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Wednesday, 19th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Bonhomie in the Gallipoli trenches, breaks for footy matches, swapping smokes at half time, regular truces to bury the decomposing dead before climbing back over the still warm dead to respectfully recommence killing each other in a warm glow of esprit de corps... it was the original State of Origin match.

But another war, the genocide of defenceless ethnic minorities, was silently going on elsewhere in Poland and nearby in Turkey, involving horrific deaths in far greater numbers than those at Gallipoli... Europe’s Jews and Turkey’s Christians were being slaughtered in their millions, and not one carried a rifle or a hand grenade.

Not far from this weekend’s commemoration, the ISIS, Obama’s “JV team” (junior varsity team as he refers to it) rages unchallenged... Islam against Islam, Islam against Christian and, as has always been the case, Islam against everything not Islam.

It’s indeed ironic that ANZAC pilgrims will stand at sunup, silently rueing a pointless battle that cost 140,000 Allied lives and 240,000 Turkish and Arab lives 100 hundred years ago.

Yet no minute’s silence or even a last post for over a million defenceless Armenian Christians slaughtered by our Turkish hosts. Christians don’t stand for much in this neck of the woods.

Turkey's "Armenian solution" consisted of mass drownings, massacres and simply herding whole families into their hay lofts and burning them alive.

It’s indeed ironic also that Abbott and President Erdogan remain in diplomatic denial over Turkey’s support for the ISIS. It was sickening to watch Turkish PM, Ahmet Davutoglu, field innocuous questions from the Australian Press while Abbott nodded in approval.

Questions that should have been asked were: “Why did the Turkish military sit in their tanks smoking Camels while overlooking the killing and raping of hundreds of families by the ISIS in Kobani?”

“Why has Turkey not allowed its air bases to be used in the fight against the ISIS?”

“Why does Turkey still purchase from ISIS its stolen Iraqi oil?”

“Why does Turkey shoot refugees fleeing Syria?”

“Why does Turkey, a NATO member, support Hezbollah and finance Hamas?

When asked why Turkey allows Western Muslims entry to Syria to join the ISIS militia, the Turkish PM explained that the border gate needed to remain open to allow the refugees out.

Hmmm, so “border guards” can’t differentiate between refugees fleeing from the south and jihadists entering from the north, eh?

Tony Abbott inexplicably backed him up reminding everyone of Turkey’s unwieldy 900 mile border. You see, Uncle Tony still has an aversion to confronting Islamic stuff.

These sickening diplomatic soirees can be left to a head-covered Aunty Julie, over short blacks and shared water bongs.

(Pic: Turkey’s President Erdogan wearing a Palestinian keffiyeh.)


Gallipoli should be remembered for ;
The horrendous Incompetence of the British High Command who landed our troops on the WRONG beach and then compounded their mistake by denying to evacuate them and ordering them to "Dig in and Fight On" like some sorta Footie Match...

OT The REAL Enemy;


Watch in order to Believe (or not)

The senior officers of the military who at some time in the past ran the country were put in prison as revenge for their atrocities against the civilian population and they are probably still there .

well we need to send all Muslims back to their countries of ORIGIN....they DO NOT assimilate they are using Us by taxing our groceries and using our taxes to live on welfare now they block of our streets in their dubious prayer,they support paedophilia,bestiality,denial of womens rights...they need to SOD OFF back to where they came from........parasites.

What about the poor bloody Goats ? However, I fail to see any problem with Muslim killing Muslim. The Monkey has done a splendid job of encouraging this slaughter.

agree - Queensland govt is rife with lies deceit - Beattie was an expert on this too

Spot on Bruce, Beattie and co have a lot to answer for.

Descendants of the Turkish enemy are allowed to march in the Victorian Anzac Day march, presumably under the Turkish Islamic flag. Next trick it will be open to descendants of the Jap guards who tortured and beheaded Aussies in WWII.

Some Muslims do indeed claim Australia was discovered by them.

Abbott gets into bed with Erdogen, and whispers a few sweet nothings about how wonderful Turkey is, buying all that Islamic State stolen oil, running ISIS logistics for NATO and the US, killing all refugees caused by IS, and openly supporting the genocide of Christians in Syria, currently being protected by Russia and Assad. Abbott responded with a promise to shirtfront the Russian,and showed his credentials in backing the Catholic neo, nazi genocide in Ukraine of ethnic Russian Christians. Erdogen approved Abbott's idea of providing local support for Abbots Islamic militia operating out of Australia for Islamic State, and further praised Ataturks genocide of Christian Armenians. They both wished Stalin and Pol Pot could join their bum buddies bed

Perhaps with their affinity to want to kill people including their own islamics should adopt the slogan "the only good human is a dead human"

Had a night of web surfing. Here's another heartwarming story, courtesy of islam:

An informative post is:

First a rugged up Islamic Bitch in my local Aldi, in France, miles from anywhere. Never seen one of the MF's in our neck of the woods ever! Then today. A frigging Golly working as a Brickies labourer in a tiny hamlet, even further miles from anywhere! Two days ago, quartet of ISIS types carrying a couple of satchel charges on a high snow covered plateau, heading for gawd knows where.Rang the local cops who said HF, in French of course. Can't escape from the MF's anywhere these days. Talked to my local Real Estate man about the problem. It takes only one of "them" to Fxxx the local housing market, he said. Try Greenland he said.......

