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Tuesday, 19th February 2019

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...I just saw what Steggles are up to!

Kirralie Smith

Kirralie Smith is the creator of the halal choices website, shopping guide book and phone app and an expert on halal certification of foods and supermarkets in Australia


More than 70 per cent of all chicken slaughtered in Australia is done according to Sharia Law. This means Islamic principles and rituals. Baiada/Steggles and Ingham have more than 70 per cent of the market share and there are other chicken companies like Red Lea who also halal certify their chickens.

They pay around $40,000 per year each factory just in halal certification fees. But there are many more costs involved. I have reported before how in some of these factories six Muslim-only men are employed to watch, pray and rotate on a full time basis while a machine does all the slaughtering. That is a few hundred thousand in wages in one processing plant for a service that around 2 per cent of the Australian population requires.

Usually at this point the naysayers like to jump on the, “it’s for export” bandwagon. Nuh-uh! reports the following:

This means that virtually all chicken meat eaten in Australia is grown in Australia. Also, almost all chicken meat produced in Australia is consumed locally, with just under five per cent being exported. Australian chicken meat is exported primarily to South Africa, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore and the South Pacific islands (DAFF), 2011).

These are not countries where Islam is a primary religion or market.

How is it that Baiada/Steggles and Ingham have been duped into paying halal certification fees? 

How is it that more than 70 per cent of all chicken slaughtered in Australia is subject to an Islamic religious practice and fees and yet only 2% of the consumers are actual Muslim?


I just looked at " halal choices" ( thank you Kirralie ) Inglewood farm chicken is non halal. On another point , for years I paid extra for SPC Ardmona canned tomatoes because they were Australian. Now I find out they've used that extra money to buy halal certification . My hate for the koran over rides my want to buy Australian . I'll just be buying the cheapest Italian tomatoes from here on . Sneaky greedy bastards.

We know its a con. But the majority of producers think they will make more money if they go Halal. Don't know why, because there are only 480,000 Muslims in Australia, mostly Sunnis. There are 23,130,000 of the rest of us. Many of them dont give a shit how the animals are killed as long as they dont find a maggot in the meat. If the producers want to be the target for extortion it shows their mentality.

Kirrilie, any chance of someone using their imagination and come up with a stand out car sticker to alert the general public to the extortion and cruelty to animals.

My Halal effort. Sent my Halal complaint to local Federal MP Julie Bishop. Letter flick passed to Ian Macfarlane (industry). Reply weeks later, and standard reply, is Australian exports need to be competitive and halal is the same as organic, heart smart or kosher branding. Can not recall heart smart threats to boycott products if protection monies were not paid or sending monies to support terrorism? Then the empty fob off I need to learn more about Halal and here is a web site. Final insult was I should inform Federal Police if I knew about any illegal Halal activity. With dickhead pollies like these, especially the useless alp/green scum its no wonder we are turning to vote independents. Viva Pauline! At least she has the guts to call islam what it is and religion of peace is not.

I'm in Beijing and my work colleagues and I fell about laughing as a rag head (mutilated) female asked if any of the food products contained pork. Here's a clue stupid, you're in Pork Central aka China!

Thanks so much.

Halal lettuce are all female

Looks like I'll be eating less chicken. I shop almost exclusively in the Vietnamese quarter in Melbourne, Footscray and Abbotsford, and I expect that they will be buying from establishments run by Vietnamese and unlikely to be subscribing to the halal scam, but I'll determine that on my next visit. I will not be a victim of the halal scam, paying more for a product to satisfy 2-3% of the population. Let them import their halal products and the cost can be theirs and theirs alone.

Yeah mate, you can have the last slice.

So Kirralee, tell us which ones are not Halal certified, so we may direct our purchases to business that is not undermining western civilisation.

seems to me that there is not much wrong with the idea of halal certification: the issues are; lack of transparency in the process, we should not have to pay extra for the products we purchase and the way in which the generated funds are used to undermine society.

concerned senior, re traffic controllers. Yes I have been noticing this for the past few years. I have an idea something was brought up on this at the royal commission into unions (but I may be wrong here... but I know there has been some comment on this in the media). I think it is a union pressure or condition of firms getting the jobs. Most of the road jobs are done now by contract firms, not councils. the firms are open to pressure from the unions etc.

this is the infidel tax, proves their "superiority". Its standard MO for these dogs, and Australia falls in line like the PC soft cocks we have become.

"Hot Cross Buns" from Aldi halal certified!! How absolutely stupid is that???

The point is that we object to paying a tax based on religion. However , how do you feel about paying Director's super salaries , or shoplifting or a worker's right to a tea break ? You do pay for all these things , willingly ! Halal tax is a business decision . Don'y like it , then don't but the product !

Pie, curiosity has the better of me, is that meat

We here in QLD have to hope Newman wins his seat and I can't see labor picking up enough seats to win gov. If Newman looses his seat will the new leader keep our law and order rules there. For years we were promised law and order by beatie, (who couldn't lie straight in bed) and then blythe and got nothing and along comes Newman, makes a promise and keeps it much to the horror of the crims. Labor stuffed QLD like gillard and rudd did to the country.

alpinist, I promise I will hang on to my tail like grim death

You say "the alternatives" wanting to bring in Tonys ppl when the first words Mr Wonderful Hocking said " The days of entitlements are over". Isn't that an entitlement and why is JB flying around the world giving money to anyone with their hand out when our aged persons were hit first. Why won't he do something about the mozloms. He knows the problems we ordinary folk will have with them now and later on down the track. Please tell me what he has done that I have to focus on. I am not to proud to say "sorry" if I am wrong and I do know we can't let the other mob in to complete their devastation of this country of ours.


Just visited ‘stop the mosque in Maroochydore” They are calling for support to report some Facebook pages that are amongst other things - denigrating Kirralie Smith, Halal Choices , and others, presenting them as: “Meet the halal haters”.

Find the links here: