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Sunday, 20th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


These are the filthy tactics of the degenerate “yes” pack. This is the headline on yesterday describing the first of the “no” ads: “The controversial past of mother-of-four who appeared in advertisement against same-sex marriage”

I watched and thought "bugger, I must have missed something". I even read the story again! No, nothing about a controversial past, not even a whisper... just an honest mother of four with what appeared to be justifiable concerns about where the gay mob wants to take her kids.

But we all know the well-financed Gay-Green-GetUp-Labor-Left is very proficient at distorting facts and rather than address a person’s argument, they will always attack and try to degrade the person. 

And where there is nothing to attack, they invent something like above, because they know most people only read headlines (especially when it comes to gay nonsense) and they don’t want anyone seeing or hearing any argument against what they propose.

                Turnbull has dinner with GetUp's boss and crazy Lefty Simon Sheikh

The SSM debate is the most dishonest I have seen in a half century (even more dishonest than their Mediscare scam that got them within one seat of government). 

“Marriage equality” is utter bullshit. A misnomer typical of the group who intends to trash the Marriage Act and replace it with non-gender, non-species specific verbiage where pronouns can be anything other than referring to a man and a woman, a male and a female, or a boy and a girl.

They want all words indicating gender scrapped forever and they started 20 years ago with “person hole covers”. In this mad new lesbian uprising, “man” is only to be used in a derogatory sense for the moment. 

You are watching desperation at its worst. This group has lost the global warming/redistribution-of-income debate and we have seen the results of their renewable energy debate. 

They’ve only just discovered that their Barrier Reef isn’t dying and their ozone layer has healed itself. 

They try desperately to portray a compassionate face but couldn’t give a stuff that old people are dying of the cold because of their compunction to symbolically bomb coal-fired power stations.

We are in the majority (a word that doesn’t exist in Gay-Green-GetUp-Labor-Left circles). They believe they can get what they want as a minority using dishonesty, guile, deception, lies, obfuscation and a lot more money than we have.

                              Missed school too... it should be "practising"

And who is this loud minority made up of? All of Labor, many of Turnbull’s lazy Left Liberals, the lesbian-heavy magistracy, the judiciary in general, the education department, the unions (with membership exceptions), the media in total, the Catholic church that defies its own and the Bible’s teachings and a far Left pathetic Pope. 

                                             With his Holiness's little helpers

Seems a lot for a minority? No, it makes up nowhere near 20 per cent of us. But the problem is they will all vote “yes” while we in the majority will not vote anything because we don’t bloody care about all this damned queer stuff.

But it’s too late to start caring once this insidious movement has a head of steam.   

Okay, so this silly SSM survey is likely to be chucked out by the High Court as illegitimate anyway, and it should be, but don’t for a moment think that will be the end of it. It won’t be. Turnbull will gird his loins and say, “Oh well, at least I tried, so now I can justify a free Parliamentary vote” and that vote will not represent a people’s vote that was promised.

Yep, the Gay-Green-GetUp-Labor-Left wins again… and in the meantime we will need to endure millions of dollars in advertising over three months denigrating we straight majority and glorifying their odd minority.

If the legislation the gay movement wants succeeds we will all be at the mercy of Commissioners like Gillian Triggs, Tim Soutphommasane and Rosalind Croucher.

There is only one way to return to political equilibrium and that is to get rid of Turnbull so we can have our old honest two-party system back.

History is littered with Turnbulls and Shortens who know that a society must first be broken before implementing a new Orwellian Nirvana.

Trouble is, so far they have all failed. 

And is the Liberal Left becoming aware of what they are up against?


so true Larry - bunch of bigoted bullies the SSM -

So good Larry ,so good

The cartoon is a pisser, love it lol

Just what will those problems be?