The Oliver/Gunther/gvass/gregbeard/Nicolai branch of the Sunni sect at PP. has engaged in some "tu quoque" logic here and then dug up the usual leftist academic to back themselves up, again another standard technique of the losing debater. I await the litany of western crimes that will attempt to justify the Muslim slaughter of kuffars any and everywhere in this world.

This is from the Matthew Delooze one ball media web site and I believe it is highly relevant to what is going on in the world.
Make up your own mind.
One Ball initially houses the many very important messages sent expose the Serpent Cult’s enslavement of the human race and to help individuals break the Serpent’s spell of mass hypnosis. The multi-levelled messages within all the writings on this website are unique in the extreme and could only come from a source of very high awareness, but it is obviously up to you how you see the writings or how you read them. If they are simply the rantings of a madman then obviously you have wasted your time or will waste your time reading them. That said if the writings contain spiritual triggers that will awaken and stir your very soul to help you in these end times or whatever you want to call these awful days, then the writings will be/are absolutely vital to you in this world at this time.
We can only say that the writings will only ever be what ‘You’ actually see them as being. Only you can decide what they are about.
Therefore it is only you that can decide ‘what we are about’ too, not us. Any words describing things about ourselves on any ‘About Us’ page are literally irrelevant in the process. I could tell you anything I wanted ‘About Us’, but what would it matter? Would you listen any more intense if I used pathetic PR tactics to tell you how wonderful we are? Maybe we should supply photo-shopped photographs of a smiley showbiz personality to sell you the information on this website? Fakery works wonders doesn’t it?
There is absolutely no reason to have an ‘About Us’ page on this website. ‘We’, call us Bill & Ben if you like, have simple provided free information (At great cost in many ways, yes we must be mad) and given you the choice of whether you want to read it or not and then decide whatever you want to decide about the information. There are no superstars selling you plastic lunchboxes here. There is no hall of mirrors trying to mesmerise fickle truther drones into some tacky Bazaar, along with their credit cards either. There is only the information. This website is not about ‘us’, as in those people that created it. It is entirely about YOU and it is about you in more ways than one!
On one hand it is about you thinking deeply about YOUR enslavement. It is about YOU actually opening your eyes and hearts and you truly seeking freedom. It is about YOU seeing through the fake world you live in. It is about you finding strength to look around you without wearing the fake glasses you were given at birth for once and for you to see that the human race is literally only livestock on a global farm. It is time to see if you are free-range food that is literally conned into praises your enslaver and that you actually beg for its own enslavement all year round, from birth to death, lifetime after lifetime. It is for you to see that any comfort zone you have is merely there so you conform to the will of your enslaver.
On another hand this website is about YOUR current freedom. It is about ‘YOU’ actually accepting that your eyes and hearts had already found true freedom in this free world. It is about you finding the strength to continue to look around you and trust the eyes you were given at birth and realise the information on this website is just totally fabricated bullshit. It is about YOU agreeing that this world is how you have always seen it. This website is about you truly believing how ‘real’ the world is around you and how much you want to remain connected to it. It is about you continuing to thank the rulers of this world for allowing you your life as it is and accepting things.
I mention those two different hands because this website can only ever help ALL of its readers decide one way or another how they choose to see the world in these end times. It will only ever help ALL readers decide if they are wheat or chaff depending on their viewpoint. If you believe this world is real and you are free then please go and enjoy it, please be wheat in that world. If you can truly see the world is not as it appears and the information on this website triggers you to actually see you are indeed a prisoner, and you truly want things to change for you, then the time is coming when you will be able to do something about it. Please be wheat in that world too.
This website is about you… not About Us.
Thank You
E M Delooze July 2014.

On this one Bruce I will agree with you. Billy should get out and we have a new election. Nothing else is going to sort this matter out if we don't. It will just go on and on until the next election.

Australia's demise started with Gough Whitlam. The Nation's destruction has continued ever since with a brief respite in the Howard era. Who would have ever believed a Right Wing Coalition Govt would be as destructive as the maniacle Left and all the wackos in that mob! I have questioned TA's real intent with / for Oz a long time ago. He has an agenda that will not suit we true Ozzies. Watch the real RATS cash in their super and run away within the next two years. Much as I hate to quote Whitless: 'Well!! May we say: God save Australia!!!?? ' Time to have 'Plan D' ??

Luv it IE (lol).

I was more than interested, this morning, to hear an item on radio whereby 'young ladies' at at school in Victoria, were not permitted to 'run' in their school events! The reason? It was thought they may lose their virginity! Would like to hear if you, too , heard this one?