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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


For those on this site who defend the Governor General, Peter Cosgrove, please turn your attention back to 2015 and our Australia day. It’s a day that sticks in my craw because of where our Governor General decided to be that was, for him, more important than our one day of the year.

Was it his mother’s death, maybe a broken leg or a chemo appointment. No, it was the death in the Saudi family of its self-proclaimed king. Part of a despicable dynasty that has spread Wahhabi filth across the globe. It bore, financed and protected Osama bin Laden, it was instrumental in 9/11 and tutored its vile sons in how it should be carried out. 

It created the Taliban, building schools and providing scholarships to students who would keep Afghanistan in the stone age and who copied the Saudis’ Chop Chop Square with its public beheadings and hangings after prayers each Friday.

It has invented and overseen halal certification that has financed mosques in Australia and around the world. Wahhabism revels in the subjugation of women, the sexual mutilation of girls and sanctions bonking them once they reach the age of nine.

Peter Cosgrove met up with other attendees at the king’s funeral who included Barack Obama, Prince Charles, and French President at the time, Francois Hollande. Has there ever been less respect shown Western culture than by these three traitorous socialists who blind themselves to the hideous cult of Wahhabist Islam?  

The Saudis gifted its Grand Mosque to Belgian citizens in return for the ability to permanently appoint the worst of Wahhabi Imams to Europe who could teach and promote the Jihadism that fires all terrorist activities. 

Belgium’s capital, Brussels, is the site of the Saudi-gifted Grand Mosque and subsequently Brussels is now the European capital of all terrorism, even in Spain. There is no more evil empire than the Saudi kingdom.

Yet Cosgrove decided celebrating a death in a grubby Saudi king was more important than celebrating Australia Day.

To be fair Peter Cosgrove may not have made such a sickening decision to forsake our one day of the year all by himself. No, that decision would have been made, or at least approved of, from somewhere deep in the diseased bowels of a Prime Minister’s Office that also approved of the lowering of our flags to half mast. WTF?

Yet Cosgrove, who is a close friend of my close friends, should have had the balls and the decency to opt for Australia Day rather than celebrate the most decadent dynasty on earth.

He could have refused to go but didn’t. He could have at least objected but didn’t… he could have apologised but didn’t. You can forgive him for that if you like... but I can't!

... and that’s why I said what I said!   


If you don't know that Israel runs Saudi Arabia, then you should give up political commentary altogether, that's not even a conspiracy theory. It's common knowledge

Rex Tillerson to the Taliban - “You will not win a battlefield victory. We may not win one, but neither will you.” ..... hmmmm. A war of attrition? This war will probably continue for a third president's term. What happened to Trump's pre election rhetoric on Afghanistan? Another "election device"?

He's just on the gravy train like all the other bureaucratic cunts.

Minorities do. OWG United Nations, simple.

Federal cabinet minister and Liberal Party powerbroker Arthur Sinodinos could be a dual Greek citizen.

The Liberal senator had refused to say whether he has renounced any dual Greek citizenship he may hold through his parents, making him the fourth Turnbull Government cabinet minister whose parliamentary eligibility is now in doubt.

Under Greek law, the child of a mother or father born in Greece 'acquires Greek citizenship by birth'. In his maiden speech to the Senate in November 2011, the Industry Minister paid tribute to his late parents Dionysos and California Sinodinos, who hailed from the Greek island of Cephalonia.

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I am sure my old hard covered passport issued in 1963 (now in storage) stated I was a British subject and an Australian citizen. I was born in Australia as were my parents.

However my maternal grandmother was born in Scotland which is why I didn't have to apply for a work permit to reside in Scotland and work in the North Sea.

Unfortunately that renewed and now expired Australian passport is also in storage.

Larry is spot on .

Wahabbism is the scourge. I wonder why no one uses that word a lot more. Using the term "Islamic terrorism" slanders a lot of people who have nothing to do with terrorism.

Often they use the term Islamist, and all that does is make the user of the term look like an apologist for Islam and all the crap that religion promotes.

For example I was reading that several Muslim men were arrested last week in Melbourne for fire bombing a mosque. The mosque was Shi'te. The terrorists were Wahabbists, and should have been labelled as such.

Calling the terrorists Muslims would feel slanderous to the Shi'ite Muslims who attend that mosque.

Why is the term Wahabbist not used?
I'll bet it is because Saudi Arabia would be offended.

No fckn brains .

Once again the breath-taking stupidity and disloytalty of the ABC astonishes me. The ABC website informs me that Secret communications have been leaked to the ABC regarding the covert operation of Australian Special Forces in Afghanistan to protect ( ultimately) our own welfare and peace. These ABC morons are no better than traitorous Quislings. It is certainly time for the Government to clean out this pig-sty. Why hasn't our AFP instigated criminal proceedings ? Are we not suppose to be at war with the terrorists?

Here we go, Trump beating the war drums. I told you he was a phony. Ziowarmonger.

WATCH: President Trump Addresses The Nation 8/21/17 [FULL SPEECH]

I would be interested to know how many unsuspecting transfusion recipients received contaminated blood from HIV infected homosexuals. Also how many males became haemophiliacs after the gays rushed to donate their blood allowing a free analysis of anything suspicious. Daniel Andrews sometime ago offered an apology to the "gay" community for their persecution. Didn't mention anything about the straight public being infected with AIDS. This is a very complex problem and one that will never go away.

Never mind, Trumble has it under control. We will despatch our army of poofs and lesbians, transgenders, and muzzies to fix them Koreans.

haha, getting in that last word there Hottie?

even at the expense of your own self respect?


no shame!

I am concerned that we, the public, have not received the exact wording (and format) for this so called 'postal vote'. As well, given the efficiency of the postal system in 'losing mail' and lack of accountability (ie I do not know whether my vote will reach the electoral office and be counted.) With our politicians paralysed by questions of citizenship, little attention is being given to the SSM question. In such an environment, the gay lobby has little or no opposition. The general public remain misinformed of the inherent dangers of SSM to future generations. We are seeing the results of a paralysed electoral system with the increasing trend of the minor parties, such as the greens(many of whom are homosexuals) to alter our history, education and government.

Et tu fckwit .

Moscow condemns US, UK supplies of chemical munitions to terrorists in Syria
Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova condemned US-UK supplies of chemical munitions to terrorists in Syria, considering these acts as “beyond understanding.”
In this regard, Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad stressed that the United States, Britain and their allies in the region breach the Chemical Weapons convention by supporting terrorist organizations in Syria and supplying them with toxic materials and weapons of all forms
Russian media quoted Zakharova as saying “That was the extent of their commitment to the international law and the victory of democracy; supplying poisonous materials to the terrorists with presenting photos of pictures for killed children as a coverage,” adding “this is beyond mind understanding.”
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Donald stares at the sun, an 8 year old of average intelligence knows why this shouldn't be done. Is this idiot really in charge of the free world? Could there be a more graphic indication of his unsuitability for the job?

You couldnt be more wrong if you really tried.

The Spanish police are on the job, they have neutralised the driver of the van that caused all those deaths and there will be no need to conduct any interrogation of the suspect.

New post up.