Don’t be conned by the “Yes” camp saying this is nothing more than allowing homosexuals to marry as an “act of love”. The “Gay” activist brigade are very much the left, and they are fighting so hard to get SSM because it is a major goal they need to obtain. They will then lever their new law(s) with the help of our Human Rights commissioners to further shift the goalposts of “inclusiveness” in their favour, e.g. through introducing the “safe” schools program, downgrading the importance of fathers, etc. and then outlawing any criticism of their actions. Be assured – their ultimate aim is to DESTROY both the traditional family unit and the Christian church by this one assault. RESIST their push and vote “NO”.

Malcolm Turnbull will be awarded a prize for maintaining Australia’s non-discriminatory immigration program.
The Disraeli prize, awarded by the British centre-right think tank Policy Exchange, is named for Britain’s first prime minister from a minority background, Benjamin Disraeli.

Mestizo Malignancy: Here to Pimp Adults and Children
August 31, 2017 Quintus Sertorius Comments
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The way I see it,if these"Snowflakes"don't like the the West and have to lie about "Homo's"getting married,then they should just"bugger off"otherwise it may be detrimental to their well being.We the People are getting very ANGRY about this nonsense.Also take note all Politicians,"We the People"will remember come election time.We know who has let all this shit happen and has encouraged it.

This month Stanford University students voted on a campus resolution that would have had their college require a course on Western civilization — as it did until the 1980s. Stanford students rejected the proposal 1,992 to 347. A columnist in the Stanford Daily explained why: Teaching Western civilization means “upholding white supremacy, capitalism, and colonialism, and all other oppressive systems that flow from Western civilizations.” The vote and the column encapsulated the Left’s view of Western civilization: In Europe, Latin America, and America, the Left loathes Western civilization. Wherever there is conflict between the West — identified as white, capitalist, or of European roots — and the non-West, the Left portrays the West as the villain.
Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.

OT. Ben @GB today played the 000 call of a 4 year old Georgia Ritter who saved her 35 year old Mum's life. Amazing little girl. Georgia won a bravery award today. You can all find the story if you want. Georgia Ritter, you deserved that award.

Imagine all the damn ''Reality '' shows we will have to suffer under when they get marriage ''Equality'' .My Big Fat Gay Wedding ,Our Big Gay Honeymoon ,Our Big Gay Cooking Show ,the Reality cooking shows and Home reno shows are bad enough as it is !

Pets that are companions are very important to many people and should be treated with due care.

I know, I have a very different view on wild cats though.

Shadow..I was being facetious..I couldn't really hurt an animal but I just felt desperately sorry for Sailor.

All of Labor, many Liberals, the magistracy, the judiciary in general, the education department, the unions the media, the Catholic church and the Pope, and many in the Anglican Church are for the YES Vote. So who does Lyle Shelton and his ACL actually represent?

I fear the next lefty ( taxpayer funded) minority campaign is to make SSM obligatory. Not going to change the life style of too many people in the Judiciary, Education Dept, at "their" ABC, CSIRO, Labor Politicians, or the Bureau of Data Fabrication AKA The Bureau of Climate Lies and Deception (was once the weather bureau) or Get Up. This campaign is then to be followed closely by an I want safe sex with my dog to be recognised and decriminalised and eventually to be made mandatory for the owners of all types of pets. I believe the Pope has been sounded out about marriage ceremonies for these people and their pets in selected Catholic Churches around the nation.

The ACT's new rainbow buses revealed to promote ssm 'yes' vote. They use taxpayer's money for this tripe without a case for a 'no' vote.

HAhahaha - well there goes Shorton and all his union buddies....

Jek - most cruises have a club called 'friends of Dorothy' they meet daily in different locations. Not long ago on the last leg on the Queen Mary 2, we called into Brisbane and the ship was taken over by gay blokes who had flown up from Sydney. The sleazy creeps turned the spa and sauna into a pick up area. The sauna cubicles were used non stop.

Most possibly an engineer JI.
Engineers are well known for their comprehension and appreciation of a square root.
I reckon that would make you normal.... sorry. Those popups must be BillyB's.