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Wednesday, 19th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Pickering Post reported last year that Graeme Paul Hancock, 31, had been released from prison where he had served five years for the sexual assault, including rape, of three children aged five, seven and nine. 

Hancock had a lengthy criminal history for similar offences dating back to November, 2004, when he was convicted on 26 child sex charges including rape. Police had also discovered a USB device which contained 100 child pornography images and four child exploitation videos during a search of his Wacol home. 

A laptop was also found which contained seven child exploitation videos which were deemed to be in the second worst category of child sexual offences. Hancock’s release was subject to a continuous restrictive supervision order under the Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act. 

Shortly after his release he was again arrested at South Bank, Brisbane, while filming a naked four-year-old girl. This time he was sentenced to 18 months.

Hancock then appealed the “severity” of that 18 month sentence, and after hearing Hancock’s appeal the judge inexplicably said the South Bank offence was... "at the lower end of the scale because the child was unaware the video had been taken”. Hmmm, what an amazing ruling! 

He then ordered Hancock be immediately released despite two psychiatrists having classified his risk of reoffending as “high” and that he had already been in breach of strict supervision orders on three previous occasions. 

Well, I guess an innocent four year old may not have a sophisticated grasp of what a sexual offence is but maybe the Premier of Queensland should have had the sense to step in and order a review of the judge's ruling. 

But no, Hancock walked, free to continue his sexual addiction to small children.

It was no surprise the judge showed an unfathomable leniency toward the despicable Hancock because the judge himself had also shown an addiction to small children (mostly young boys) along with his partner in crime, ex-Premier Rob “Bubbles” Borbidge. Bubbles and the judge go back a long way.

So, who exactly is this bastard judge? Well, he was Chief Justice of Queensland, Paul “Daphnis” De Jersey (pictured) and, if you’re a Queenslander, he is now your new Governor, courtesy of an appointment by Campbell Newman.

To the legal fraternity’s dismay Newman had over-promoted the embarrassingly hapless Tim Carmody to fill De Jersey’s former position as Chief Justice. You see, Carmody had undertaken to uphold Newman’s VLAD laws despite the judiciary’s hostile objection to them.

Prior to his appointment as Governor, Newman was shown extensive information regarding De Jersey and was warned about his history, particularly within the Anglican Church, but Newman responded with the comment, “I don’t take any notice of internet blogs.” 

If Newman is unaware of the suppressed findings of the CMC and the alarming Anglican record regarding this grub, then he’s had his head in the sand for the past three decades.


Well put HarryB. Late response I know but I agree with your comment.

lg you crack me up... You've gone fishing and Devil is biting so hard his excuse for grey matter is leaking out of his ears!!

Devil tells us he's a psychologist, working towards his PhD. Then he can call himself Dr Devil . . . and pretend that he's a real doctor. His clients in Logan, Inala, Rooty Hill, Collingwood, or whichever Labor bastion he works from, wouldn't know the difference between psychiatrist and psychologist anyway . . . nor would they need to, neither would do them any good. Probably make a few extra bucks if he did neck tats as well.

Tomo.. you got that right... that creep was living off my taxes as well as those others!

Zulu Kilo Two Alpha
2 hours ago
interesting that the very people that made it possible for these creeps
are being victimized today because they are on a pension

2 hours ago

you lived of my taxes you bludging creep
get lost

Devil, I think you're looking at the Whitlam era through rather 'rose-coloured' glasses. I lived, worked and first became politically aware during those times. I actually voted twice for Whitlam's Labor, but became disillusioned - not with the vision Gough presented, but with the rabble he led. Most notable, Grassby, Murphy, Cairns. Medibank, a great innovation, was scammed almost to death in its infancy. It took a while and successive governments to ensure Gough's vision became workable and cost-effective. From your posts I think you may be a post-Whitlam beneficiary of Gough's great vision, but it takes hard work and application to turn visions into reality. Gough's team had few, if any, of the skills needed to ensure Gough's visions were translated into sound schemes. Just my opinion.

yes another bludger on the system

what is a cancer he asked?
the wizard replied, if you don't cut it out soon it will totally consume and destroy the host...

he was just another useless Labor commo PM

Whitlam should have retired to China so he could be amongst his Communist comrades

Wizards certainly know a thing or two . . . about apples.

just one more lesson for the devil who knows very little about the whitlam era...he also destroyed the textile industry by lowering tariffs...(lima)

3 hours ago

no its not ok'' you trie to post your views on a lefty blog
will not happen.

Father Abbott's nemeses is called "Vlad" too!

Is that you Phamtom,Sparticus,or is it Sarah Bath.Piss off you leftie troll

Ahh please don't call me a communist sympathizer, muslim, Fuck Wit or the usual cerebral name calling.....I am just stating history (like it or not) it can be crossed checked. If you want to believe the sun rotates around the earth or Adam and Eve kept dinosaurs as pets that's fine but I agree with Ig ..What we're witnessing here in Devil is somebody who has different opinions to the majority of poster on this blog - and that's OK

AHH..brief history..Nixon had already withdrawn over 60,000 troops when in November 1970 John Gorton announced that when 8RAR completed its tour of duty it would not be replaced.Billy McMahon continued the phased withdrawal of 3&4 RAR.until Whitlam became Prime Minister on 5 December 1972 promising an immediate end to Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War and an end to military conscription. By 11 January 1973 Australian involvement in hostilities in Vietnam had ceased leaving only troops from the Australian Embassy Platoon who remained deployed in the country until 1 July 1973

"The labor unions provided the Democratic Party with a financial base in labor that served as a countervailing power to the Republican base in manufacturing and finance.

Whether it was a plot or unintended consequence, jobs offshoring wrecked the industrial and manufacturing unions and destroyed the Democrats' independent financial base.

The two-party system that had maintained a reasonable balance was transformed into a one-party system in which both parties were dependent on the same monied interests and thus answered to the same masters".

Read more:

Devil is from the leftie movement, I guess a communist at heart who hates Australia and its riches and its freedoms and easy-going life style. Lowlifes like him think they can take advantage of the pure breed aussie attitude of, she'll be right mate. All Marxists dream about is POWER and GLORY and to rule the masses, and they will support any twisted religion or government with the same ideals as they, but not in Australia, fairy floss, we don't fook around!!