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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The Western Bulldogs (originally Footscray) is the team of a struggle town out west and coming from seventh position to beat the Swans is a bridge far too far. I always barrack for the underdog, but not this time, because not only have I always been a Swans fan but the Western Bulldogs is Julia Gillard’s team and she has had enough good fortune (monetarily) since Rudd and Shorten flicked her. 

Slater & Gordon has been a little less fortunate (monetarily). 

President of the Bulldogs is none other than Peter Gordon, previously of Slater & Gordon, who not only introduced Julia to the Bulldogs but claims it was he who sacked her from the Labor legal firm after it became clear what she and Bruce Wilson were up to. 

It’s a pity it wasn’t quite that clear to the Royal Commissioner.

I will always have a soft spot for the Doggies as my left-footed Dad once played a few games in the Footscray reserves. But there are not too many who kick, lean or even dress to the Right out west of Melbourne. Anyway no Champas for Julia or Slater & Gordon tonight, 

...and the Victoria Bitter might taste even a little more bitter than usual.


I hate the Swans with a passion, as they have fucked up our once wonderful game, with their woefully negative brand of football, courtesy of Paul Roos and now smiley Longmire. Just think back to the 2005 GF, when both scores were below 60 points. It was by far the worst GF I have ever witnessed, and I am so glad that they lost on Saturday. It was also good to razz up a few of the boys at the Growling Swan bar in Pattaya. Boy do they get angry and unhappy when someone, okay, it was me, several times during the game, yells out, 'sooooooooooooperrrrrrrrrrb!!!!!!!!!, whenever a Footscray player did something good, like kick a goal. Just think about some raghead paedophile after an 8yo boy says no to being sodomised by that scumbag. Okay, not quite that angry, but very angry. I loved it.

And the drunker they became the more wonderful it was.

Best Grand Final outcome since the Dockers got their arses kicked in their only GF appearance

Great game for the thousands and thousands of Bulldogs supporters who probably don't even know about Gillard's corruption and past. To say nothing of who Peter Gordon is. But get your point - Gillard is pure evil - and hope she stays in the USA - probably will if her buddy Clinton gets into the White House - both of them make me sick.

Well done Bulldogs, heart will beat a cheque book every time.

Does Juliar have a bigger bottom than the Hildebeast?

Says a lot about the Australian labor party that a creature like gillard can rise to the top of the dung pile.

Pictured here with her controller while she was pm, who is an even a worse creature.

And a brief reminder of what she got up to.

Tipster of the year award goes to Larry - NOT !

Love the blog, Larry, but won't be counting on you as a footy tipster.

O/T I see Jay Weatherill is planning to treat South Australians like mushrooms, First he'll keep them in the dark and then feed them a lot of Shit!

Bloody beauty Bulldogs. Thrilling game and fantastic outcome. Funny to see the winners crying as well as the losers but for different reasons. They closed Franklin down and got on with business. Hope Gillard chokes on he caviar and champagne.

So as the reliability and the price of energy hits the wall many factories and private homes will be looking at diesel generation, suppose a business that has a electric bill of forty grand per year , and is liable to sudden rises and blackouts because of the stupid global warming green policies, diesel or gas generators start to look attractive , so if it catches on in a big way then there go the ""savings "" of co2 , and revenue for the gov,but then again it might just be cheaper and easier to move your factory to China!

Bin a long time since i've enjoyed a grand final or even a game for that matter.

That was really something, close, clean, fast. Great work and deserving of congratulations.

But you set the tone Larry, I was put off because I kept imagining that damned Gillard enjoying herself and living it up ( ON OUR MONEY )

This is a good game. I'm not really a footy fan at all. For you Larry I hope the Swans are not taking a dive.

Why would Peter Gordon want to have anything to do with Juliar seeing he sacked her for doing dodgy deals ?

A bit of a giggle on Anthony Mundine calling for a boycott of our supposed National anthem is that two Kiwi sheilas sang it .

Something funny went on at Hillary's podium.

'not only have I always been a Swans fan'. I thought you were a Roy Boy Larry?

Some dickhead wrote into the 50/50 letters saying how much would it cost to fly gillard over from Adelaide to see the game, I thought what bullshit, try how much from New York or Washington, after all these days she spends all her time over there slumming it with Clintons and she has got her sticky snout stuck right into that lot!!