

ie, back off, don't come involved,

Could be more like this......

phoebe---reckon yr dad is a good man,but I think he ought to try another way of getting his point across,instead of fighting----by the sounds of it,hes not very good at it.

Best way of reaching me ct104.

Just saw that Aaron Lane wrote a piece for the Australian on the Canadian Free speech. My email from them told of this. They send out booklets with their latest information

Maxine McKew and Seccombe are on Drum being their usual nasty anti-liberal diatribe.

your the one with the flower

Looking for a new player ct. - love your flower

OT; At the RC today Stephen Donnelly, chief of staff to Senator Freeney, was questioned about his role campaigning for the TWU in Qld in 2010 while he was a paid by taxpayer public servant. He is former boyfriend of Kate Ellis. Just heard that on 2GB, Michael Smith with Ben Fordham.


Chick Magnet ..your not bloke most certainly is....
15 years for a Shepherd....that is excellent....
My bloke is on Cartrophen and it does wonders for him..non steroidal which is great.
My Dutch Shepherd was almost 14 but she copped renal failure from being on Matacam.....That is why Cartrophen is such good medication.
Mack was 36 at his peak but I keep him deliberately under 34 to ease the weight load on his joints. That is why swimming is so good for older dogs and thankfully he loves it especially fetching the ball from around 25 metres out in the river for about 40 minutes to an hour just about every day..... lucky to have such a beautiful river so handy.

Hey! I've got a Dog like That.
Some of the Sheeples would therefore label him a PARANOID Conspiracy Theory Nutter.


Is it in the latest IPA booklet?